Depressed From Miscarriage Of Baby I Didnt Know I Was Having

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ellie15 - March 20

I don't know what to do with myself, I had a miscarriage over 3 years ago being 3 months pregnant,I didn't know I was pregnant until I had the miscarriage as I had no signs, no weight gain etc. at all. However as soon as I was at the hospital having been told I had a miscarriage I was filled with distraught and guilt and have never forgiven myself even though I didn't do anything to make it happen. I was on anti depressants for 2 years after and then had to stop them due to a job I was starting. I seem to be more depressed than ever, can't be on anti depressants and am already at counselling. Has anyone else had this and had any ways of trying to cope? Thank you x


Ms.Moore2006 - August 25

Praying for you I pray you are doing a lot better!!


Anisa28 - June 7

So sorry for you. I know it hurts a lot because I also suffered from it. I had 3 miscarriages in my past and I know how you are feeling. I want to share my experience. I was so broken when I first heard about my infertility because after that I wasn't able to conceive. It was so hurting and devastating and in the end, I gave up on having babies. But, later I found about surrogacy. I talked to my husband and he agreed. We went to a clinic in Europe for it and now we have a baby girl. I hope it would help you too.


monikadavid - June 7

Hey Ellie, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It must have been painful to know. I think you should definitely visit a therapist. You need someone to whom you can express your feeling with. I know it is very hard but don't let this make you fall. You have to be strong! Be more positive it was definitely not your fault so don't feel bad about it. I hope you get better soon.


erin_wales - June 18

I’m feeling great sorrow after learning about your miscarriage. It must be painful for you to bear such circumstances. I will suggest you consult some specialists. You’d discuss your problem to some experienced one. A lot of members on this forum have successfully done the surrogacy treatment. I’m sure your desire of having children will be fulfilled soon. Sending baby dust to you.


tressalee - June 24

Hi, how are you? Such a nice video. Thanks for making us part of your journey. Surrogacy is a blessing this is very informative video. You are lucky that you are under process.


tressalee - June 24

Hi. Hope you are fine? I am really sorry to know about your miscarriages. You had faced for a long time. It is hard to face. Please don't worry there are other options. for your situation surrogacy is the best option. You can opt for that. Good wishes.


flora12 - June 26

Hey there! I hope you're doing fine now. I feel very sorry for you, dear. Miscarriages are really painful. But don't blame yourself, it's not your fault. Everything happens for a reason and there's good in everything that happens. Maybe you don't realize it now, but one day you will. Take care! 


Isla28 - June 26

Hello dear, I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are very hard to overcome. Every woman wants to have babies. Motherhood is really a blessing. You should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing. And surrogacy is mostly successful. I was a sportswoman. And I was infertile. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was supportive enough to help me out. We both wanted a baby badly. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic.The clinic where I had surrogacy was the best clinic I must say. The staff was so supportive. It is a great blessing for every couple to have babies. Now i have baby and it feels great.


Laura02 - August 23

Hey there! I feel so bad for what you had gone through. Miscarriage is the bad thing happen in a women life. But you don't need to blame yourself. It just happens to you. I was diagnosed with PCOS. After getting married I had been TTC for many years without any luck. I had faced two miscarriage during my infertility period. Then I opted for IVF. I choose Europe for fertility treatment where I found a reputable clinic. Now I have a baby boy. Well, I suggest you to not lose hope and try to go for fertility treatment. Best wishes.



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