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Beckie - October 23

I've had the MIrena IUD for almost 2 years (will be in January) and I've read most of the posts referring to "IUD Pregnancys". A couple of months ago my period went from normal to abnormal (as I would start around the 6th of every month, now it is anywhere from the 25th to the 10th) within the past week I've noticed a metallic taste in my mouth, sensitive br___ts, increase in appet_te, and extreme tiredness. I know these are signs of pregnancy but I am scared to take a test...advice?


Vivian - October 23

Well, I am trying to get opinions like you. I have been on the IUD for six months, and only got my period the first month. I pretty much got the signs you have, and 2 weeks ago had mild cramping w/a light bloody discharge. I too, am afraid to take the test. I'm on the Mirena to prevent pregnancy, and from what I have read on this site, apparently the risks of getting pregnant are higher.


Beckie - October 23

Vivian, Apparantly so! Well I guess I'll soon find out...if I don't get it this month then I'll take a test....maybe. (I already have one child-she'll be 2 in November- and I have a neice on the way within the next two weeks. I love babies but I got my new neice and now's not the right time for one. Well let me know if you hear more.


robin02 - July 29

i have been noticing the same problem. i have had my mirena since march 20th, after having a d&c in feb w/ misc. since the initial spotting with mirena after the frist month i haven't had a period, excpet for a spot here or a spot there. so i have no way to guess on periods. i have 2 young girls who are only 10 minths apart...so this is scaring me to a point, i am not ready after what just happened to us. yesterday is when i started to really notice the metal taste. yesterday with ice cream and then a little all day today and it became horrific when my husband made me a root beer float, i thought it was an iron float. the taste is still haunting me and i can't get rid of it by any means. i also was severly sick to my stomach, tender b___sts, and SUPER tired..... please someone with help me!in the past i have been paranoid b/c for the first time in my life i dont get a period, and everytime i don't i get scared. what to do???????? Robin


ettenna - August 4

I havent' felt the metalic taste but the food is not tasting the same. Yesturday i felt bad pressure on my v____a like i had to push. When i pushed a little blood came out. I was suppose to get my period this week and i didn't . What is wrong with me?


lilocsprings - May 29

I have been on the mirena for 2 years, soon 3 and I have not had my period for over a year. Its great!


maggie - December 22

Well I too have had mirena for a year now...and I had all the same signs of pregnancy...but I tested...come to find out that they came up positive after a couple of times and I had a blood test done to make sure and it was negetive...so to be honest I have no clue what the hell is going on with these things!!! Im starting to think that these are just the side effects of this or it seems to just be aborting pregnancy early on...Im kind of getting worried about the toll that this is taking on my body as the rest of yours!!!!


Amy - July 27

I had my baby a little over 7 months ago at the end of November and had mirena put in at my 6 week check up at the end of January. I was on my period on and off, (mostly on) up until about a month and a half ago. So now it has been almost 6 months I've had the Mirena and I have had spotting here and there, but for the most part I don't have a period. I am starting to wonder also if the symptoms we are all having (because I have them too....tired, frequent urination some months, and the metallic taste in my mouth) If these are just side effects. It seems like this month the symptoms are more severe and I've been kind of wishy washy and more sensitive than usual. I guess the only thing to do is go to the doctor to ease our minds. I start to feel so tense and anxious when I get the symptoms because I obviously got the Mirena so I wouldn't get pregnant. And I don't want to go buy a pregnancy test everytime these things happen. So maybe it's not a bad idea to go to the doctor every 6 months or so to get them to check and make sure the Mirena is in place and everything. That's what I'm going to do, but I'm really glad other women are having the same problem as me. Mirena is great as far as not having a period and not (supposed to) having to worry, but it is scary when you don't have a period simply because it makes me doubt the Mirena, even though it works.


Lillie - October 10

I've had the Mirena since 2006....But lately Ive been feeling very tired...hungry, gaining weight And from what I 've heard on here... Im terrified I might just be pregnant. I have three and decided to go with mirena just in case I wanted another one way in the future, But as of right now im done with kids. My gosh I never thought I would think about a pregnancy test or these symptoms with this.


Johanna1308 - October 23

I have had the mirena in for 10months... and last 3months have had an insatiable appet_te, Breasts are really sore,ive had Weight Gain 49kgs-55kgs, EXTREME tiredness, Urinary Frequency almost unholdable... UTI'S severely - My Cravings are almost unbearable... I have a small perioud only 3 or 4 times in 10 months but lately its more like a discharge.. I Have a 2 yr old and want another Baby but Unfortunately my new Husband is not able to have healthy Babies Due to a gene he carries and i am terrified if i am pregnant i will not only not be time secure enough for it... that with the Mirena hormones Plus His defective Gene It will not be a healthy Baby... And i think its concerning that so many of us are experiencing these symptoms... has anyone done a test Yet?


fromrussianwith love - October 27

hunny i'm also scared i had my son 4 months ago 2 months ago had mirena put in and i bled the whole time up to 5 days ago my hubby and i use the opportunity and another time couple days ago now i know i'm having cravings and having some belly pains i dont even remember why i thought i was prego first time i know i just felt weird as i do now but i'm scared to take the test i mean i'm only 4 months after i talked to a lady she had a baby 6 months ago and had mirena put in 2 months ago and now she is prego with twins 7 weeks


taylorleann - November 3

i need an opinion. i got the mirena 2 months ago & i was bleeding n now it has SLOWED down ALOT! i have recently had twins 4 months ago and i am now having abdominal tenderness n my breats have been tender i am starting to eat more and CRAVE fries i need a opinion some please HELP ME!


luckynmbrseven - November 4

Okay I am so darn confused. I have read forum after forum to research this mirena. I had the mirena placed July 23rd, 6 weeks after my son was born. I had a period for maybe two to 3 weeks after having it placed and I was also b___stfeeding. I had s_x like 2 month ago. well a month after having s_x I started getting migraines real bad, nausea and increased fatigue. I also am irritable. I took like 3 pregnancy tests within 1 1/2 weeks and all negative. I never went in for my follow up visit after mirena was placed. Now I am very tired, nauseas, headaches, dizziness and always hungry. I cant skip a meal or my stomache will let me know. the only time I felt this way is when I was pregnant. I have not gone back to the dr's or taken another pregnancy test. (last test I took was 3 or 4 weeks ago i think) It sounds like the mirena has a lot of symptoms of pregnancy. I do not feel my self and I think I am going to have it removed sooner than later. my question is has anyone you know or on here taken a pregnancy test while on mirena and got a false pregnancy test? I am tired of spending the money and looking dumb when I buy it over nad over again at the drugstore. I dont want my dr to think I am nuts either. Please let me know what you think.


luckynmbrseven - November 4

oh yeah I also read on the mirena website that if you are pregnant mirena will not give you a false negative. not sure what to believe.


Kelly3 - November 9

I, like the rest of you, love not having a period. But i am also scared that i will get pregnant and not realize it. I have only had the mirena a little over 3 months now but my periods are mostly a day or two long and its very light. I started having the metalic taste about 3 weeks in and nothing tastes right. I was scared to even get the mirena because my best friends fell out. she had hers for 7 months and because her uterus wasnt fully closed, it dislodged and came out while she was in the tub. now shes pregnant again! I am scared to death mine is going to fall out too and i dont know about it. How do i stop worrying and ease the temptation of buying pregnancy tests and running to the doctor every month


proudmommyof3 - November 13

WOW I have questions too, I have had the Mirena IUD in since March 07 & I have loved it until now...I am getting worried that I might be pregnant as well. I am having some of the signs & I am just not sure. I took a 3rd pg test today & it was neg. but the signs & symptoms are still there... Montgomery's Tubercles, Tender, swollen b___sts, fatigue Implantation bleeding (possibly I don't know) Nausea or vomiting Increased sensitivity to odors ( a little but not to bad) Abdominal bloating Frequent urination A missed period ( late for sure) last 2 days nothing but when I wipe it is pink, VERY light pink...any clue? I have started reading a lot & I didn't realize that pregnancy was happening to so many people while being on Mirena I thought it was effective & now I am not so sure.


Krista - November 16

This is CRAZY..I started this diet called the HCG diet and its a fertility drug to help loose weight..well i'm on mirena. I have been on it for about 3 months now and have been on the diet for a month. I stopped injecting myself with hcg because i've been throwing up stomach acid in the morning same as I did when I was pregnat...not to mention I have a 4 month old daughter. I'm worried I might be pregnant..plus on top of it i've been talking fertility drugs for weight loss now i'm worried i'm pregnant with more than just one baby! I want more kids just not right now. My husband is leaving for Iraq in about 3 months and with our daughter I have now plus more babies if i'm preg I wouldnt be able to do it, I'm taking a test tomorrow but have a feeling its gonna be neg. I'm thinking all these symptoms we are having is just how mirena works..either that or we're all pregnant! Still i'm nervous I havent felt like this since I was pregnant :(



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