Blighted Ovum At 20 Weeks.

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MaryJean - February 25

I had a positive pregnancy test at 5 weeks pregnant. I had all of the first trimester pregnancy symptoms. When I went in for my 9 week showed a blighted ovum. So I decided to let nature take it's course. Here I am now at almost 21 weeks and NOTHING has happened. My bleeding or cramping. I've had 5 miscarriages in the I know what it feels like when you "empty your uteris". I went to the doctor today and on their urine test I still showed a very faint positive result. But on my home test..I had a negative result. So now we're waiting for the bloodwork to come back to see how high the hormones are. Has anyone else had one go past 20 weeks? If they have to do a d and c? or can they give you the meds to make you contract and deliver the sack?


Ccsky - September 18

I'm so sorry for all your losses! What was ended up happening to you? Did you miscarry naturally and how far along were you or did you have a D&C?

I also am 20 weeks and awaiting to naturally miscarry a blighted ovum that  I found out at my 10 week ulrasound. There was a 6 week empty sac that did not grow after that . Had 2 more ulrasounds to confirm it was not growing. 3 months prior to this pregnancy I lost a baby at 13 weeks due to Trisomy 18. Baby died so my Dr. gave me the option of D&C so I went ahead and had it to get closure. This time with the blighted ovum she does not want to do a D&C due to more scarring and risking future fertiliy. I have my HCG levels tested weekly to make sure they are dropping. They are very low now so hopefully it will happen soon. 


Jponder - October 16

What was the outcome for both of your scenarios? i am going through this right now. Found out July 3rd I was pregnant, July 20th I got an ultra sound confirming no baby and over the next couple of weeks after bloodwork and ultrasouds I was diagnosed with a Blighted Ovum. About 4 weeks later I had bleeding that lasted a few days, it wasnt as much blood as I thought. I waited 6 more weeks for my period to come and since it didnt I had an ultrasound down that confirmed I still had a sac, at this point I would almost be 20 weeks pregnant. My HCG in July was 77,000 -last week it was 100 and today its a 73. My doctors office is recommending a D & C. I feel like its pointless at this point unless they think I wont pass this on my own.  I feel  like if my HCG was stuck I would feel better about getting one, however it is still going down. Slowly but surely. They say my case is very unusual, just not sure what to do from here. 



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