5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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ibchick - December 30

Thank god I found this site! I just had an u/s today since I was having some ovarian cramping...it was not a tubal and they did see a YOLK and a Sac but not an embryo yet..my Dr. thinks Im 6 weeks and the u/s says about 5...this is my very first and I am scared to death!! Im glad that other people are going through what Im going through with good results!! Pray for me


Lynn - January 3

I am in a similar boat...Had somelight bleding so went in for an U/S. They told me my Yolk Sac is irregularly shaped,no fetal pole and some bleeding in the sac. Waiting to get my HcG and progesterone results but am scared to death. I am almost 6 weeks, but could be off since I dont ovulate until day 19 or 20. Please let us know yoiur results!!


sue - January 6

Hi...hope I'm not too late for this thread. I am 5 weeks and 6 days and had some bleeding yesterday. It was more than spotting but ceased after a couple hours. I was scheduled for an u/s (IVF clinic) today anyway. I spent the a.m. crying thinking they weren't going to find anything as I thought for sure I had a m/c. When I went in, the technician found an empty sac, and was talking about methods to expel the tissue. I was crushed, but put on my brave face. She then thought she'd have my doc. check it first...she found the hb right away! So sometimes it is too early for someone who doesn't have a trained eye. Hope all worked out.


sylvia - January 15

Hi, my husband and I planned our pregnancy by using an online ovulation calendar. Well, I was expected to have my period on Dec 18 but nothing. So on December 27th I took a home pregnany test and it was negative. Because of my history of miscarriages, I went in for a blood test on the 30th. That came up negative too. On January 3rd still no period so I took another pregnancy test and It came up positive. We were so excited. I immediately made an appt with my OB and when I went in I was told I would be 7 wks according to the dates given. Well, when I went in for my first sonogramon Thursday, January 13, the doc only saw the sac. I explained to her that for my son I was always given the v____al ultra sound due to my incompetent cervix. They scheduled one for me the next day. While the girl was looking at my ovaries she noticed the yolk sac and then she starred at the screen. I said, "what, what do you see?" She called the Dr and when the Dr came in they both looked and at the screen and I said what do you see and the Dr said...a flickering..thats a heartbeat but the dates dont match...they say I am 5weeks beacuse of the measurements. I have another US on friday the 21st of january


Cristina - January 18

I founsd out I was pregnant on Dec 25th. My last period was on Nov. 20th and when i called me obynshe told me that my due date would most likely be around Aug. 27th. I went in yesterday(Jan17th) thinking I was 8 weeks pregnant, however when she did the u/s all she was a yolk sac puttign me at on ly about 5 weeks and 2 days. I was so disappointed and felt like I had done something wrong. My doctor wants to see me again next Wed and pretty much acted like nothing was wrong. Should I be as worried as I am?


Meg - January 18

Matty, I was wondering how things are going for you?


Sherry - January 18

HI Same situation with me, except I have been spotting on and off for 2 weeks and today minimal b___st tenderness. I have to go wed . for repeat hcg level, and monday for my 6 week u/s. when I went to the doctor yesterday(monday) he said, no yolk or poles seen, to me it just looks like an empty sac., would wait to see if hcg rises, and what is seen on next u/s. I have a constant dull pain on right side. he said its from the cyst that is sustaining the pregnancy... Any one with similar symptoms??


Yvette - January 19

Hello everyone, I have a unique but similar situation. I was on the pill and when it was time for my period it never came. I took a test and it was positive. I went to my doctor and they did an U/S and told me there was only an empty sac. I had an hcg done and it was 5092. I go for my next hcg tomorrow. I have another U/S next week. I am scared because I have 2 daughters both of which I conceived through IVF. This is the first time getting pregnant on my own. I agree that the Dr.'s are not too easy on feelings that we have. I asked the doctor how could there possibly be anything there yet and I thought it was too early. The doc told me if there is a sac then a week from now there should be a Yolk and fetal pole. I am scared like the rest of you. Good luck to all and I will keep you posted as to what happens in my U/S next week. P.S. I have heard so many people say that they thought they were further along then they really were. That could be the problem.


Kim - January 19

Hi, I am so glad to have found this site. I went for an u/s today because ovary pain, ruling out an ectopic pregnancy. Tech sounded like what she saw was normal, then returned to doctor's office who told me "It's a miscarriage". I'm trying to be realistic, yet optimistic. She had me at 7 weeks, while I calculate 5 weeks based on my longer cycles. So, I will keep my fingers crossed for the next few weeks...reading everyone's posts was very comforting, knowing others are experiencing similar problems. Best wishes to everyone!


Yael - January 19

My Story: my first two U/S could not detect the embryo but only an empty sac. I had been spotting for many days. Doctor told me that probably I had to do D&C. Finalyy, at 8.5 weeks they could see fetus and heart beat! A large fibroid was creating technical difficulties in seeing the baby with the U/S!!!!!


breezi - January 25

my situation is similiar yet a lil different i am supposed to be 6 wks pregnant but for the last week i have had two u/s which showed an empty uterus no sac no nothing...my hcg levels have been rising as they should per the doc but i have a history of tubal pregnancy...she doesn't seem to think its a tubal but can't rule it out...i have been spotting for a week now but no heavy bleeding and no pain...i will go in for my last u/s tomorrow b4 i let her treat it as an ectopic b4 it ruptures...has anyone heard of the uterus being empty till 5-6 weeks


Sharon - January 26

Breezi, I too had an u/s yesterday that showed nothing. By my calculations, yesterday was 7 weeks from the date of my last period and I think I conceived on Christmas Day. They are checking my hcg levels to rule out ectopic. I"m terrified because I travel for my job and I dont want it to burst while I'm out of town somewhere. the doctors dont seem all that concerned. I also have a large cyst on my right ovary so I"m wondering if that is a contributing factor to all this.


Margaret - January 26

I may seem fairly old to many of you...37 and pregnant with my fourth child. Have never had any problems in the other three pregnancies until now.... I have been bleeding (red) for the past two days. I went to E/R for a U/S and they could only see an empty sac. I was devastated. My last period date December 8. What should I do?


wendy - January 26

hello Matty I am sooo glad to read that people have gone on to have wonderful babies with the way they started out. I have a different story I started out the same way and my dr figured I was 6 weeks when i had my first u/s but in his office he couldn't find the sac. I scheduled an u/s with the hospital and they found a sac with a yolk but said it was to small to measure so we weren't as far along as he thought. 2 weeks later we went for the u/s again in the hospital and there still was a sac with just a yolk but it now measured 6 weeks. Still too early for a fetal pole or heartbeat according to the tech. 2 weeks after that the sac now measured only 5 weeks so the tech called the dr and they said to expect the miscarriage at any time. I waited about a week and a half and had the miscarriage on Nov 1st. I wish you much luck and hope everything turns out for the best. Keep the hope that everything will be fine and it will work out. Watch the hormone levels because when they start to drop that is your signal that something is wrong. Best of luck to you.


Ann - January 26

I am so glad that I found this website! I am only 24 yrs. old and this is my 2nd pregnancy. I also had complications with my first pregnancy and the baby did not survive. And on Jan.16 i found out that I was pregnant again, the next day i tested again and still positive. then on Jan. 20 i started having some spotting but only just a little bit.Then the next day still spotting then finally the next day 1/22 i felt two drops,like i was having my period and when i checked there's a brownish and pinkish spot so my husband took me to the ER to get myself check. The u/s tech said that i was on my 6.5 wks of my pregnancy but did not see a fetal pole but just a yolk sac.It was really devastating for me and my husband to hear that, since our first pregnancy did not go as well either.The doctor wants me to come back for a follow up and a second u/s.My appointment is on Sat.1/29 and it has been almost a week now since my first u/s, and my morning sickness are getting worst. I am not sure if that's a good thing or not.My sister said that it might be developing after all,because i have been feeling all the symptoms that a pregnant woman feels during their first trimester. I am still hoping that nothing is wrong and that they just did not see it clearly! I am having second thoughts about going to that appointment cause i am still hoping that if i wait like 2 more weeks then maybe they would finally see a fetal pole. But my husband thinks that i should go on Saturday to find out what's really going on.Please pray for us!!! Me and my husband does not not want to go through all those pain that we already went through at our first pregnancy.And also I can't help but think that maybe my body is just not capable of carrying a baby! I just dont know what i am doing wrong because i think i have a healthy body.


Ginna - January 27

I am 5 weeks pregnant and the reason I went to the doctor was because all my symptoms that I had just stopped, like nausea and going to the bathroom. They did an US and found just a sac. They said that things don't look good. I did a blood test and 3 days later it came back as double. They said that it is still possible for it to increase and still have a miscarriage. I have another US on monday and I am so nervous. I have already gotten used to that it is not good!



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