IUD Malfuction

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Huts - March 20

Hey Sky At the mo i have missed my period again a whole month same symptoms as being preggers and it sucks, I'm 25 with 3 children and my youngest is turning 4 soon and right now another child is not in my mind right now i like babysitting nephews and neice's cause i can give them back to their mummy's. I just wish these stopped as the worry kind of concerns me every month i tend to miss. I hope all goes well and you'll be sweet. Cheers Huts


surfchick434 - March 27

Hi I've been on the Paragard IUD since December 2009 and found out 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant! My doctor says that I am extremely fertile and thats why it did not work, but now I am out of luck for birth control. I am completely against hormonal use and have no problem using condoms...but I would like to use something that is more protective, safe, and practical in a monogamous relationship. My boyfriend and I are considering trying to use the Paragard again; perhaps I was unlucky once and it won't malfunction again? Does anyone have any advice or has tried the Paraguard twice?


Ashleylyn7 - March 28

I would like some advise pls I am 20 years old with a almost two year old daughter. I had a mirena put in oct of 08 everyhing has been good with it I was having regular periods. After I had the iud put in I found out I have hpv and they had to do the leep procedure done she left the iud in and said it would be fine. About three weeks ago me and my fiancé had unprotected s_x we usually use a condom. About a Week ago I spotted for two days only in the morning just a dot. I am expirencing pregnancy symptoms I do feel pregnant. I took a test two days ago it was negetive but I had that problem with my daughter the test didn't come out positive till about eight weeks. I wouldn't be upset if I was pregnant I get through everything I did eventually want another It would just be a little soon I just want to know if I am so I can make sure everything is ok. So please anyone that has any input please it would be greatly appriciated!


ChellyDel - April 13

I have had my Paragard IUD since october 2009. Ive had some strange cycles and i feel preggo. Ive also lost 25 lbs and ive had a million negative tests. whats up guys? Im starting to freak out


USMC_MommaX2 - June 24

To Lee... I am exactly where you are, I lost 25-30 pounds and my period has been regular since my daughter was born, she is now 12 months old and my Son is 3. I just realized today that I am almost 2 weeks late, Im scared mainly for the baby (IF there is one) My Husbands going to get a pregnancy test now. If I where you I would do the same and keep us posted, as I will do the same.... I thought we had everything planned out, God just laughed :) In the end its ultimatly up to him and he wouldn't give me [us] more than I [we] could handle...


emj910 - September 8

I am about 7 weeks along now and I have an IUD in my doc said the reason why he wouldnt recommened removing my IUD depending on my emergency ultrasound ttomorrow is because it coudl abort the pregnancy


061282 - September 23

I know this will sound redundant but I'm really confused. I have had an IUD (Mirena) since Jan. 2005. I had a new one put in around Apr. 2010. I am now experiencing an entire array of pregnancy symptoms. i.e. sore b___sts, moodiness, slight cramping, nausea, back pain...etc. I just "feel" pregnant. I've taken both the urine and blood tests and they have both come back negative. I can't go off of a missed period because i haven't had one since 2005. How do i know if it's too early to detect? My symptoms are going on about 3 weeks now. Please help! Oh, btw, I have 2 children already (5 & 8y/o)and i feel the exact same way i did when i was pregnant with them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Quin - October 11

Hi I had my mirena put in last year in March..My period is only a day late but I have been extremely tired and my appet_te has picked up and I was reading where if you have lost weight it can cause the mirena to move well I recently lost abt 20 pounds but I noticed that I have gained abt 7 pounds very rapidly... Could I be pregnant and should I wait to take a test or take one now?


Amanda90 - November 10

im 20 with my 2yo boy and for the past week ive been extremly tired,using the bathroom constantly,and currently 8days late.im very confused because the doctor had told me its very rare getting pregnant on the copper iud(wich ive had since march 09) but since reading the posts im convinced its very possiblr to conceive. im terrified to take a pt and ive heard that if the iud gets taken out when pregnant it could lead to misscarage... plz give some advise im very worried and a little scared.


Amanda90 - November 10

also my period had came on time last month but two weeks later i had very little spotting which i dont recall happening beffore.


samiteal - January 5

I recently got an abortion in april of 2010. I'm 19 and have a twin sister who also has mirena and hasnt had any problems. I've had Mirena since September of 2010, and I'm almost positive that im pregnant. can someone help me answer some questions?


Ateiya - January 10

I have had the paragard in for two 1/2 years and my periods have always been reg. Nov 28 was my last period and I still havnt got a period i had a pap two hpt a pee test at the doc and a blood test all were neg that was last week so the doc put me on provera to see if my period comes its been a week and nothing I'm tired of waiting should i get a ultrasound or just keep waiting?


ldm - January 20

Hey samiteal - I know it's totally possible to become pregnant on Mirena. Just wondering if you have found anything out. Would love to hear from you.


j.james.1 - January 28

i am too expecting and they took my iud out and i have had some bleeding has anyone else after having it removed


kesteris16 - February 21

Did you end up with a successful pregnancy? I don't see anyone else that come back to update their post. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and they tried 3x to remove the copper IUD but the strings have gone up and it would cause a miscarriage if they dug any higher.


j.james.1 - February 21

i have ended up miscarring after they took mine out



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