Anybody Had Neg Prenancy Tests And End Up Pregnant I Did

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Danielle - August 8

I have been getting negative blood pregnancy tests for a total of about 13 weeks now, I finally told the doctor I had to have an ultrasound or they need to send me to the looney bin and she finally agreed. The reason she was so hesitant is because I have always had irregular cycles. But FINALLY the answer I had been waiting for this whole time I am 13 weeks pregnant via ultrasound. I hope that offers a little hope to those who are getting negative tests that you could be pregmo and to those skeptics you don't know everything. But anyways, my ? is my tests are still negative and I was wondering if EXTREMELY low hcg will effect the baby or will the baby be okay?


JJ - August 8

Did you really, that helps me because I feel like maybe I have the same thing. I should be about 9 weeks preg and I keep getting negative results as well I guess I must result in asking the doc for u/s. Thank you danielle I mean I thought of an u/s but I actually needed to hear someone say they felt the same as I did and have a sucess story. I thought I was going crazy, Did you?


Danielle - August 8

Oh yeah totally I thought I had done lost my d__n mind and I would have to be commited lol. I mean I've been reading these message boards trying to see if anyone else had been going throught this and there was and there are alot of women on here saying oh no that can not happen, you are not pregnant get help lol, and i was like oh shoot dude I was to write something but I don't want someone saying something like that to me lol, but anyways yes ma'am I thought I was crazy Good Luck Sweetie.


Marivic - August 9

To have this happen to you is extremely rare. And, actually, that it happened to you statistically LESSENS the odds that it's happening to other women (if you're 1 in x, you have to have the population of "x" again in order to achieve the 1). Hate to be a naysayer (or, "skeptic") but the hard truth is that if a woman is having problems (irregular cycles, questionable symptoms) it's definitely in her best interest to seek qualified medical help and get answers (vs. "Oh it happens, I'm sure I'm one of those people that ARE actually pregnant"). Especially when the mind can make you believe pretty much whatever you want. At any rate, congratulations on your pregnancy. Here's to a healthy, happy 9(ish) months!


Danielle - August 9

Thankyou Marivic,well it is rare but it runs in my family too. My mom was the same way with me, didn't show up pregnant till about 5 months on an hcg test and by that time it didn't matter anyway she had to make them give her an ultrasound to prove pregnancy so, yeah it is rare i agree, but i just feel so bad for the women out there that really feel pregnant and know in their heart they are should go get an ultrasound because (maybe) their babies life could depend on it if there is a baby. Anyways thank u Marivic and I will find out when I go to the obgyn next time if the low hcg is a bad thing, good luck all the ladies out there trying to get pg! :)


Alicia - August 10

I have 3 boys. With #s one & two I got + HPTs at 12 days post fertilization. Within 30 seconds the tests were reading +. With number 3, I missed my period and so I bought the newer tests that actually read the words "pregnant" or "not pregnant". The first one was negative. I took the second one a week later, it too was negative. Two weeks later I got a + on a generic brand HPT followed by blood confirmation within a few days. According to my ultrasounds I should've been almost a month when I got that first - HPT.


Danielle - August 10

I wish I would have been in the situation like ur first 2, well i guess not really because now I don't have to wait 9 months only about 6 which is good for me because i am already worrying and nervous.


the weird one - September 1

It doesn't run in my family, but I had the same experience, 5 urine, one blood, all neg. Doc's finally realized I am pregnant, now they can't figure out how far along. I'm even trouble when I don't want to be:)


erinn - December 28

hahahaha. sorry, but I'm reading my own story on the page. I've taken two hpt both negative but even my doctor believes I'm pregnant!! The smell of chocolate makes me sick. that was the clincher for the doc. so now I'm waiting for blood results... if they're still neg, I'm going to have to ask for an ultrasound. Because either I'm pregnant or insane and the insane option isn't looking too attractive at the moment.


claireg - January 14

hi every1, this is just the answers ive been looking for. ive got a merina coil and i think i might be pregnant, i had a neg urine test at my doctors, but something still doesnt feel right, ive not been feeling the best over the past few weeks & have been suffering lower abdomimal pain hence why i was at the doctors, so my doc has tried to find the threads with no luck & says the next best thing is to have a scan to locate the coil, but i cant get over this feeling of them finding a baby!!!! does that sound daft?


vadimaynoria - July 24

i have had a whole bunch of negitive tests and spotting after falling which i couldn't convince the doctors to give me an ultra sound at poss 5 weeks.

Had cramping on the right for 11 weeks. during the first 6 weeks i was sleeping 12 hours a day nausious and craving certain foods.  now i am missing my next period with no cramping and possibily 13 weeks prego. after irregular spotting and no real period i have finally convinced them to give me an ultra sound on friday.. i could not convince them to give me a blood test and took the last neg test as a neg. i jut don't know what is going on!! i feel lost and like i am nuts 


chocy - August 30

Hi Danielle,

How is it going with you? I am in the same boat. My doctor suggested to do all the aditional blood work to see the cell count. I am having light cramps in uterus and inner thigh area. Have you gone through simliar symptoms?



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