PCOS And Pregnant

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PCOS83 - July 11

I have PCOS and got pregnant right away after treatment of birth control for 2 years. Then I suffered 3 m/c after trying with Clomid. Finally, I began the Metformin and without the use of Clomid I got pregnant about 12 weeks after starting the meds. I am now 6 weeks along and continue to take it. I know it is stressful but you can get pregnant with PCOS, you just have to have everything balanced just right and find what works for your body!


PCOS83 - July 11

Sorry, I meant to say this will be my 2nd child. The 1st pregnancy just off birth control was successful and I have a 16 month old DD. After she was born is when I started suffering all the m/c and trouble getting pregnant again b/c my hormones were all out of control again.


lauren p - September 2

i had pcos treatment after trying 4 a baby 4 2years started on met metformin which didnt agree with me stop taking it 2mouth later i woz pregnant but then i lost my baby boy at 24weks even tho i had a history of problems i didnt have consultant care which i feel i should of i never had gastro diabeties test done they never checked my progesterone levals and i felt unwel through my hole pregnancy


jsnchz - September 14

hi, i am married for a 1 year anf 8 months, been diagnosed of pcos for 6 years already, been going back and forth to my ob for series of check ups. recently, my ob was about to give me fertility pills since we are dying to have a baby. your stories lifted my spirit and gain a glimpse of hope that i can be pregnant in the future (hope sooner). I just want to ask, if you can recommend an endo to me? im so desperate to get pregnant. im 26 years old already. thanks a lot!


ginad - October 25

hello, I have been diagnosed with PCOS, and had a succesful pregnancy. Im trying for baby #2. Are there safe fertility drugs such as clomid that I can buy online? I see the ads, but Im hesitant


braiden09 - October 28

ok this is my story, back in june 2009 i missed my period and thought i was pregnant , and several hpt and several blood test showed i was not,but i was gaining alot of weight! and i mean like 30 pounds in 2 1/2 months! i felt icky all the time, so i insisted they did a ultra sound cause in my head i still thought i was pregnant so finally in september 2009 almost 5 months later still no period they did a ultra sound and it showed cyst on my overys and said i have pcos, my husband and i already have one son but we are trying for another baby...if any one could please give me son info on pcos and getting pregnant , they started me on metformin today, they said it would help with weigh loss and a few other issues that pcos brings...is this true that it will help with weight??? cause i do wish my body was back to normal ..please any info would be great


lauren p - November 14

hi im 26 aswel an married i can t really advise u on wot to take but im bak on metformin an on a low gi diet which is really helping and taking regular exercise im going to hosp next week an hopfully be put on clomid fingers crossed howz things going 4 u


braiden09 - January 2

hey ladys! so i posted before that they told me i have pcos back in july, and i have not had a period since april of 2009,and they had told me i was un able to conceive with out the fert_tly drugs, so we thought well if im not fertile that why use prtection! well last week i found out im prego, and i didnt have to be on fert_tly drugs,they put me on metformin about 3 months ago and here i am prego lol we are very happy! we find out how far along and my due date on monday the 11th,


thilly - February 6

hi ladies , i am new to this post.i just strated to take clomid after a year of trying and 1 miscarriage.i took clomid cd2-6 started 26th jan. i am still not ovulated its day 14 now. any advice or comments please.............?


dreamy2433 - February 25

hi everyone I wanted to invite you all to check out chatterscene dot com they have a great pregnancy and due date area for mommies to chat in:)


mekadee - February 28

hi i am not pregnant but i have had 25 miscarriages and just been dx with pcos i am currently taking metformin before trying to concieve again due to insulin resistance i am now in glucose impaired state... good luck on pregnancy


Tari - March 1

sorry for so mant loss mekadee I dont think I could go on with all that I felt bad enought when my best friend miscarriaged a few weeks ago. I didnt have my period for 3 months so my now husband and I were like oh c___p mayb Im pregs(I did want one back then but I didnt think I was ready) so we went 2 the dr came back as negitive so they sent me for scans and yes I had PCOS they put me on meds for a while but they made me feel worse so I stoped taking them I went on the wii fit and changed my habbits(more walking betta foods ect ect) and last time I went 2 my Ob I was virtury clear he said so thats awsome so now we are trying again still hard cos I do still have the problem but just not as bad, oh n I did gain weight also like alot I was about 69kg and went up to 90kgs at one stage maybe more, now Im down to 80kgs and making my way back 2 my 69 or smller and very fast I find if I Excersie every day I loose it really really fast


RachaelRios - March 4

i had just found out i am 3 weeks pregnant...finally! i dont know whether i should be happy or terrified for the fact that my chances of miscarriaging are high. i am extremley confused because this is my first pregnancy and ive been taking fertility blend and metformin for the past few months now. i am scared if i stop the fertility blend,my hormones will go outta wak again thus causing a miscarriage. does anyone have any advice????


evonnedr - March 4

The BEST advice I could possibly give You is to MAKE sure to Stay on the Metformin until you are at least 12 weeks pregnant. I did not do this with one of my pregnancys and had a miscarriage!! With my next pregnancy I stayed on the Metformin for 12 weeks and had a beautiful healthy baby!!! And well 6 babies later,,,from taking clomid & Metformin I am over joyed to encourage everyone that there IS hope!! After 10 years of greif and not being able to get pregnant!!! It was the most awesome thing ever, when I found the Slution to FIX my body long enough to at least get pregnant!!! :0D So my best advice is to stay on the Metformin for 12 weeks and take your Vitamins!! Be Blessd, Yvonne


lj0127 - July 21

I am 16 and it's possible I might be pregnant... I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year and a half ago and was put on birth control pill then. I was taken off of it because it made me sick. Without the pill I get my period about every three months. It's been about two months, but I don't know when I would get my period again. How long should I wait before taking a pregnancy test (I would have gotten pregnant about two weeks ago)?


suzanna - September 12

I am 30 and was dx three years ago with PCOS and started the drugs. They made me so moody that I stoped taking them. I had a child when I was 22 and never thought I would have another since I had PCOS. I started 6 months ago working out and doing lots of cardio and eating a low fat, low carb, high protein diet and lost 20 lbs. My periods started becoming normal again and my acne was better (only broke out right before a period, like before). I just found out I'm pregnant. There is hope for someone like us to get pregnant with this. You have to work really hard and just relax. Good luck!



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