8 Weeks No Heartbeat But Yolk And Embryo Exists

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sameen - December 21

I am terribly confused and very upset , if someone could kindly asist. I am supposedly 8 weeks pregnant but the baby is not gronwing at the rate it should. In the scan it looked like 5 weeks and 6 d though i was 8. My HCG level is also increasing but at a very very slow rate, does this mean a misscarriage for sure.Doc has told me to get another scan done which will be the third in the 20 days.Is this really going to help. what is she waiting for...why not go ahead with D & C


jessica - January 25

i too just had a sonogram done at the ER after i was checked in for bleeding my doctor told me i was 7 wks 3 days but the ER doc said i was eight and that would mean there would be a heartbeat and there wasnt . the strange thing is that it has been a week and i havent bled or spotted at all and according to the ER doc my HCG levels were very high. i am seeing my doc today to find out whats going on with me I pray the ER doc is wrong and i really am just 7 weeks some odd days and that was the reason ther e was no heartbeat. god only knows you will be in my prayers. i feel the same way .


eyebeeablessing2u - January 25

Just wait and see... get another us.... even a few days can make a difference and stay positive...


alina - January 25

unfortunatel i had a similar situation last year and my doctor called it a blighted ovum mine was also around 8 weeks with the sak showing around 6 i was told this meant the egg was not fertilised correctly but it is rare, i did not wait for a miscarriage since there was not fetal heartbeat we had a d&c to have the sack removed


jessica its me again! - January 25

i saw my doc today and was told to go back tomarrow for an US. He talked to me about there not being a fetal pole on the sonogram results the ER faxed them but wanted to be safe and drew more blood to check my HCG levels and scheduled a sonogram at his office to check and see whats going on in there i thought i would find out today the fate of this pregnancy turns out i have to wait yet another day , not only am i anxious as well as my boyfriend but we are just tired of feeling heartbroken and the sooner we find out the easier it will be to accept.i thank everyone who has responded to my post it helps knowing others have gone through the same thing and to offer support and information is just so very appreciated on my part! ill keep everyone posted with the results of my sonogram.


Polly - January 26

I'm only 17, and I think I am about 6 - 8 weeks pregnant. I had a scan last week, and the doctor told me that she could detect no heartbeat. She said it was likely that I would miscarry sooner or later, but i could have a re - scan if I wanted. As yet there has been nothing - no bleeding, no pain, no miscarriage. Yesterday I went for my re - scan. I hoped that there would be a change in the size of the baby, and a little heart beating in there, but she said that it hasn't appeared to have grown, and there is still no heartbeat, but the sac has changed shape. I wish I knew what this meant. I read somewhere that we all develop at a different rate in the womb - some of us are early, and some of us are late, so I am hoping that this is the case, and this baby is just a slow starter. Being unsure of my dates does not help at all. I am having another scan in two weeks, just to make sure, and if there is still no change then I suppose I will just have to accept that there is no chance. I am trying to hope, but this hurts so much, and it seems that this baby has been taken away, just as I started to get used to the idea of having it. Being young, I was ambivalent about keeping it when my test was positive - I am still at school, doing A - levels, and I wanted to go to university to study Forensic Science. I decided that I would have this baby, however, and return to school later on to complete my education. Now it has all been taken away - the doctors have written it off as a non - viable pregnancy, and are telling me to wait for a miscarriage. I wish I had never had the stupid scan in the first place - usually women are not scanned until 12 - 14 weeks, when a heartbeat is inevitable, but I had to be, as I was considering abortion. Now I would do anything to know that this baby is all right. Its father and I cry every night, because this waiting is killing us. However, it does help that there are lots of stories on the internet about women whose babies did not show a heartbeat until 8, 9 or 10 weeks, and lots of rea__suring information in books. I am wishing my hardest that this is one of those cases. All we can do now is wait. I know how you feel, and I hope everything sorts itself out for us. xxxxx


Margaret - January 26

I started spotting just yesterday but had no pain at all. My husband and friends convinced me to go the ER to get a sonogram. The nurse asked when my last period was and I told her it was December 8th of 2004. She calculated I was seven wks. pregnant but I can't believe my baby's that old!! Then we did a sonogram and she saw the sac but no embryo or heartbeat inside. I live in Spain so I couldn't ask for the HCG blood test as it isn't administered here. I don't even know how to ask if they see a fetal pole or not. I am still bleeding so I will not go back to work for a while so I can do light bed rest. I'll go back next Monday for another sonogram. It will be my third one in a week. Do sonograms hurt the baby? I'll keep praying for all of you and my little baby as well. We all gotta have faith!!


Becca - January 26

I had a similar situation in April of 2004. The baby was not growing as it should have and my HCG levels were only slightly rising when checked. The baby had a heart rate of 86. I started to spot but had no cramps. Three weeks of spotting and 4 US later I miscarried. On one of the US the Sac looked like a summer squash shape not round or oval. Which the Radiologist said along with the slow heart rate gave me an 80% chance of mc. I wish all of you luck! I am 9wk 5d today with my fourth pregnancy (Only one living child) have had minor bright red spotting around weeks 5-8 but none in a week! God Bless!


jessica from the last two post - January 26

Im so anxiously waiting for results I am so convinced that this pregnancy is non-viable now because my second sonogram showed nothing in the sac wierd thing i noticed on the screen was a gummybear looking thing like an embryo outside the sac below near my cervix.i will not know till tomarrow but I am so puzzled at my new discovery. ill have to wait till tomarrow . god bless everyone in their pregnancies and with their losses if anyone would like to contact me personaly for support my E-mail :crnbrdfed2002@yahoo.com feel free i check it everyday and will respond with what i know to the best of my knowledge!


Melissa - January 31

Sameen, I am going through the exact same scenario as you... Please let me know what you find out as I don't get another ultrasound until Thursday. No heartbeat found, supposedly I am 8 weeks along - but my HCG levels increased slightly from 68482 to 75972...


jessica me again - January 31

i just had a D&C done and i am hoping to try again soon for another little one.


ju;ie - January 31

I am in the same as all. 8wk no heart beat and asked if I want a D & C or take some pills to abort. Did anyone have a living baby after this kind of result?


Missy - January 31

Take heart - The blighted ovum and or pending miscarriage was nothing on your part or plays in your future fertility. I had fertility treatment and gave birth to twin, went on and had a miscarriage a year later due to a blighted ovum. My hcg lever was not doubling like it should and an ultra sound showed no viable fetus in the sac, no spine or heartbeat. After consulting another doctor and another ultra sound, I too opted to have the d&C done, the waiting and heartbreak was just too much for me to handle. I too needed to grieve and get on with my life. I have since given birth to two more children and am pregnant with my 5th, actually 6th if you count the miscarriage, child. I am now 36 and now have all of the genetic issues to think about!


Sherry - February 1

I don't have any answers...only questions. Like many of you, I had an us yesterday at 8weeks and 3 days...the baby measures 7 weeks and 4 days...no heartbeat. I go back on Friday. The waiting and trying not to hope but doing it anyway is awful. I lost another baby on 9/2/04 and today was her due date. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a good outcome on the second scan past 8 weeks. I will be 9 weeks on Friday.


bessie skinner - February 2

why was i reported pregnant by the dr and when i went for the ultersound all there is is just a sac so where did the baby go, and before i did my ultersound i was confirmed i had to drink 3 large gla__ses of water and when i got there to the office for the ultersound, the ultersound lady made me empty my bladder


mandy - February 3

Sherry when was your lmp? mine was11/28 and have had 3 US only saw sac, fetus and no heartbeat, doctor says i'm 6w5d,I'm feel I should be further along,I've had no bleeding..My due date the doctor said is 9/23 , just doesn't had up.HCG level are rising...I don't go back till 2/14


Erin - February 3

I have had 4 sonos, saw the sac, baby, and heartbeat last Tuesday. Doc had me go into the hospital for a sonogram to calculate size/date today - they saw no heartbeat. I a__sume I miscarried?



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