Could I Be Pregnant W Merina Iud

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amybaby2 - June 11

i would take a pregnancy test. as you can is posible to get prego. the nurse probably wouldnt have been able to see the pregnancy, it would be too early, and the only way is for them to do an internal sono...did you tell the dr your symptoms when you were there??


Lauren3 - June 13

Taking a test tomo.. Didnt speak to nurse, felt a bit dumb realy as soo many people have sd u cant get pregnant on it.. but u obv can as I've read here & elsewhere. Find out tomo for sure.. Thanks x


lisa_lou - July 9

Hi there, not sure whether this site has helped me or scared me!!! I've had the mirena since last july, didn't have the 6 week check cos whenever i made an appointment i was still bledding, so, the last few months my periods have vanished, but i've had lots of symptoms that i can rememebr getting with my other 2 pregnancies.......but not a strong ( not actually being sick, but really feeling it) sore b___bs, tummy cramps, what i can only describe as bloating but is it cos i'm pregnat ???!!!! I've done 3 tests all negative which makes me wonder if the coil is supressing my symptoms cos of the hormones, sorry if i've got this all wrong i don't really understand and my Gp is adament you can't fall pregnant on this coil...don't know what to do, help please!!!


amybaby2 - July 9

well, lisa, you might want to give your dr the web address to this forum!! obvously, you can get prego, and if he doesnt know that, maybe he should be doing some research before he implants those things! i dont really have any answers, except, maybe if he will do a blood test. i hope everything turns out the way you want it to! please let me know how you are!


BabyBoyes - August 20

Hi, I've been reading this forum with great interest. I had the Marina fitted in Apr 2008 and have not stopped bleeding yet, nothing heavy just spotting, but it's really getting my down. I have also started to feel pregnant, I have 2 boys already, and although I have never had any "normal" symtoms with my previous 3, I'm feeling the normal ones for me. I feel really sick, but will not be sick, my b___sts are heavy, stomac bloated and really craving a cig although I don't somke. I went to see my Dr yesterday and she is sending me for a scan to check the marina is still in the correct place. My husband and I are concerned as this could take up to 4 weeks and then 10days for the result, should I do a HPT before then to rule it out?


amybaby2 - August 20

is this your gyn that is sending you for a scan? why didnt she just do a blood test to see if you are prego? sounds like she also doesnt believe that people can get prego when they have the iud. i would go to your regular dr and get a blood test done. you may still show a false neg with a hpt depending on how far along you are...i definately wouldnt want to waist another 5 weeks to find out! GO TO THE dollar store and get a couple hpt!


htaylor1455 - September 24

ok i too am having the pregnancy symptoms...i took a test 2 weeks ago at the end of august and i think it may have been to earily to tell....but i am woundering what exactly can happen to the baby if u get pregnant and have the iud in and u dont lose the baby what kind of problems might the baby have?


amybaby2 - September 24

hi! i never had one of these..i was 2 weeks away from getting one and saw this post and decided not to get it...anyway. from what i read there isnt any problems with the baby, it is just where the iud gets stuck during the pregnancy. i think most people went through and there were no problems there were 1 or 2 that had a m/c b/c of the iud. i hope you are not, but if you are i hope all goes well..please let me know what happens! - September 28

Hi everyone, I have 4 kids, one of whome I became pregnant with while I had the IUD whithout hormones. It is VERY important that if you think you are pregnant, you have to find out right away. You need to have the IUD removed ASAP. You might lose the baby, but the chances for it's survival and yours are much better with it out. Expect spotting or bleeding, I did both, but didnt lose the baby. I had to go in three times a week for HCG level checks (blood tests) and ultrasounds to try to locate her to make sure that she was in the uterus and not ectopic (a pregnancy that is in the tubes) that is life threatening. If you catch the pregnancy early enough the better the chances are of having a healthy pregnancy. The doctors still monitored her close to make sure all was well, and she is a very healthy 2 year old now. Since her birth I have had a Merina placed the one with hormones. My OB insisted that this one was better and that I would not get pregnant with it in. Well, I did...... TWICE!!!!!!! I am not a fan of the IUD's The first one was in for 6 months before I got pregnant and this one has only been in for 2 months, I got pregnant and didn't know it until I miscarried a perfect little one inch long baby at home. I made an appointment to go in to see the OB and before I could even get in to see her I ended up getting pregnant with twins that I also ended up losing. I have also had all the symptoms that all you women have listed here too. I beg you all to please take a test if you are feeling any of these. If you can't afford it, go to a planned parenthood, they will do a test for free (I think) . Also, the baby can be affected if the IUD stays in while the pregnancy progresses. The child can be born missing limbs, deformed, and many other things as well. GET TESTED ASAP and if its positive you have to get it removed ASAP. I hope all goes well for all of you, I'm sorry for your losses for those of you who have lost your babies.


htaylor1455 - September 29

ok so i wrote b4 i thought i might be pregnant well im not so i guess that not all of u out the with the pregnancy symptoms should be scared i think its just the merina givin me these symptoms


heflejai - September 29

hi i had the mirena inserted on the 21 july 08 i had my first period on time ut it lasted for oer 16 days. it is 30 sept now and i have had no bleading at all, i am also having all these syptoms. i have put on 8 kg and people ask me if i am pregnant as i look like i am. i cant feel my strings(am i the only 1 ?) but my partner can during intercourse :( though i can feel where it is inside me all the time like a st_tch pain, i am going to the doctors tomorrow just thought i would share my story as i hae read all yours its only fair :) i am very curious about what results im going to get .


amybaby2 - September 29

HEFL please let me know what your results are!! thanks


four against the world - October 6

You may be having some of the same symptoms that a lot of women are having right now. I also had a baby in October of last year and had the Merina inserted in February 08. About a month later I started to feel very weepy then very irratible. I was very short fused with my husband and my children. I had just started to ween my baby from nursing so I just wrote the symptoms off to that. The symptoms only got worse as time went on. I started having anxiety attacks and bouts of depression for no reason at all. I finally went for help when I started having thoughts of suicide, extreme confusion, extreme forgetfulness,trouble pronouncing words also pain and numbness in my arms and a rash on my arms as well. I went to the ER with these complaints and they thought I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Of course they gave pain meds, muscle relaxers and an anti anxiety aid but nothing helped. I was telling a friend about the problems that I was having and she advised for me to google "Merina IUD side effects-or am I crazy". What I found there was very scary to me but it has helped tremendously. I had the IUD removed on 7-17-08. I continued to have problems for about 3 weeks afterward but slowly I began to see my old self again. I actually felt normal. Unfortunately, when my period finally returned on 9-29-08 the symptoms returned also. Not as bad this time but they are still there. Others have explained that this would happen so I have hope that it will get better again. I urge you, for you and your family...GET IT REMOVED!!!!! I am glad that I did.


heflejai - October 6

hi i posted my story on the 29/8/08 i went to the doctors and pregnancy test was negative but she sent me for an ultra sound just incase. my ultrasound showed no baby :) but there are 3 x 2.8cm cysts on my left overies and 1 on my right overies i still have to go back to my doctor to see what they do for this but the point is im not pregnant :)


lil lisa - October 28

I had my merina fitted in january 07 and my periods stopped 10 months later in october 07. I have recently had 2 heavy preiods in the past month after a year of not bleeding at all. After reading all the posts i am now worried i am either pregnant or have lost a baby. i have also been having low abdominal pain during s_x and feeling very faint in the mornings. If anyone can help it would be a weight of my shoulders as i dont know what to do. Thanks xx


amybaby2 - October 28

lil you can see you are not alone...i was thikning of getting one of these and then i found this website, and decided against it...all i can say is take a prego test, or go to see your dr...i am so sorry this is happening! please keep us updated!! thanks



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