Can A Cyst On My Overies Prevent Getting Pregnant

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kirsty - February 28

well i have been told i have cyst on my overies and i am pregnant with my first child i have had a misscarraige before but that will happen so just keep hoping and it will happen xxx


Linda - March 1

I had a cyst on left ovary and it was removed (ovary and all). My right ovary produced my 3 yr old daughter. However, my right ovary had a cyst and it was removed in November 04. I just became pregnant in January. It took a year of trying, and a fertility doc to find the cyst, to solve our pregnancy problems.


TJ - March 4

I have a 5cm cyst on my right ovary can I get pregnant?


sylvia - March 4

well i had my left ovary taken out i had acyst of the size of 2 basketb___s(well thats what my doctor told me) ive been trying to get pregnant but i cant my husband has been finishing inside me but i still dont get pregnant! now i havent had my period since 1-28-05 and ive been having cramps like if im going to have my period but there is no blood! i need help!


Jen - March 6

I had a miscarriage at about 5 weeks .When I went to the dr they discovered cysyts on my ovaries and prescribed several different meds for 8 months then on the 9th month they tried the pill to dissolve it. I only took them for that 1 month and the very next month I was pregnant with no cysts


sarah - March 8

hi i have cysts on my ovaries and i've been trying for weeks, months and i've found out that i'm 7 weeks pregnant, the father left me just before christmas and i'm only 17, is there any one who can give me some advice?


allison - March 8

hi i too also have cysts on both overys to the exstent that i wasnt releasing eggs or anything i was put on alot of meds that never worked and tests done also untill last year i decided to loose weight 6 stone in all and eevrything came back to normal i have my periods every month but still have facial hair but very slight now as b4 it was terrible and very embarrasing i too would like to have children in the future and am keeping my fingers crossed i really can after seeing how many of you have conceived congrats to you all


Jackie - March 12

I have a cyst in my right overy. I don;t know the size of it. But if it ruptured, is it life threatening.


Lori - March 15

I had a 12cm cyst on my right overy in january and they treated it w/ bc and it went away. I want to know if you are suppose to hurt when you ovulate?


crystal - March 15

i go to chapel hill to see a specialist with the same problem i would like to here someone else with this problem


Ktawana - March 18

I was dig. with PCOS also and I have skipped periods and had my hopes up for years but I stopped smoking and after reading this my hopes are back up. Irecently went to the doctor for a US and the cyst were gone and I haven't had a period going on two months for everyone please keep me in your prays


trupti - March 29

I'm 22 weeks pregant and my baby has a cyst in the brain.Can you pl tell me what i should have to do to remove and what happend if it is not desolved after.


marie - March 29

my lelf overy was removed can i have a baby


tanya - March 30

polycystic overies are hard to come to terms with, i am 26 years old and i was told when i was 18 years old that i have polycystic overies and the chances of falling pergant is slim, my husband and i have been trying for 7 years and nothing has happen,i believe that there is something out there that will help people like us before considering ivf, the doctors told me that is the only chance of me having any children, but i will try anything.please don't give up all hopes,cause i am not.i am just lik you i have cyst on my overies and i don't get my periods,i was also told that you can get the cyst removed but they only come back.


saira - April 5

plz contact me i have the same problem my email address is thank u specialy jen she told that she took medicines for disolving the cyst plz contact me thak you and good luck to u all


heather - April 5

i belive i have a cyst on my left overie the reason ibelive this is when i ovulate it hurts really bad and when im on my cycle it hurts even more. we are tring to get pg and wanted to know if that will stop me from getting pg. i have not missed any periods or anything and i have been on the patch for almost 3 years and this last month was my first time off the patch to try to get pg. just tring to find some info out please let me know. thanks



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