Water Breaking Stories

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HollyW - June 25

Hi. Would any of you mommies out there like to share your stories about your water breaking, where, and what you did about it so maybe if and when it happens to me I can TRY (lol) to be prepared.


Laurabb4 - June 25

My water trickled with the first for a day. My water broke gushed with the second It was so much I was not having contractions It was funny actually! I was induced with my 3rd they broke my water in the hospital. I flooded the bed all the way to the floor, even my nurses shoes! That babies nickname is Noah!


ren05 - July 3

hi, i was at home watching television when i got my first contraction,it was just like a really strong bhc,then i stood up and a warm gush of fluid came out all over the floor.i went to the toilet and it wouldn't stop just kept trickling out.it eventually slowed down after a few hours and my belly was half the size.


falafal0 - July 6

I seemed to have really strong membrane around my two first babies because they were hard to break! The first time they pushed out as I was trying to break them, the second time they had to be artifically ruptured. I then thought with my third that I'd have the same experience - because my babies had been delivered quickly after the waters broke, that even though we were flying along the freeway, that I wouldn't have to worry - until I felt my waters break and the head basically drop down and I could feel it. That freaked me out - so as they say, every pregnancy is different, so is each labour. Good luck!


Catrina - July 6

I've been wondering the same thing Holly!! I always imagine myself at my sister-in-law's wedding (which is 5 days before my due date!) but at least statistically we can feel better because apparently only 15% of women actually have their waters break before labor. If it does happen to us hopefully we'll be at home!! ;)


dedaa - July 6

The first time my water broke I had just gotten out of the shower. I felt really wet all of the sudden that I had peed my pants or something. Went to the bathroom cleaned up and as soon as I stood up it happend again. then I had to go to the hspital right away cause the baby past meconium and it was coming out.That water was just a neverending leak.LOL Then my second pregnancy me water did the same thing it started leaking while I was in the hospital parking lot(on my way for a nonstress test) it was just a slow leak. Neither one of them though did I get any contractions with them or at least non that I could feel.


jnine29 - July 6

i was lying down in bed and i sat up and it wet the bed i felt like i just p__sed my self, every body was looking at me so, it made me feel that like bit wrost :S i did not get any contracions untill 24 hr's later


CarolA - July 11

ok well i had been having contractions all day, the didn't hurt, but i went to the hospital, they sent me home! so about 2 hours later i was watching tv, got up to go to bed and i thought i peed on myself....ran to the bathroom, when it didn't stop i realized my water had broken. I woke up my boyfriend and he went back to bed!! he didn't realize what was going on. Anyway, it was funny...evertime i laughed a little more would come out, i rode to the hospital with a towel in my pants.


Yodergoat - July 18

I was lying groggy but awake in bed in the early hours of the morning, not long after my husband had gone to work. I felt concerned because I hadn't felt the baby move all night, so I was just sort of concentrating on feeling for movement and thinking about how I was supposed to start collecting my urine that day for a 24 hour protein test (my blood pressure was very high at my prenatal appointment the day before, but I had no other signs of pre-eclampsia like swelling or headaches). I hadn't had any contractions at all, but felt crampy the day before. Suddenly, I both felt and heard a muffled "pop." My first thought was that the baby had finally moved, with a very vigorous kick. Then I recalled hearing about a "pop" preceding some women's water breaking... and I jumped out of bed and rushed to the toilet. Just as I sat down, it felt as if a gallon of HOT fluid gushed out of me. It seemed to last for a long time, and I knew without a doubt that my water had definitely broken!! You know how you can stop peeing by clenching your kegel muscles? There was no way THIS gush could have been stopped! I had this fear of a prolapsed cord, and so I felt down there to make sure that hadn't happened (thankfully, it hadn't). I wiped myself with some tissue and checked the fluid just like the nurses who taught our prenatal cla__s had instructed, using the C.O.A.T. acronym: Color, Odor, Amount, Time. Color was clear, odor was musky but not unpleasant, the amount was huge, and the time was about 6:35 in the morning! I stuffed a towel between my legs as I went about collecting the things I'd need at the hospital, and I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing, especially considering that this was my fourth pregnancy, with three preceding losses (2 miscarriages and an ectopic) in over 7 years of trying for our first child. I was worried about the baby, though, so I laid down and checked her heartbeat with a stethoscope, and it was strong. I called the hospital and asked when I should come in (now, they said), then called my husband at work. Oddly enough, when they initially checked me at the hospital, they didn't believe my water had broken because the chemical test they do with the swab didn't change color. I insisted that it had, and the nurse told me that lots of women mistake urine for amniotic fluid. I laughed at that... there is no way I could pee that much, that fast!! She swabbed me again and it showed the truth. About nine hours after my water broke, with a pitocin drip to speed labor because of my high blood pressure and with no pain meds at all (yay, I did it!), I gave birth to my sweet little girl. I wanted to experience everything during her birth, after so many losses and so many years of waiting, and I'm glad I got to experience having my water break as it did. I would do it again every single day (even if every time was also without pain medication) if it meant that I got to see Gail again at the end. So, if you feel and hear a POP, hurry yourself to the toilet!


sahmof3 - July 18

I was one day shy of two weeks overdue and had been having painless abdominal tightening early in the night. I went to bed and woke up having to pee. When I stood up I felt a trickle and then when I wiped there was some blood. The trickle definitely wasn't a pee trickle:) Then it stopped, but later when I was in labor it just kept breaking and breaking- it did it about 5 times over the course of two hours, each time there was ALOT of fluid. I think my babies head was acting as a plug. My ctx's were pushing him up, not down ( I later found out why- my cervix was scarred from a D&C and unable to dilate past 1/2 cm.!). Anyway, everytime he was pushed up, more fluid would come out, then he'd settle back down and plug it up again!! Eventually, of course, he was an emergency c-section. The other two were scheduled C's and no water-breaking happened:)


Patti - July 20

I was walking and walking and walking, hoping to start labor. I finally gave up and laid on the couch to watch tv. I was just about to doze when I felt a pop and a slight gush of water (more than a trickle, but not too much) I jumped up and went to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and called the Dr. who told me to go to L&D. Baby was low, so I never had any flooding action, thank God. I did end up being induced because my contractions never got going and I was only 12 days away from due date. That was w/ #2. They had to break my water w/ #1 and #3. Not everyone's water breaks naturally and most are normal situations and not a big gushing flood while shopping. Usually the baby's head prevents gushing while standing up.


Erin1979 - July 21

I was lying in bed, I went to get up, and felt like I was peeing the bed. So I ran to the bathroom and was still leaking. I put a pad on and when I stood up I gushed again....figured it was my water. I leaked like that for hours.


AudreyJ - April 18

Hey everyone, my water has broken but it's been 12 hours and still no contractions. guess we'll see! this is my first.


wifey711 - April 18

how many weeks were u ladies when this happened


preggoplease - April 21

I was sleeping and I was having a dream that I was on my period and I was leaking. But then I woke up like "wait I am pregnant!" so I checked my panties and sure enough they were wet. But at this point I just thought that I pee'd myself a little. So I got out of bed (to change my panties) and stood up and GUSH water went all down my leg and the floor had a huge puddle. After that huge gush no more came out...well except my mucus plug. Eww. After that labor came very fast and baby was out 1 1/2 hours later!


wifey711 - April 21

preggoplease wow that is crazy what number baby was it ? How many weeks were you ??


yumymumy - April 22

at 37wks i was asleep, rolled over and felt wet but almost tried to ignore it coz i was so tired LOL. then i got up and it trickled out (not like how i expected in movies) then im like OH MY GOD iasked my hubby to smell my pjs coz i thought i wet myself and wasnt sure how it could happen coz i dont have a weak blatter. he couldnt smell pee but i still insisted it was pee and got embaressed. SOOOOOOOOOO i went back to sleep! woke up in the morning, rolled over said to dh how weird that was last night GOT UP trickled again... then at this point i relised OH IM GOING TO HAVE THE BABY.. so i had a shower, packed my bags and casualy went to the hopstial.... i didnt go into labour at all instead i was moderatly leaking fluid for what seemed like forever (46 hours) until they had to induce me:D



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