PCOS And Pregnant

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Jessica - August 2

Hi Lisa, I was also dx with PCOS last year and my doctor told me I would have a very slim chance in becoming pregnant. And I am 10wks now. I 27 years old. And I do have a child already. But sometimes doctors don't know alot of things especially with pcos. I was on the pill and I got pregnant. Hang in there.


tina - August 3

hey just be careful in the second trimester it took me 6 years to concive no meds but i did i carried her to 20 wweks and lost her 3 months later i was pregnant again everything was fine 4 months later i lost her just found out now i have pcos and they think thats why make surethey take your blood every two weeks os so for any imbalance good luck everyone


Sanna - August 10

I just wanted to say that how wonderful that u r pregnant. I have PCO and been trying for years.


holly - August 18

i also have pcos got pregnant two time first time water broke at 20 weeks second time water broke at 16 so im wondering if anyone knows the odds of haveing full tem baby with no meds and tina did tou get preg using any meds ? are they sayinf its a luteal phase defect thats what im checking now and did they say if they keep checking your hormone level if it goes down is there anything they can do? sorry for all the questions but its so hard to find someone that has had two secondtrimester losses to tal;k to


Amanda - August 24

I have PCOS and have successfully conceived with the help of Metaformin and Gonal-F. I'm approaching my 11 week and scared to death losing the baby. My OB took me off the Progesterone Suppositories at 8 weeks. What are my chances of losing the baby this far long? Also will my delivery be a C-section because of the PCOS? Thanks in advance. ajjb1020@aol.com


Evy - August 24

Amanda, Pcos does not affect how the baby is born. I have PCOS and apparently will deliver v____ally. I too got pregnant with the help of metmorfin. I never got my progesterone levels checked and now I am at a healthy 15 weeks. I think the doc. did not bother with me because everything seemed normal from the beginning (hcg levels, ultrasound at 7 weeks.) If the doc says things look good please trust her. If you have made it to 11 weeks and have seen or heard the heartbeat you are totally producing the right hormones and will be fine. Have a happy pregnancy!


Amanda - August 24

Evy-Thanks so much for your reply! It gives me hope. My husband (& his buddies) keeps telling me to stay off the internet, but it helps to know there is support out there and others who are going through the same emotions. Thanks again! Good luck to all! Keep on glowing!


Evy - August 24

amanda, I just sent you an e-mail, so if you get one without a subject heading (i forgot) from a yahoo account, it is mine.


birdiewebb - November 11

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am 24 years old and have gone through a miscarriage. I was so upset. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with PCOS, RH Negative Factor, and insulin resistance. My husband and I tried for two and a half years to get pregnant. In 2005 we had success. I carried 3 1/2 months and lost the baby. Completely devastated, my husband and I stopped trying. We want more than anything to have a child but because of insurance, we cannot to Clomid. Is there any other way to get pregnant with these conditions? I was told that taking birth control actually harmed my chances of getting pregnant because of how low my counts were. We are at almost three years now from losing our first child.


jen327 - November 11

I am sorry for your earlier loss. My husband and I tried for years to get pregnant, and gave up. I went on Metformin for the PCOS, and it was a new doctor. She said I should start birth control or I might get pregnant. As shocked as I was DH and I discussed if we wanted to try and bamm three months later we got pregnant. I devivered a healthy baby 3 monts ago. However, I did get GD and had to eat healthy. Because of the GD he was in the NICU for 2 weeks with RDS. Good Luck!


hondrcrgirl - January 14

i just learned i was pregnant with twins and i have pcos. that same day i found out i went to the hospital for bleeding and pain. that was caused by what the doctors called a threatened miscarriage. i really want these babies. does anyone think i will be ok?


malaysian - February 19

i do have pcos too... for 1 year i had diane35. then no changes on my mens.. doctor change my treatment to duphaston 10 mg and now almost a year... im going to get married end of this 2009... so worried if i will be that hard to get pregnant.. all sisters, plz put me some advices... n tips for me to easily get pregnant as i wish so to have my own kids..... huhuh thanks so much


evonnedr - April 1

After 2 Miscarriages, I learned the hard way. But You MUST~~ stay on Your Metformin for at least the first 12 weeks, to prevent~ Miscarriage. Once my Dr. made me stay on the Meds, the Pregnancy took!! And well,,,6 Children later. I still have PCOS but refused~ to let it take Control of my life!! I am also Over weight & I am 35yrs old, and pregnant with my 6 child. My others I took clomid, but w/ this baby all I did was up my dose to 1650 and apprently that was enough to get me pregnant, w/out fertility drugs!!! I was shocked~ to find out I was pregnant, when I was'nt even trying!!! Before I had always only took 500 to 850 mg.to make me have periods. So this pregnancy is proof,,that you CAN~ get pregnant, just by being on Metformin!!!


estephania2182 - June 3

I was diagnosed with PCOS and with my first baby I got pregnant after two rounds of clomid/metformin. My son is now a year old and in April I found out I am pregnant again. With this pregnancy I did not use fertility meds. It just happened naturally. I truly believe that once you have your first child, it becomes so much easier to have more children naturally because you aren't constantly thinking about how badly you want a child when you already have one. So yes, you can definitely get pregnant without meds!!


crazymonkey - June 14

I need to know how successful clomid is, if anyone can help. Thanks


PCOS83 - July 11

I have PCOS and got pregnant right away after treatment of birth control for 2 years. Then I suffered 3 m/c after trying with Clomid. Finally, I began the Metformin and without the use of Clomid I got pregnant about 12 weeks after starting the meds. I am now 6 weeks along and continue to take it. I know it is stressful but you can get pregnant with PCOS, you just have to have everything balanced just right and find what works for your body!



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