Could I Be Pregnant W Merina Iud

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Mommamoo - January 5

Okay I'm having a situation, after reading so many negative things tonight, i'm so scared! I have 4 children allready, i've had a merena IUD for 4 1/2 years now, and i'm scared I may be pregnant, I have all the symptoms. I have had nasuea, tiredness, cramping, hungry, irritable and b___st tenderness. I haven't had my period sence October. What should I do? I took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago, it was negative, but I still feel pregnant. We didn't want anymore children and I'm exhausted as it is. But I don't know if i'm making to much out of this, but i'm really scared right now!


naomi101 - January 7

Hi all, I have been reading this topic for the past few days with the same worries as you all seem to have. I to have the Mirena IUD (have had it for 18 months), and think I am pregnant. I started spotting on dec 27th (af not due till the following week) and that lasted for about 5 days. Since then my usual pms symptoms (tiredness, bloating, ultra sensitive b___sts, little cramps etc) have been getting worse by the day but still no sign of af. started feeling nauseous today but am wondering if its just because im scared of being preganat? This I remember feeling like this in previous pregnancies, but am to terrified to see my GP. The earliest GYNO appointment I could get is for next week. I wonder if after a certain amount of time, some women experience pregnancy symptoms, or some of us are just resiliant to contraceptives (as 2 of my previous pregnancies occured while on the pill)? Im glad I came across this site though. Its nice to share with others who are having similar experiences


bellydancer - January 7

Well I took a test the other day it was negative, I bled that night from stress. Even though I still feel pregnant, I was thinking that it was because of the Iud in my uterus. It is probably just giving me the feeling of fullness, I also think that all of the other symptoms are stress. I have had these other symptoms before when I have been stressed out. So I think that I can relax now. Having a two month old is very stressful not to mention a 21 month old as well, i just have to keep reminding myself that everything is going to be ok. Even if i was pregnant it would not be as bad as my poor sister, She is only 20 and on her second one, she is 4 months along now and her son is only 8 months old. She was pregnant with twins the first time and lost one, and she just found out that she has cancer in her ovaries. She cannot do anything about it now that she is pregnant again, and the doctors want her to get ride of both babies, yes she is having twins again. She is not going to so I hope all goes well with her, So looking at this perspective has made me very glad that I am healthy at least.


sissybritches - February 10

I have had the same feeling about myself.


gems024 - February 23

This has really interest me. I had my coil fitted 2 years ago and had no probs. Started feeling pregnancy symptoms in the middle of Jan so went back to my local clinic. They said I couldnt be pregnant as I had the coil. Thinking it was side effects from the coil I had it removed there and then. This was 25/01/08. I then had a period for a week which had less clots in than usual. These symptoms persisted so even though I am not due on for 2 weeks I did a pregnancy test. To my horror the pregnancy line came up within 30 seconds before the control line came up. This was on 20/02/08. I thought it was a faulty test so went back to the clinic where they did another. The same thing happened and the urine sample was took at 7pm. The nurse said she is inclined to think I have fallen pregnant while on the coil due to the quickness of the line appearing. Having to wait now for a scan which could be weeks. Already have 4 children and only 24 so I dont know what to do. I only had the coil put in as they refused to sterilise me until I am older. Asfor those who have mentioned lines appearing on their tests after a while and not actually been pregnant, a evaporation line appears on some tests. This is what it says in my First Response pack, they advise to disregard any result change after 5 mins, hope that helps.


gizmo - February 27

can anyone tell me if they have fallen pregnant with marina coil? i have had it in for nearly a year but have all the pregnancy symptoms just like you all but has any one fallen pregnant with it?????i am going out my mind i have done a test but its negative


gems024 - February 29

I have just found out I fell pregnant while on the Merina coil. Got my first scan tomorrow to check for dates.


amybaby2 - March 11

GEMS.....what happened?? are you prego?? when are you due?? i am thinking of getting the iud...and not sure what to think now...please let me know what happened!!!


cuddles82 - April 8

i have just got out of hospital cause i did fall pregnet on the merina iud we did lose it as they removed it so the answer to can u fall pregnet on it?..... is yes my signs were just pain in my lower tummy! had periods as normal!


cuddles82 - April 8

i just got out of hospital on the week end i was in there with bad tummy pains and then found out i was pregnet with the marina iud in..... so yes it is possible to fall pregnet on it i did miss carry cause i had it removed! make sure you see a doctor and have a blood test done!


cuddles82 - April 8

and i had it in for 18 months!!


gems024 - April 8

Hi sorry it took me so long to reply. Well I went to my scan and found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. Two weeks later I miscarried. Anyone thinking of having the Mirena coil, think again. x


gems024 - April 8

Looks like I fell pregnant just before having the coil removed as we didnt have s_x for over a week after having it removed


amybaby2 - April 8

GEMS..i am so sorry...i hope everything is ok now...i hope you will become prego quick, if that is what you want!! you know...the Merina doesnt prevent you from getting "pregnant" the sperm and egg still can get together, and form a heartbeat...(baby) what it does is makes your uterus not collect the blood and tissue there that the egg can that is why so many of you are getting prego. i think they need to research some more and change something..i have decided not to get this. talk to you soon!


Lauren3 - June 11

Please help.. I went to my 6 wk check-up for the marina coil on monday.. Would the nurse have been able to tell if I was pregnant? As ive been feeling constantly sick, sleepy, sore breats and always eating! Very strong cravings too!! Help....x


amybaby2 - June 11

i would take a pregnancy test. as you can is posible to get prego. the nurse probably wouldnt have been able to see the pregnancy, it would be too early, and the only way is for them to do an internal sono...did you tell the dr your symptoms when you were there??



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