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christyp68 - March 18

I took a hpt and it came back negative, but that is what seems to be the norm if you get pregnant with an IUD. I don't really "feel" pregnant, but do think something may be "not right" with my Mirena. Have to wait for a referal from my primary to go and see the OB/GYN though. Hopefully it won't take too long. I had the copper IUD but it caused me so much pain I had to switch to Mirena. I really do not want to have another baby, but would be thrilled if I turned out pregnant. My last pegnancy was filled with complication afetr complication and from all the reading it seems it would be worse with the Mirena - possible misscarriage if removed or harm to the baby or me if left in. This is a scary situation! Once again good luck to all that are sharing the same issue! God Bless!!!


christyp68 - March 18

Oh and I forgot.....I am on a list of medications that would all be harmful to take if pregnant - pain medicine, anxiety medicine, muscle relaxers, cholesterol medicine and Ibuprofen 800. These are taken daily!


Jen3A - March 19

I just wanted to let other posters know that I delivered a very healthy baby boy in Sept '07, after origianlly posting on this site that I had fallen pregnant with my fourth child in January '07, while having a Mirena IUD in place. It turned out that when I went for a six week ultrasound, there was a healthy little bean growing, but no trace of an IUD to be seen. So I apparently pa__sed it during a heavy period, and it turned out to be a non-issue during my pregnancy. I was extremely fotunate to not have any complications from an IUD during my pregnancy, but for those of you who are dealing with a similar situation, I wish you the best of luck and positive outcomes for your situation.


TaraS - February 26

I havea questons for those who have posted form before and have their answers, so I will just repost my question off of another thread, instead of retypin it all. I was reading all the way from the beginning, then skipped lots in between..just too much women all with the same issues. I have had my Nova-T copper IUD(canadian kind, but only good for 3-5 years) in for 1 1/2 years now. I have had abnormal periods in the past, but since I had this IUD inserted, I have had a very heavy 7 day period at least every 4 if not 6 weeks when it was late.....but always very very heavy from the IUD. Now concerns have risen, since my last period was in the end of December. I have been waiting patiently, just thinking it will be a little late, but will come shortly. So, in the beginning of this month I had no cramps, but very light spotting for four days and also some dark brown blood at times...very little though. After that it just never came. so I was unsure if to consider that a period or not. Definately not the heavy period I am use to since the time I had the IUD inserted. I have two young boys, 2yrs and 5yrs, so I know spotting can happen when u are pregnant. I have been having sore b___sts and eating lots, so just too confused. ON the 18th of this month I went in for my 6 month pap(6 month follow up after having a leep procedure done in August/cutting off bad cervical cells) I told my doctor my conerns, so they just did a urine test and she said it is very odd chances of getting pregnant, almost none. She said to have missed or no periods are normal, but then I told her my IUD was not a Mirena with hormones as I knew she thought mine was. She said the strings I had on this IUD, look like a mirena IUD, so that is why she probably said that..knowing the hormones in the Mirena may cause no periods. I told her( I am in states now by the way), that in Canada the copper IUD is not the same as the one here. She just said the urine test was negative and not to worry. I asked her if I could come in a month. She looked at me annoyed and said if I feel like I want to, but the strings are still there and there is no chances of pregnancy. I am paronoid, esp. in 2003, I had an ectopic pregnancy, but had no IUD at that time. I am so confused and sleepless at nights. I am worried and not sure if I should take her word, or start going out and buying my own pg tests and do every few weeks to make sure till a period returns. It is just too strange. I was thinking, maybe it was just too early and I will for sure rebook an appointment with her in a month to make sure, and ask her to do another pregnancy test or even better, a blood test. I can tell she does not appreciate me telling her what to do, but I feel she just does not take me seriously enough and see the chances are there even if I have an IUD and really thinks I am over board. Has anyone else had a copper IUD, missed a period like me and showed up negative on the urine test? Do you think it may just be too ealry? Did anyone else have spotting also with the IUd and then get postive results? I will pray, and either way me and my husband will have to deal with it.


yuriryouko - March 13

Sorry to say this, but some doctors are stupid, TaraS. I feel what your doctor's saying and all, but that's what they used to say back in the day when women really only had the option of birth control pills. It is not her right or place to catch an att_tude with you because you want to know what's going on with your body especially if you are pregnant. Anyways, it's pretty much up to you if you want to spend and waste money on pregnancy tests or you can just wait the month out and reschedule an appointment with the doctor. While you're waiting for the month to be over just make sure to carry your tampons or whatever if your period does decide to show up. I wish you luck and don't listen to your doctor's b___hiness...and don't let her talk you out of a blood test if the urine test isn't working. The doctor's tripping like she's the one paying your doctor's bill.


yuriryouko - March 13

lucin, congratulations. It depends, but I'm not sure what the IUD will look like and if it matters. But, I've done a little research on the matter of pregnant while on the IUD. You have a choice to remove it or not, but if you choose to remove it at the very beginning of the pregnancy there is a possibility that the removal will cause a miscarriage. Whereas if you keep the IUD in place as the pregnancy gets further along there may be a possibility that the IUD will puncture the sac along with some other issues. But, don't worry about that just relax, don't stress to much and pray to God to help you and your baby make it safely through. God bless.


Kasih - January 20

Hi my name is kasi and ive been reading lots of different posts on the mirena iud and pregnancies, this may will mark my 3 yrs of having the iud and just last month ive started having the same symptoms i had with my 2 boys. Last month when i had my period it only lasted for an hr and since then i havent had one and i am ten days late for this month. Also since last month i have been extrrmely tired and all i want to do is sleep, i get headaches everyday, i pee more than i often do, im very irrateable and moody, and i crave the foods i craved when i wss pregnant with my first two, so i guess i was wondering if anyone would know if i could be pregnant or if the mirena could be messing with my system????


mommyq3 - January 20

Kasih, Since my last post, I had my IUD removed. I had many months of pregnancy symptoms and other complications. All of the problems I had with my IUD led to two an emergency room visit, many scans, ultrasounds, a visit to the OBGYN, and two visits to a gastro doctor and then I decided to have it removed. Immediately after I had the IUD removed, the symptoms I had went away. Unfortunately, my period did not return and we wanted to have another baby. After 9 months I went to my doctor and he put me on progestrone and clomid. The second round of this treatment worked and we found out we were pregnant with twins. We lost one baby, but the other baby, our son was born July 4th 2010 and he is healthy and thriving. For me, I will NEVER have an IUD again. The IUD messed with my body in so many ways. I am sure some people love the IUD, but for me I do not!


JoyfulMommy - January 20

Kasi, I also had the IUD for 3 years when I began having pregnancy-like symptoms (frequent urination, tender b___sts, nausea and certain food smells just making me grossed out, etc.). I had been on the IUD with no pregnancies and no complications. I was indeed pregnant and had the IUD removed when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I delivered a healthy baby girl. She is now almost 2 years old (and a feisty little stinker too!!). So yes, you can most certainly be pregnant!!! My little girl (among other women and their children who were conceived while using an IUD) is proof! :)


ashleyann23 - September 12

has anyone ever had a negative blood test, but ended up being pregnant? i think i may have had the blood test done too early. still feeling pregnant after neg blood test result. have had the copper iud for almost 2 years now.


ajmars1 - October 16

Wait, so taking the preg tests saying "not pregnant" means I can still be pregnant?! I have the abdominal pains described here and missed my period by 10 days.  But I'm not nauseous like I was with our first (and only) child. 


Dulia - September 5

Hi did you ever found out if you were pregnant? the reason I ask am in the same boat.



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