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Esther65 - June 25

Hi! To conceive naturally is a wish of every lady. But sometimes we have to compromise with the fate. We do not need to lose hope. Nowadays there are many alternatives are there for those who cannot conceive naturally.  Surrogacy is at the top of the list. It is the safest way of getting a baby. Through surrogacy, you can a child of your own genetics. There are many best clinics in Ukraine for it. It is just like a blessing for intended parents. It is a way to complete your families. I am also a mother of a surrogate son. I would recommend every infertile couple to go for surrogacy.


Anisa28 - June 26

Hi! How are you? Sorry to hear about your infertility. But do not worry. Everything is still in your hand. There is a way of surrogacy. Surrogacy means something different to each person it touches. For intended parents, it is a chance to complete their families. Surrogacy allows infertile couples to become parents when they may not be able to have children otherwise. It will help you to fulfill your dream of being a mother. It is a safe way and a golden option to infertile couples. I have also a baby through Surrogacy. And, I am so blessed. My best wishes to you. God bless you.


Isla28 - June 26

Hey, it really saddened me to hear about your infertility. You should be confident. You Should go for Surrogacy. Surrogacy is awesome. It is also less painful. Every Infertile couple can get the happiness of babies through surrogacy. I was an infertile woman. I had a fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But, my husband stood with me through thick and thin. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic. That was the best clinic I must say. I have a baby now. It feels awesome. Hope it would help you. Stay blessed.


jenn123 - July 18

You are so definitely right! Infertility can be easily dealt with now. It's amazing how science has progressed. Who would've thought years ago that these procedures would be there for us? More importantly, so readily available and safe to do. I'm so happy they're accepted a lot more now as well. It's really a blessing. Everyone who wants children deserve to have them. They're a gift no one should be kept from. In my opinion, surrogacy's the best and safest bet. Actually, one of my favorite clinics is coming into town too! It's a Ukraine based one but I hear they're having a seminar event in August in the UK! I'd suggest anyone facing infertility to please visit this! Good luck.


Olivia_1990 - July 25

Hey! I hope you are doing good. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. But in the end, it was all worth it. I am so happy to hear your surrogacy went successfully. Since you mentioned clinics. I want to share my experience. I am suffering from infertility. It has been 10 years for my TTC. When I started searching for clinics, I found out about Adonis clinic. I e-mailed them and waited for their reply for days. I ended up wasting my time and efforts. It made me so hopeless. I felt like all clinics would be fake and a fraud. But so glad to see there are so many success stories about surrogacy and other infertility treatments. I will be more hopeful from now!


mothers_baby - July 26

You're right there were and still are many cases of intended parents falling into serious problems during surrogacy arrangements. European countries are the best to consider in my opinion. Most of them have strict laws on who can go through the program on both sides(parents and surrogates). Also, the parentage of the child is based upon DNA matching and not who gives birth. A few days ago I found out that the best clinic in Ukraine Biotexcom is coming to visit London. Their staff along with Anastasia, the head of their English Department, is also visiting on 18 and 19 August. This news literally excited me. A chance to meet such professionals who are famous for their competency and excellence. And that too in the UK. as I read that there are limited seats available. The participants will be able to get detailed information. They will also be able to sign the contract on the spot if they feel satisfied. I am so happy that I finally got an amazing opportunity. Looking forward to attending this event.


Bethany22 - July 29

Hello, your post is really emotional. I agree with the part where you said pregnancy is the desire of every woman. Every woman wants to conceive naturally. Sometimes fate does not allow such easy pregnancies. It makes me really sad when women go through such hardships. It can be really depressing as well. Struggling with infertility makes you feel like you're not doing what you're supposed to. I know so many women here are going through the same problem. I can help you a little with what I know. There is a clinic in Ukraine named Biotexcom. They are having a campaign here in London on 17-18 August. If anyone here is struggling with infertility and wants to treat it, please check them out. They are known for their progressive and successful treatments. You can speak to their team directly on the event and register at your own ease. Sending you all my love and support.


flora12 - August 20

Hey, Esther. I hope that you're enjoying good health. Your post is very inspirational. I agree with all that you wrote. We shouldn't let infertility take over our lives. Assisted conception has really made our lives easier. I'm also an infertile woman, this really upsets me. I had a very hard time accepting the fact that I'm infertile. Then I and my husband were told about surrogacy by our gynecologist.  We researched a lot and found that the Ukranian clinics are trending. We contacted one of them which has high success rates. By the grace of God, we now have a beautiful daughter. I didn't know that this day would also come into my life. I'm very thankful to the clinic. Best wishes to all! 


tressalee - August 29

Hello there, I am really sad to know about your infertility. It is the most difficult time. You don't need to worry. There are many alternative available nowadays. Yiu should consider them. They will help you. I was infertile too. When my gynecologist said I can't conceive, I was broken. There was dark in my life. My husband took me to a clinic in Ukraine. It offers almost every treatment of infertility. The environment was very friendly. They suggested me surrogacy. Now I have my son with me. My life is complete. You can be happy on your life. Never lose hope. My prayers are with you.


lilly99 - October 31

I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I are ttc for many years. We've gone through multiple IVFs. All of them failed. This is really hard for us. Especially this is a tough thing for me as I'm the reason of our inability to have children. You should definitely see a doctor. The fact that you're still not pregnant doesn't mean there is something wrong with your health. But making medical check will just clarify all things out. So you will continue your ttc knowing your health condition. I wish you best of luck!


Kylie01 - October 31

How are you doing now? Any news? How long have you been ttc? I have my twins through de ivf. My first 3 kids were conceived naturally. It took us 4 years to have our twins. Everyone was telling us "You have 3 children already! Stop your ttc already! Don't be stupid and forget about such nonsense as an egg donor!" But we didn't care. We continued trying till our dream of having big loud family came true. I hope you're doing great. Keep fighting and don't lose hope!



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