What Do Labor Pains And Contractions Actually Feel Like

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airarachnea - January 19

I was looking for answers to this question too. I'm 16 weeks with my first, a girl. Thanks for all the helpful answers!


jaden2011 - April 1

Hi I have five kids and now having my six one which is the last I have went through the contraction and I use something numd me down from my waist and I felt great afterwards but I never felt them in my legs so I wondering do you feel contraction in your legs as well because all my pregancy were very different I guess becasue I'm much older now that i'm going through a lot but we mother tto be is in it together we can get through it just beathe and hang in there


pengw3n - May 23

Labor pain feels like really bad menstrual cramps. As you get near to giving birth you tend to have these menstrual cramp feelings more frequently, then your water breaks and that feels like a water balloon being popped under water. Usually when water breaks you are already about 5cm dilated. Then your cervix starts to dilate more and more and by the time you reach to 9cm you have this strong urge to push (as if you need to poo badly, but the urge to push feeling is in the front area). You can't push at 9cm so you need to do the breathing techniques that the nurses usually help you with. Once you reach to 10cm you push. When pushing you push as if you are pushing a big poo. When the baby's head comes out you feel a slight sting for a few seconds. Sting feels like a snake bite (when someone puts both hands on your wrist and twists the skin on your wrist). I didn't take any pain medication because my midwife told me that it's not good for the baby, as mothers who had taken pain medication tend to have uncalm babies than mothers who don't take any medication will have calm babies. Hope this all make sense. Good luck!!


matreshka - June 24

I had 2 births with no pain relief at all. I had aching back- stronger and stronger pain in my back, becoming unbearable. At no point i felt any pain in the tummy-stomach area. I can compare the back pain to, imagine, if you have to bend down to lift a heavily loaded bucket and then unbend - do this 1000 times until it is impossible - you will know this kind of muscle pain "cannot do it any more". at the second labour it was not pain - it was a different feeling of a bomb inside you trying to explode. Nothing to do with pain - but kind of as bad. The unbearable stage lasted only several hours (out of many hours labour). We prepared for labour by doing lots of breath exercises and relaxation techniques - all rubbish and went out of the window in the first couple of hours. Contractions are opposite to relaxation - it is muscles going tense, not relaxed. Both babies felt fine and did not care about my back pain. Recovery is amazingly quick. 3 hours after the birth you are just stunned, but totally fine.


CrysLd - July 24

oh me geese, I'm pretty much 39 weeks now (due august 01) & have been reading what everyone's been saying on here about how bad the pain is & if it's only like really bad menstrual cramps or really bad diarrhea cramps, it doesn't sound that bad, even if it's also mixed in w/ a charlie-horse type feeling, so what do women complain about?? I've felt all of those types of pains & they aren't the best feeling but they pa__s. I hope that's all it is cause this is my first baby, so I don't know for myself buuut.. am I right ? cause I plan on doing it all completely naturally w/ no drugs at all & I'm just so curious cause my ob/gyn was talking about might having to induce me this week & I wanna know to be prepped for it


rosie67676711 - November 6

I have one child who is 19 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. I know that with her I was in labor for a few days and it wasn't as bad as I thought at first. Then the pain comes and to describe it best... I would say it's like eating 6-9 pounds of cheese that bonded together in your belly and it is trying to get out. It's tightening your belly and putting pressure on your bottom. Now when you try to relax there is no possible way as your body attempts to uncontrollably attempt to get it out!! The pain becomes unbearable and you have to use breathing techniques to get through the moment. Now add menstrual cramps times 100 now this is Contractions!!! They come and they go, and for sure they get worst as they get closer. It's so worth it and to tell you the truth for many women it's just natural and like I mentioned unstoppable no matter what. I received an epidural and it was a personal decision. I felt much better and delivered with ease. Just if you want to get some kind of anesthesia, it would be only wise to inquire the effects to you and your baby.



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