7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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christina - April 26

i was pregnant 4 months ago and it ended in a miscarriage, and now im pregnant again and it seems to be bad news again, i went for a sonogram 2 weeks ago and the detected a sack with no fetus, they scheduled me again for another sonogram last week and now saw 2 sacks still no fetus, the doctor is claiming im 10weeks pregnant but i really dont hink so. I explained to her that my pregancey test didnt come up positive on the day of my missed period it came up positive 1.5 weeks after, i think im more like 6-7 weeks, now she called me and explained i have a blighted ovum and wants to schedule me for a D&C, im have no symptoms of a miscarrige, no bleeding cramping I just dont know what to do, all these hope stories really put some hope back in my life, ill update you all and may god be with all of you


Rebecca - April 26

Well, I am going through exactly what you are right now. I am 6 weeks and 4 days. I went to the Dr. and he told me that there was a gestational sac and a yolk sac, but no fetal pole and no heartbeat. I have no symptoms of a miscarriage, my HCG is still going up and I have bad morning sickness all the time. I have no idea, but I will let you know when I go to the Dr. this next Wednesday if the baby has grown at all or not. God bless you and I hope everything works out for the best. I know how you feel.


Jennifer - April 27

Tina, your post gives me hope. I had an ectopic pregnancy in December. We found out Monday that I am pregnant again. My hcg was 10 times what it ever got to with my ectopic but I was still scared. I went for an u/s today. I am at 6 weeks (my husband and I have been trying so I know that 6 weeks is accurate) but the u/s shows me at 4.5 weeks. The sac and yolk are clearly visible but it is "small for 6 weeks." No heartbeat yet, but I know that is not out of the ordinary. I am really scared though that things have stopped progressing if things look like they are 4.5 weeks. I go back for a second u/s in 2 weeks. I have pregnancy symptoms and no bleeding or anything so I am clinging to the hope that the doctor is wrong like in Tina's case and that when I go back everything will be just fine and the dates will be back on track. Doesn't help that my doctor is not very good at talking to patients. I get no rea__surance from him at all.


mega - April 28

I am 12 weeks and went for u/s 2 days ago, as they told me it is an empty sac, but I am still looking for the 2nd opinion. as my younger sister also can't find her embryo until the 13 weeks. as we both have a small size figure.


jo - April 28

Hi i was admitted to hospital with dehydration in early stages of my pregnacy, i think i was about 8-10 weeks preg when i has an ultra scan and i had the same, an empty sac. i had to wait 10 days for another scan and there my baby was, no one could tell me why this was or why she didnt show up on the first scan.


Ashley - April 28

I am 7 weeks along and they couldnt see anything either last time i was at the OB so dont worry.


Clio - April 29

6 weeks, v____al u/s saw sac, 7 weeks, sac grew normally but no sign of baby. to add to the stress, i was spotting regularly. suspected was an enembryonic pregnancy or something. at 8 weeks, saw baby and yolk sac and heard heart beat. now my child is almost 2 years old. i hope the best happens for you. i know how sickening the wait is.


MissJ1100 - May 4

I too went for an early ultrasound because at about 5wks 6dys I started bleeding. May 2 I had a vag ultrasound and bleeding had subsided but the doctor saw only the sac, no baby, I was also having aching pains near my left groin. My hcg levels were monitered by blood drawn 5/02 and 5/03 and the doctor said they were high and rising appropriately. I had a 2nd sonogram done today 5/04 to rule out a ectopic pregnancy, but the doctor sent me to another office that had more updated equipment. There was my baby with a normal heartbeat for just 6weeks. I had calculated ovulation a few days to early and now im expecting a few days later than my original dd 12/25/05. A few days and better equipment really make a difference!


Linda G. - May 6

I'm going through something similiar right now. My last period was on Marc 9, 2005. I'm suppost to be 8 weeks pregnant according to the doctor. I'm measuring at 6 w 2 days as of yesterday. There is an empty sac. I had gone for another ultasound on April 22 and same thing, sac but no baby. The doctor didn't measure then so I don't know how big it was. Twice now I been told the same thing and that I'm not the # of weeks I'm suppost to be. I'm going back in 2 weeks to see if there is any change if not they will start doing bloodwork to see if my hcg's are rising or not. Doctor told me their might be a possibility of baby not developing and my body getting rid of the pregnancy on it's own. I'm very scared.


Danielle - May 7

Linda G. I am in the same boat as you. I had started a m/c & period on march 9th did a p/t on 4/8 and was +. I went for a u/s 5/7 and my doctor said that I might just be early in my pregnancy. The u/s only showed a empty sac. I gave blood work on 5/7 and I'm getting my blood work done again on 5/9 to see what levels my HCG are at. My last levels were at 56,000.


Leslie - May 11

I am going through everything you all are going through or have gone through. I went to the OB last week and they did an u/s....empty sac no baby. they measured the sac and said i was only 5 weeks and they did some blood work and i had to go back to the dr. today. Still an empty sac. It is very heart breaking but reading some of these stories gives me hope. They talked about me having a d&c but i think i will a little longer and get a 2nd opinion. God bless everyone and I know everything happens for a reason.


Danielle and Leslie - May 11

I know what it feels like to have to wait such a long time to go back an do another u/s. I haven;t gone back since May 5th because I'm not scheduled till May 19 to go back. So far it's has been the longest week ever and I still have one more to go, I had requested bloodwork already but the doctor told me to wait till May 19th. Out of dates to pick as weel, this date falls on my 4 year wedding anniversary. My husband told me maybe I should change it, but it would be for a later date and I can't think of waiting that long! I'm currently a 1st grade teacher and already turned in my resignation letter prior to this to be at home with baby! Hopefully I will be able to do this still because I been waiting for this baby for a long time and my husband is not taking it well right now. Good luck to all of you, my prayers are with you! Linda G.


Jen - May 12

I'm going through the same thing as all of you. I glean some hope from your postings. I am 7 weeks my first sono was 1 week ago today. It showed the gestational sac which measured 4.5 weeks instead of 6 weeks with yolk sac but no fetal pole. I went back today, 7 weeks. Everything had grown, but still no fetal pole or heartbeat. My labs from last week were great hcg 11,900 progesterone 32.5. They drew labs again today and will receive results tomorrow. I am deeply sad that this does not appear to be progressing into a normal pregnancy. I believe I will wait to miscarry on my own - I do believe in miracles.


LESLIE - May 12

My doctor called this morning and said my levels only went up a little bit within a week and they he wanted to do the d&c. I told him that i read on this site that it took some woman up to 10 weeks to see their baby and he said he will wait another week and do another u/s. I am not giving up hope! I aslo want to wait to miscarry naturally. I hate thinking that my baby may actually be there and to have a D&C done would be so depressing. I already depressed but keeping my faith.


Teresa - May 12

I am 7 weeks 4 days today and yesterday at my 3rd u/s they didn't see any sign of a baby. Last week we saw a yolk sac and this week, nothing. I am going to wait it out as I do'nt feel like I am miscarrying. The stories here give me hope. I have a Transv____al u/s.


Linda G. - May 12

Leslie, I'll be praying for you tonight so that hopefully everything goes well in your next appointment. Like I said before, the toughest thing is not knowing what is going on and waiting. Have hope and pray! I still have 7 more days until I go back. I'm just a little worried now because I began having cramping last night and throughout the day today. No spotting and not hurtful, but scary. Misscariages run in my family and that's why I'm scared. I think I would rather wait out for my body to naturally rid itself of the pregnancy as well even if it's painful but so that I know I gave myself and my baby every chance possible to survive. Good luck out there to all the strong women in this board who can share their stories of hope! Take very good care of yourselves and pray!



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