Mirena Pregnancy

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ChrissyP - April 23

I am loving this forum and all you amazing ladies out there sharing your stories so others can find comfort in their situation. Good on you. I have had a mirena for just over 4 years now. I just had a feeling like it was fading off and the strings were caught up so I scheduled to have a swap over. So that all went fine I thought till I got a call from my gynae who said he actually didn't take the old one out and just put a new one in. I was devestated to say the least and with every pinch of pain my mind just flooded with visions of how horrible it is to have two inside me. So apparently its fine (not sure if that was him trying to cover himself) and Im going back in tomorrow to have both taken out and another new one put in. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before or does anyone know of any potetial side affects of having two in there? Im so used to not having periods and cramps that all this is a bit overwhelming. I know its only been a week but im very protective and cautious of my body (as we all are) and want to make sure I know everything I can :) Thanks


kallieann1225 - May 3

I have a questions this is my second time having the mirena. My daughter turned 6 in December I got it with my 6 week checkup for her. I had it taken out almost 2 years ago because we decided it was time to have another one. When I had it with my daughter I had no periods at all no probs. Now my son turned 1 in March. I got it put in at my 6 week with him. I have had periods just about every month but I also get for some reason a yeast infection right after the period everymonth never fails however in April I had no yeast infection or period I'm really scared to take a test. If I do and its positive what do I do I have no insurance right now. Do I go to the hospital what do I do any suggestions would be nice.


gramsscarred - October 16

Ladies You need to go to the doc. My ganddaughter IS pregnant and she got that way on mirena. shes 8-9 weeks and just went to emergency for bleeding. shes on bedrest and may lose it!


KaylaB - October 17

I have had Mirena for almost 2 years now. Here in the last month I have experienced weight gain, sensitive b___sts, and I noticed that I am eating a lot. I currently have 2 boys and I do want another child but I don't want to get pregnant on the mirena. Going to try to get to the doctor soon but I work 7 days a week and don't get off until 5pm. I don't know what I should do.


j101001 - December 26

Well like all of you, I have the mirena and i feel like pregnant. It'll be 5 years in march since i've had it put in and for pretty much all of the 5 years i've had pregnancy symptoms through out. Mostly it would just be insane nausea/moodiness symptoms with the occasional sore b___sts. I stopped having a period i believe it was a year after having it inserted. Sometimes i get the occasional spotting but very rarely and it usually lasts a day, at the most. However, for the last 2 weeks or so i have a lot more intense symptoms: that weird empty/nausea feeling, very sore b___sts, constant hunger. Last night i was literally up all night sick to my stomach and unable to sleep because everytime i would lie down i would feel like i was going to be sick. And I am peeing like a race horse. I find it impossible to know what my body is doing since i've stopped having a period. Is this just the usual false pregnancy symptom, or what? Anyone else have Mirena inserted for 5 years or more? Would love to hear your experience.



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