IUD Malfuction

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Alice - May 4

I had paraguard removed today because I am 5 days late. Negative preg. test. today. I am not going to chance having it in.


Myra - May 5

HI, I am also experiencing something like this.I have an iud and I'm about 3 weeks late and I started spotting. its like the color pink and its mostly and i used the restroom does any body know if i could be pregnant?


Alice - May 10

FYI: I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant with an IUD. My levels weren't high enough yet. I guess I'm in that 1% that gets pregnant. Don't trust the IUD!


Kathy - May 10

I have had the Paragard IUD for 7 1/2 years (good for 10). I just found out yesterday I am about 5 weeks pregnant. I have to go in today for an ultrasound to see where the fetus is located. I am hoping everything works out fine. We have a 10 year old son. About a year and a half ago, I had gastric bypa__s surgery and have lost 110 pounds. Has anyone else experienced this?


J.J. - May 13

Hey guys! I too just found out I am pregnant and had the copper IUD. I have 2 little girls already and my IUD was good for 4.5 years before I got pregnant with it. It did not hurt getting it out (she took it out MOnday when she suspected I was pregnant, I had been bleeding for 2.5 months straight) and I am afraid the removal of it made me lose the baby....lots of bleeding since then. I will find out next week what my hormone levels are and if they are dropping. There cannot be THIS many of us getting pregnant with the IUD if it is 99%!! Sounds more like its 50%!! ugh.


m - May 14



Jane - May 16

I have had the copper IUD in for seven years without any problems. I am 7 days late and I'm never late. I already have a boy and a girl! My husband and I can't afford another child. I am going to take a pregnancy test today.


maureen - May 16

it is very concering to see all of us have had similar experiences. four years ago I too was pregnany with a Para Guard IUD. I did not know I was pregnant until I was almost 12 weeks pregnant. The IUD was very close to the baby and had attached itself to my bladder. The IUD must have shifted when I had stopped b___st feeding my 11 month old. I stopped nursing in Jan and discovered in March I was pregnant. I had not had any periods because I was nursing so when my periods started back up some minor spotting, I thought it was my system getting back on track. Needless to say, the pregnancy was dangerous and had to make a the difficult decision to terminate before the pregancy went toxic. The scary thing is my sister in law was also in the same situation at the same time. She ended up delivering a healthy baby boy. There is something very scary going on here. I filed a complant with the FDA when it occured to me. I strongly suggest you all do the same. Your health is at risk.


Sabrina - May 16

Ok now i'm a little scared. I have had the Mirena for about 8 months. I kind of have always had my period. A couple of weeks ago, I had it for a day and then no more. I have two beautiful girls and me and my husband talked about another one, but not yet. I honestly thought this was fool proof. I have gone up a pant size in two weeks and I am the type of person that can eat a cheeburger and LOSE 5 lbs. I took two tests and that came back negative. How normal is that. Other than that I have been extremely tired and irritable. No cramping or bleeding though. Is it in my head. How many of you ladies had a negative pregnancy test with the IUD and were still preg? HELP!


Jill - May 17

You are all scaring me. I am going to the dr's office on thurs. to pay for a paraguard to be ordered. I am b___stfeeding my 8 month old dtr and potty training my 2 1/2 year old son----I cannot risk getting pregnant again, but it seems like so many of you out there are getting pregnant with the IUD. Spontaneus birth control for a b___stfeeding Mom just shouldn't be that hard! I don't know whether I should rethink my decision on the paraguard- especially after reading your entry Maureen I am not sure how much longer I will b___stefeed and will the device move. What should I do?????


Trisha - May 18

What Kind of IUD do you have? I have a Mirena.


Sabrina - May 18

I have the Mirena as well. I have an appointment on Friday to see. Too many symptoms are coming up. This is risky.


Lori - May 18

Britney - I just posted a question yesterday under IUD pregnancy...I am 6 weeks pregnant and have the IUD in place. The Dr. said we should remove it if I choose to continue with the pregnancy. After numerous tries she was unable to remove it. It is a very confusing time...I am hearing so many different opinions on whether the IUD should come out or not. If anyone out there is or had been in this situation I would love to hear from you. I am scheduled for blood work this week and another sonogram next week. On another note, it was interesting to read other messages about loosing weight and then getting pregnant..I lost 20 pounds since Februrary and then got pregnant in April -- very interesting. What amazes me is how the doctors proport that the IUD is 99% effective and I hear about all these people getting pregnant. I would greatly suggest to others to do as much research as possible before going the IUD path.. Good luck to you.


Sabrena - May 18

Lori- How did you know you were pregnant? Did you spot at all or miss a period completely? Any other symptoms? If the questions are too personal I understand. But any info you can share with me will be greatly appreciated.


Lori - May 18

Sabrina - I did not have any symptoms other than missing my period. I have been using the Mirena IUD for 18 months and have been regluar for over a year so when I missed I thought it was strange. At first I didn't think anything of it because my sister-in-law went through the same thing with the Mirena last year but she was not pregnant - she was one of those people who just stopped having her period. What made me start to think that maybe I was pregnant was that I was dieting and had been loosing weight religiously every week but the last month I was having a lot of trouble and I seemed to be more hungry than usual..then I started to hear that a lot of people were getting pregnant with the IUD - my gut instincts started playing with my mind and I took a pregnancy test which came back positive within one minute.


Mary - May 18

OMG! I have the merina iud and just found out I am pregnant. I have been ill for 3 days and took the test. I'm going to the ob tomorrow to see what they want to do. WIll they remove it if I am that early?? They won't even be able to see the baby yet right? Can anybody help? Thanks MAry



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