Low HCG Levels At 4 And 5 Wks Pregnant

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michelle12 - March 22

Hello everyone. I took a HPT and it was positive. I went to a clinic and it was also positive. They said that I was probably like 5 weels along, and gave me a due date of 11/17/2012, however yesterday I was not feeling good at all, i was having severe lower back pains but no bleeding and a very bad headache. I went to the ER and while in the waiting room I began spotting, then when i went in I was actually bleeding but not heavily. When they did my blood work my HCG last nite was 39 but my pregnancy test was still positive through bloodwork and urine. They told me to followup with my doctor. Can anyone help me with this please.... I would really appreciate it.


Amiya - April 2

Hi Cate, I know the post is very very old ...but please tell me what was the verdict ...I am in the exact situation my numbers have been 47,104,122,132 (in a gap of 48 hrs)and 250 (at the end of 21 dpo). the docs think its a tubal pregnancy .......... Please HELP!! Thanks, Amiya


Amiya - April 2

Hi All, My numbers are as follows 47,104,122,132 (in a gap of 48 hrs)and 250 (at the end of 21 dpo). the docs think its a tubal pregnancy/ectopic .......... Please HELP!! Is there any one who has had a positive outcome .......having those numbers Thanks, Amiya


Kate05 - June 13

Hiya all, i can relate to you all. :( I have a little boy already aged 4 and had a really bad labour with him, after 4 year of think I couldn't possibly go though that again, emotionally and pyshicaly. I starting thing I really would like another one, so 8months of trying we had success but miscarried at 4 weeks in march this year. I am now 5 weeks pregnant again but when I had my hormone levels done at the start of the week they were only 113 48 hours later they had gone up to 220. Nurse said everything looked alright but wherecstill lower then normal. I feel like I'm just waiting to miscarry again. I'm not bleeding or in any pain, confused! Can some one please give me some advise. X


miss mills - August 20

i recently took a pregnancy test with my doctor and it turned out positive but the second line was faint so she took my bloods and got the results today... but all they said to me was they wanted another wee sample... what does this mean... please help ??


aprilbax - October 3

i took an hpt and it came back faint positive i had been having light brown spotting and no cramps for four days i went to the hospital and the urine test was negative but my hcg level was at a thirty i would only be about three weeks could my urine have just been diluted at the time they gave me one and i still be pregnant i go tomorrow for another hcg test


lowhcgmom - October 4

Hello All - I am new to this forum. 32 years old. I have old 4 yr boy. Been trying for the second one. March 2012 had my first miscarriage. The Dr. warned me about the low HCG levels. It was in 200s in the 4th week. Did not increase significantly. Lost it in the 7 week. Now I am pregnant again. LMP was Aug 27. I am known to ovulate later in the cycle.On Oct 2 ( 5 weeks), my HCG is 320. Not much of pregnancy symptoms. Really concerned now. My Dr. doesn't seem to be concerned. She wants to go for another test next week, to see if the #s increase. Anybody have a similar experience?


angemid - October 8

Hey guys im new to this forum really need advice. My last period was 22.08.12 so i currently should be 6w5days started spotting last tuedsay so called the EPU as i have had 2 previous miscarriages. It was to early to scan so they tested my hgc levels they have been 140,260,410,670 as of today im so scared!! they are not happy with the last and the continued spotting but i've had none today and it has only been mild. They wont scan me till monday now a whole 7 days to wait!!!Am i going to lose this baby? They think i have ovulated late also and i am not as far on as i think i am. Is there any hope??


kasiaru - October 9

Hi Ladies. My healthy little boy just turned one and I found out a couple weeks prior that I am pregnant via hpt test. My last period was Aug 20, 2012 and according to my ovulation strip, I ovulated somewhere around Sept 7-8th. My first pregnancy test came up positive on Sept 20th with a very faint line. Been taking daily tests ever since and the line is getting darker, but very slowly. My first hcg blood test was taken on Tuesday Sept 25th. hcg came back LOW at 28. That friday another was done and only went up to 48. Ever since then i have gone pretty much every other day for blood test and the numbers were 94, 156, 206, & yesterdays was 282. According to my calculations and I'm 99.9% certain of them, I should be 7wk 1d today. I was tired of getting no information from my doctors and hounding them everyday for my numbers, so I went to a prior doctor today who did an ultrasound on the spot and more blood work. The outlook is looking very grim. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound...no trace of anything anywhere. I finally got some answers though. My doctor basically told me that if I'm certain of all my dates, then they cannot tell me with 100% certainty, but most likely I will either miscarry or I may have an ectopic pregnancy. I have been so upset over the last couple days because I've basically been kept in the dark by my other doctor, but I've also been expecting the worst from all the things I've been reading online. I haven't really told anyone about my pregnancy besides my husband and a handful of people because I have been hoping for a concrete answer from a doctor, and up until today, I still had a smidget of hope that somehow a miracle would appear on that ultrasound screen. I have felt so alone through out this process and mostly really angry at the lack of compa__sion by the nurses and doctors who have told me nothing! They have displayed no sense of urgency in getting my results to me and I am just sitting here alone, playing the waiting game all by myself. My husband tries to be supportive but he feels helpless and I really don't even know if there is anything he could do or say to make matters any better. I guess I'm just looking to vent and also share my sympathy with those who are going through the same thing. The last thing I wanted to say was, if you are not happy with the answers (or lack of answers) you are getting from your medical professionals, then find someone else!! You have to be an advocate for your own health. I used to feel like I was bothering my doctors by calling them and badgering them about my numbers, but I don't feel bad about that anymore. They obviously have had no consideration for my feelings during this extremely fragile time, and so why should I care about theirs? I sought a second opinion and am finally getting the answers I need to make decisions for what is coming next. Thanks for listening and I wish all of you the best of luck.


angemid - October 10

Hey, sounds like your in a similar boat to myself!!!They wont do a scan yet because they know its too early to see anything they said by monday they should start to see something. My last pregnancy ended at 8 weeks, when they scanned me they said they baby was 6 weeks in size with a very slow heart beat. I had to go a week later as they were unsure but the heart had stopped beating all together. I just feel that the baby is growing but fading out now. I too should be at 7 weeks today but they think i have ovulated later i think so too. If i had gone for bloods today and it had more or less doubled it would put me at the 6 week stage' I have been fine for the last 2 days no bleeding and this is definitely different to last time as i only had one spot of blood and i have had this for about 5 days, i also had a slight bleed which i thought was my period the day before it was due!!! So completely different from the last 2 pregnancy's. I have felt slightly nauseous after lunch today and very tired so i have got symptoms but monday will be the day i find out for sure. I'm scared but feel stronger this time knowing if this goes wrong they will investigate as it would be the third time. Hope you are feeling ok stay strong your dates could be out mine are im sure.


demi - November 22

I took two hot tests on November 15 and they both came back positive went to a health clinique to do a pregnancy test on Monday the 19 and it came back negative so I took three more test that evening and they all came back positive and a lot darker then the first two and yesterday I had a sharp pain and started spotting I guess and went to the er they tested my hcg levels and I'm supposed to be 5wks and my hcg levels wer 51 indicateing I'm only a week so I was told I'm haveing a threatened miscarriage I get have to get my hcg levels tested again tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous oh and today I had dark brown discharge throughout the day and it has gotten a lot lighter so I could go for some advice plz


bon1980 - April 19

Hi everyone. I've been doing research myself for low hcg levels during my pregnancy. I just found out 2 weeks ago I was pregnant. Not yet sure how far along I am. Thinking around 6 or 7 weeks now. My periods have been erregular for a while now but had my last one the end of February. I have 2 children now which I had no problems during my pregnancy. Really had no idea what my dr was talking about when he said my levels were low. I had blood tests done last Tuesday and again Thursday. The levels have risen but only by about 50%. Have more blood work on Monday. He never told me what my levels were but I will find out Monday now that I know a little more about this. Wasn't satisfied with the whole waiting thing as my Dr said he thinks I had a miscarriage so I went to another hospital and she used the fetal doppler and there was a heartbeat. I was so released that I knew there was still a baby there. She told me my hormone level was at 24000. Is that bad for 6 or 7 weeks ?


amberlingle - April 20

Hi everyone I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant and two weeks ago i had major cramping so i went to the hospital they did an ultra sound according to the ultra sound i was 5 weeks along and i knew i was 7. So the Dr told me my blood levels showed i was 7 weeks and since both tests showed different results they told it might be a miscarriage. I had to go see my Dr the next week they did a blood test and my number was 110 and she said it dropped since my visit from the hospital she said i should be having a miscarriage this week.. All I've been having is cramps and i haven't been hungry at all.. I go back in on Monday an we will do an ultra sound but she said they will either give me a pill to have the miscarriage or do a D&C. I'm praying the Dr is wrong but I'm prepared for the rest. Anyone else go through something like this..


vannfe - March 24

I know this is an old blog, but since it came up for me, I'm sure it'll come up for others. My daughter, who is now 12 years old, gave me an HCG of only 108 (no you did not misread that) when I was 8 weeks pregnant. They thought I was losing her, obviously not, but they were able to get her very strong heartbeat on an internal ultrasound at that time. I had blood tests every other day for 2 weeks and they hospitalized me for the first 3 days, testing it daily, to ensure that it was increasing. It did. But at 10 weeks it was still really low, but they then went to weekly blood tests. I have since had 2 early miscarriages, none of which ever tested positive on blood or urine, and another at 4 mos, also never tested positive for that one either. I am now pregnant again, 1 month, and do not even bother with urine tests anymore. Just got blood back and it was negative, however I have every symptom in the book and I know I'm pregnant (the biggest being that my b___sts have grown in the last 2 weeks from 36DDD to a 42G and omg do they hurt! But then smells, nausea, fatigue, headaches, no period, I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but will remember when I have it again ;0) ). My boyfriend knows I'm pregnant, even my critters know I'm pregnant (cat won't lay on my stomach anymore, dogs won't leave my side and growl at strangers, my horses are strangely more gentle with me refusing to do more than jog with me on them and then still being really careful). My critters did the same thing when I was pregnant with my daughter and all the others. However, I did not have all of the pregnancy symptoms I do now. In the others I was seen by my Dr and she told me I was pregnant by seeing a closed and purple cervix. With the 4 mo pregnancy, I had actually grown quite a bit in the belly just like with my daughter, maybe it was 5 mos, it's been several years since then. Anyway, my point is, not each pregnancy is the same and the blood/urine tests are NOT always dependable. And there is a reason they call it practicing medicine, the doctors don't know everything…although they can be rather arrogant at times (and I have a couple in the family). Don't be afraid to try again and it's okay to prepare for the worst, but expect the best! Our mind and soul have so much power.


nasihafazi - March 10

I had my period feb20,1st 2 day its brown colour,after 23vay il it's red colour,mensus come 7am.then March 7 again i had period but it's brown colour,I checked my urine,its positive I am pregnant, I take ultrasound scanning, nothing see it.dr said check blood for hormone level,I tested hormone is 153,Dr said after 4day again check my blood for knowing hormone level?can I healthy pregnant??


Shy718 - April 13

Hi all (today is 4.13.15). I went to the doctors this morning. I am currently 5 weeks as of today and my HCG is 921 (not sure about any other counts as this *all is new to me). I know this is low as I have researched the levels and the doctor wants me to come in on Friday morning. We did a transvaginal ultrasound today and the doctor thinks he saw a sac (but I also have cysts on my ovaries and small fibroids). I have had semi-sever cramping and back aches but no bleedings. I am prepared for whatever happens but praying everything is okay. Thanks to all the posters on this forum.



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