8 Weeks No Heartbeat But Yolk And Embryo Exists

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mother of 1 - February 12

can any1 help i found out i was pregnant 6 weeks ago but dr said baby only 6 weeks but should be 6 weeks but heartheat but baby still growning on scan 2 days later


mother of 1 - February 12

can any1 help found out i was pregnant 6 weeks ago. went 4 scan and thuesday and baby only at 6 weeks.went home and i was worried so went 4 another scan next day baby only at 5w6ds.then got phone call 4 another scan baby was up 2 6w2ds still no heartbeat dnt know whats going on


jo1979 - April 18

hi, with my lmp i would be around 11 weeks went for a scan they seen the baby but the baby was measuring 8 weeks and 3 days but they said couldnt find a heartbeat i got to go back for another scan in 2 weeks im just wondering if anyone as had this problem and went back for another scan and everything is fine please help im worrying out of my mind plus i aint had no heavy bleeding just a bit when i wipe nothing much


Hiedi - June 10

Today I went to the doctor, he told me I was 7 weeks and 5 days. The fetus is there but no heartbeat, just a week ago I went into thd hospital because of bleeding, we heard the babys heartbeat. I syopped bleeding the day after the hospital. I never cramped or anything. I felt and still feel like a pregnate girl.I don't smoke and I stayed on bed rest, I had a miscarriage before tgis one but I didn't make it this far, tomorrow I go for a DNC, but I want to know why isn't my doctor maken me go back to make sure. Blood is flowing to the baby. I don't understand this. My heart aches and my body is weak, I haven't stopped crying.but why isn't he doing something about this!!! If anyone has every had this problem please let me know.


worried mamaw - August 6

I'm also looking for advice. My daughter started bleeding at 4 1/2 weeks, took her to the ER and no heartbeat on v____al u/s. Her HCG levels were high. Now at 6 1/2 there hasn't been anymore bleeding but still can't detect a fetal heartbeat. The Doctor wants to do a D & C, should we or has anyone had a pregnancy to make it with sucess? Please help!


epusso - August 10

My heart goes out to everyone. I can only share my story and hope that it help someone else to deal with a very difficult situation. At 5 weeks pregnant I went to the ER with bleeding. Ultrasound revealed that there was nothing there, NOTHING. The ER dr sent us home with a "threatened miscarriage" and told us to follow up with our OB/GYN. We were devastated and I told my husband right then that I was giving it over to GOD, putting it in his hands. My dr scheduled and appt for 2 weeks out with an ultrasound. At this appt the ultrasound showed the gestational sac as well as the yolk but no baby, so the dr said she was 90% sure it was a blighted ovum and that I would miscarry. We were scheduled for a week out ultrasound. This ultrasound would have put me at 7 weeks. At the next week which would be 8 weeks, the ultrasound shows baby and hb, very small and hb slow so again we were told to prepare for miscarriage. Again scheduled another week out. We just had the last ultrasound, low and behold, baby and hb still pumping. This time everything measuring on time and hb strong as can be. We still have a ways to go, but to make a long story short, the dr now believes that my dates were off. I know when I ovulated and know when my hubby and I DTD, but dr said healthy sperm can live in the female body for up to 7 days. They have moved my DD back and proclaim that we have a healthy fetus with a "kicking strong" heartbeat.(drs words) Don't give up ladies, Prayer is a powerful thing. I will continue to keep everyone in my prayers.


sarahandcorey - August 12

ok, i am having a really hard time and mental breakdown. i have had two miscarriages. one in nov.2010 and one in feb2011. i was so nervous when i found i was pregnant in july. according to my lmp i am 10 weeks on monday. i had my frist u/s this past wednesday and the doc could not find a heartbeat. baby is ther but no heartbeat visable. the doc said i am going to miscarry. she said gestational age is 8 weeks which makes sense because i know i did not concieve on the first day of my lmp. i am so confused. is it poss the doc is wrong? i was under the impression the the heartbeat is not really visable until about 9-10 wks. my doc told me i can wait til i pa__s it on my own or i can do a d&c. i decided to wait it out. i just have an uneasy felling about the whole thing. i have no cramps or bleeding and still feel the same as i did a few weeks ago. i just want to know what anyone thinks about this and if anyone has experienced this and still carried full term. i am heartbroken right now and just need some rea__surance. i asked my doc if we could do some blood work and maybe another u/s but have not heard back yet. i have not done any blood work to see my hcg levels at all with this pregnancy and so confused as to why she hasn't ordered any.


4evermines - August 17

Hi Ladies.. I just turned 8 weeks..I was having a little brown discharge nothing serious but to play on the safe side I went to the ER. They did an U/S but said they shouldn't see a heartbeat and that my baby was already dead. I was so heartbroken cause I was looking forward on having my baby in March. I made an apt. W/my OB 2days latet he did an U/S saw the baby but it should 6 weeks and the heartbeat was slow. He said it's a sign of Misscarage. I hope he's wrong I'm praying everyday. My next apt is in a week. I hope everything shows better. Has anyone had this prob. And had a healthy baby? I'm so nervous and scared


emijane29uk - January 18

Hi  I am after some advice from anyone who may have ahd simular experiuance.  I found out i was pregnant on the 30th November over the moon as we had been trying for a year with irregular periods. Had first scan 2nd Jan to be told that she thought it was a non on going pregnacey as she could see the sac and yolk but that was it explained my dates may be wrong. She told us we had lost this baby sent us home upset. Then told to return in two weeks for another scan to confirm. Had some brown spooting not heavy in between, Returned the 14th to be told that there is now an embryo showing but the yolk is shrinking but still not looking good. Told to return in a week. Has anyone else been though this and understand it , Is there a postive outcome from what i am being told or is it a non on going im confused :( x


Mah23 - October 17

Hi everyone .. i lost my first baby on June 25 at 30 weeks .. i was devasted.. i lost my hopes .. then on sep 14 i found out i was pregnant again but was scared to death . Last thursday which is oct 13 i went for my 8 weeks sono and doc said no heartbeat ... i am scheduled for my d n c on wednesday pct 19 .. do u think the doc is wrong .. i really dont know what to do. . My world has come to pieces ..i am not able to take this anymore .. please help



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