Faint Positive Test And Bleeding

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Shannon - August 8

I had a very faintly positive urine HCG test at the doctor's. I was due for a period and started bleeding, although it is not as heavy as my usual period. I was examined and the doctor said my cervix is thick and closed. A beta HCG was drawn but I don't know the results yet. Is it possible to bleed like a period and still not lose the pregnancy?


starlyght24 - August 9

Hi shannon, you sound like me. I had a faint positive line at home. I took another home test with the first morning urine and it showed negative. I then went in for a blood test and it came back positive. that same day I started spotting bright red blood. I went to the ER the next day because it was a bit heavier. The ER did a urine test and it came back negative. They did a blood test and my HCG values were only 25.5 which meant I was barely pregnant. The ER doctor said that this probably wont be a viable pregnancy but told me to go to my clinic in two days and see if my values go up or down. So i went to days later to my ob dr and my values were 47. My dr told me that my cervix was closed etc. He just said that I just caught this pregnancy real early on. he said 50% of women bleed sometime during their pregnancy. I bled bright red blood for 4 days. It wasnt as heavy as a period but it was heavier then spotting. I had another hcg test performed 3 days later and it was 98.4. My values are doubling. I am now 6weeks and 2 days pregnant. No more bleeding etc. My nipples are so sore and i started getting sick yesterday. This is my 3rd pregnancy. It freaked me out because i never bled with my other too. I am thinking that maybe i was just having implantation bleeding. I dont know for sure. I hope this helps!!


Amahle2 - January 17

Hi starlyght I have the same problem, I missed my periods and went to the doctor for blood test, results came back positive 2 weeks pregnant yesterday I started bleeding, it started light and now it's like my periods, I'm so confused



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