Water Breaking Stories

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yumymumy - April 22

at 37wks i was asleep, rolled over and felt wet but almost tried to ignore it coz i was so tired LOL. then i got up and it trickled out (not like how i expected in movies) then im like OH MY GOD iasked my hubby to smell my pjs coz i thought i wet myself and wasnt sure how it could happen coz i dont have a weak blatter. he couldnt smell pee but i still insisted it was pee and got embaressed. SOOOOOOOOOO i went back to sleep! woke up in the morning, rolled over said to dh how weird that was last night GOT UP trickled again... then at this point i relised OH IM GOING TO HAVE THE BABY.. so i had a shower, packed my bags and casualy went to the hopstial.... i didnt go into labour at all instead i was moderatly leaking fluid for what seemed like forever (46 hours) until they had to induce me:D


inuk-mama - April 25

I was at the hospital for a few hours already and going tot he bathroom every 5 minutes. My mother helped me out of bed for the millionth time and I took two steps and my water broke!! My mother, who has never biologically had children though I pee'd my gown! Till I told her it was not pee! So she freaked out and ran to get the nurse!


iemc19 - April 28

We've not long had an extension built onto our house - with a new bedroom for us and I'd joked with my dh that I was going to christen the room with my waters!!! How true that was! I was lying in bed timing my contractions for a little over 2 hours ...when POP..and a gush of water between my legs - luckily I had a special sheet on my bed!! Just over an hour later our 4th flew into the world!!


claire83 - April 30

i had my first child aged 17 she was 10 days late i woke up at 7 o'clock thinking ohh i really need a wee lol jumped out my bed and gush water everywhere i stood there screaming for my mum who was just leaving to go to work lol she ran up to me and i said oh mum im not weeing myself lol it didnt even cross my mind it was my waters i was that shocked lol well two hours later we left for the hospital when we arrived you have to wait to be buzzed in then gush again even more waters lol but that was the lot then thank god lol


preggoplease - April 30

Wifey711- Hi it was actually my first at 38 weeks! I am kind of nervous finding out how fast this one comes. I hope I can make it to the hospital...lol


iHeArTcHrIs - May 1

I just had my first child. I was in labor all day at home (they sent me home at 3 pm because i was 2cm dilated and wasnt dilating any more) well around ten my water broke with a contraction (my contractions were pretty severe. i was screaming ow at every contraction at this point) only some gushed out. then with the following few contractions more and more water would gush out. So i put a towel between my legs until we were all ready and set to go to the hospital. When i got to the hospital i found out i was 10 CM DILATED.


care - May 11

I was already at the hospital (Christmas Morning)... We were waiting for the dr to come in to tell me whether I was staying or going... Well, about five mins before the dr came in I was laughing about something and I felt this gush... It was the weirdest feeling! My mom was like, your water broke.. My dh was out of the room.. Around 3.5 hours later I had my son!!


KeenCarlene - October 20

I didn't think this would happen to me since I was told that it is rare for your water to break on its own. But half of the mommies I've talked to have had this happen. My water broke at home while I was polishing furniture (super-nesting mode). It started as a trickle and I felt no contractions. My husband drove me to the hospital with towels on the pa__senger seat. A few hours later it became a heavier, continuous flow. BTW, it smells like chlorine and that is normal. Every pregnancy is different...you never know what could happen (^:


momtoaandk - November 8

The day before my due date, my hubby and I were out on a date, and we had just seen a movie, a scary one at that, I think thats what got my adreneline pumping, so after that we went to Golden Corral because I was hungry (big surprise), we walked in and the gal at the front was asking us what we wanted to drink when I felt a trickle, so I started to ask where the bathroom was, and then I felt it again, and told my husbabnd we have to leave, we can't eat here, we have to go to the hospital, and he was like what are you talking about? and I told him my water just broke and he was like are you sure? I was like umm yes! so we went through mcdonalds drive thru instead and went home, grabbed our stuff and went to the hospital, and our precious little baby girl, who will be 4 tomorrow, was born at 11:59 pm ON her due date!


Krissy25 - November 11

For a few days i was feeling wet all the time and wasn't really sure if i was leaking or it was just normal moisture. I had a dr.'s appt in a few days so i figured i'd just wait and see, well it broke, big time. I was doing laundry and i bent down to pick up a sock off the floor, i heard a little "pop" and all the sudden water was gushing everywhere. Fortunately i was by a drain, LOL. Thinking that when your water breaks you have a gush and that is it i went upstairs to start getting everything together for the hospital, another big gush. I cleaned that up and another big gush came, it just wouldn't stop. I stepped on the scale to see how much i had lost and it was about 5 lbs!. Finally my dh was like just grab a towel and get in the car. When we got to the hospital i had a low grade fever and my dr asked my if i thought i had been leaking for a few days, i was like "yes", Opps, i guess i should have come sooner.


SaraLynn - November 12

I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning because, once again, I had to go potty in the middle of the night. I laid there for a minute thinking how comfy I was and that I didn't want to move when I had an itch on my leg. When I scratched it I thought, well, I still have to go potty, so I didn't wet myself. I went in the bathroom and was wet to my knees. Being my first I had no idea, so I undressed and just let it trickle on the floor a little. When I realized what was going on I finally went potty, scrubbed my floor, got dressed and woke my husband. He was so funny. I walked in the room and said, hey dear! All he said was huh? I calmly told him that my water broke and he litterally jumped out of bed backwards. I've never seen him move so fast before! He says he doesn't remember me saying hey dear or him saying huh, all he remembers is My water broke! Altogether from the time I realized my water broke until my baby girl arrived I spent about 20 hours in labor!


austynsmommy - November 15

I have never had mine break. The doctor has always done it.


Ruby1984 - February 9

My little boy who is 5 now was born at 36+5. Initially my water broke at 34 wks but I had no contractions so I was in hospital for nearly 3 weeks until he was born by ECS. After his birth I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and went home with my baby. He was kept in the special care unit for 1 day only to acrry out many tests but he was absolutely fine. Now aged 5 and in year 1, he is as healthy as any normal boy but I still worry and he has some delays in his learning but doctors said he is not considered prem and he will improve. The delay in his learning could be due to adapting in 2 languages. Any similar experiences please let me know! I wish you all the best!


mikan - April 21

Dear Ruby, I'm not a medical expert, but 3 weeks with insufficient amniotic fluid sounds like it could have some risks, though I'm sure your doctors must have monitored that you had sufficient fluid for his well being if they waited 3 weeks. I was hospitalised and stuck in bed for 3 weeks during early pregnancy having lost much fluid after an amnio, but regained it and was able to continue with a normal pregnancy. Still waiting for baby so praying he's fine. As for the language issue, 2 languages should not normally pose any learning difficulties if handled the right way: 1 parent, 1 language is the golden rule, or parents one language (if they have the same mother tongue) and school/society at large a second language. Where it is confusing for a child and can cause difficulties, is if parents mix languages when speaking to the child, or a parent tries to use their weaker language to speak to the child, thus pa__sing on their own grammatical and pronunciation errors. I grew up with 3 languages, and attained native ability in all 3, then moved to another country and learned a 4th. My son speaks 3 languages since he was about 3 or 4. I wouldn't fret yourself if your doctors say your child is ok, I'm sure he will improve, and whatever hurdles he has with language will be overcome if treated the right way and given a bit of time to integrate them (I don't know since what age he has been exposed to the second language so I can't give any more detailed advice). Hope this helps


jaynepunkette - July 11

Anyone felt a trickle of fluid while having s_x with their partner? I'm 36 weeks and not sure what to do...



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