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Joker - February 13



sasha777 - February 13

Hi Joker. Thanks for your response and thanks for starting this new thread for all of us who have been here and those who will be brand new. I hear you when you say..."If I hear about one more person getting pregnant..." My husband and I just came in from going out for dinner and it was "kids night" - .99 for kids to eat. There were all these beautiful babies and toddlers and kids and I just couldn't stop staring and smiling and wishing... Joker, I know in my heart that you and I and many others are going to have our wishes come true soon! We have plans - you're going to get even more aggressive with your baby plans and I just had my ultrasound yesterday. Knowledge is power. I am sure that Ms. Monet and others were once in our shoes wondering... and now look where they are today-with beautiful, healthy babies in their arms. I am so grateful I have this thread to turn to. All of my friends know I'm trying to get pregnant and I hate having to tell them again and again, "No not yet." With this thread, it seems like I can talk about everything openly and honestly. Thanks! Have a great evening Joker and everyone else! Sasha~


angelkitty - February 13

Thanks for starting the new thread Joker!! I do understand your feelings about how easy it is for others to get pregnant. My favorite line is "we do not know how this happened - we are totally surprised." UGH!!!! For the two years I tried to get pregnant I had several friends and my sister get pregnant. I was happy for them but sad for me. I had an early m/c the 1st time I got pregnant but the 2nd time it was b/c of my fibroids. When my doc told me he took out 12 I was amazed. He had to leave 2 b/c of their location - too much blood loss. Joker I understand angry frustrated and hopeless....I was alll of those when ttc and thenwent through those same emotions after losing 2 babies. You just kind of feel like -when does it end. Sasha I am not sure of what is the right thing to do but I would definitely consult with a RE and see what they think. My RE wants me to try as quickly as possible.


KKMS - February 14

My favorite is the friend who talks to you about her "infertility problems" after 4 months of trying. Suddenly she understands my feelings and wants to talk about it.'s been 2 years for us. Now, they get pregnant and suddenly forget "our infertility bond."


healing . . . . - February 15

Joker, I think we've all been there before. Sometimes, we just don't feel upbeat and optimistic, and that's okay. There was a time right after my miscarriage when I couldn't even look at pregnant women. I would literally divert my eyes. And my boss had a baby boy about 1 month after my baby was due. She's now back at work from maternity leave, and I see pictures of her son, and I can't help but think about my poor baby boy who couldn't make it. And now one of my closest friends is pg, and while I'm happy for her, I can't help but feel pangs of jealousy and sorrow over my situation. Our feelings are natural, and that's why this forum is such as godsend! When I'm feeling low, I know I can always come to this thread to discuss my feelings among women who understand. And then we have graduates like Melissak, hopeful, and Ms. Monet who let us know that all things are possible!!!


jasp - February 16

Hi ladies... I totaly understand how you guys feel as you all know I had 2 mc due to fibroids but you know what my best friend had a baby 3 days after my 2nd mc I had just came from the hosp for a D&C and everytime i see her baby I feel so sad in a way it has had an impact our relationship WE dont see each other as much and its my fault.The other thing is it seems like where ever I am there is a pregnant woman. I cant stand it. I know that every one of us here is going to be a great mother we actually want to be mothers we should be mothers.I sometimes feel very low but when I come to this site it is uplifting to hear other people stories and have a positive att_tude. Thank you ladies. You have helped a lot in more ways than one.


jasp - February 16

By the way I went for my Dr appt and we are cleared to start ttc in march.She didn't want to do any test yet cause she said we got pregnant on our own last time so she gaveus six months if nothing happens then she will do something about it . Well if you aks me I dont want to wait six months again I already did six months after my myo I want to get pregnant like NOW. It may sound crazy but sometimes as excited as I am to ttc sometimes I feel sad about it cause it feel like its going tobe like I am trying to replace the babies I should have had. I am so confused right now


jasp - February 16

Joker and sasha you are in my prayers


katarinak - February 16

Hi girls-I had my everything looks good and we have a plan with my Dr. to see him July 15th, he will do HSG before we can start trying in August. So much about me but that is not important, I have a long six month to go. But the reason whu I posted today is, that it breaks my heart to read your feelings, it is SA SAD and NOONE who didn't have to go through this CAN NOT understand the feelings. We all know IT IS VERY HARD sometimes, harder than we think we can carry, but EVERYTHING IS POSIBBLE, MsMonet is the best example of it. WEall will get there, NO MATTER what it takes, because we want it so much and that WILL will takes us there. Until we have our uterus, there will be nothing what can stop us on our way. There is almost always a WAY (even if it has to be IVF) and where is the WILL there is a WAY. And even thought our emotions are bringing us down sometimes (we all are womens, very emotional creations ) we have to look into future and find a power to STAND UP and KEEP GOING, just like MSMonet did. And lets face it she had way more obstacles on her way that any of us did and she MADE IT. Joker I wish I could as much as I can't to help you, other girls and myself to make it easier, but unfortunately "it is what it is" my Dr. said, and the only way I can help is to a__sure you that you WILL DO IT. THERE IS ALMOST ALWAYS A WAY. And because you helped so many souls with this thread, you know there is God up there who is watching over and he has his plan for you. YOU WILL HOLD YOUR BABY ONE DAY, I know it. I will pray for you as much as I can, I promise and for all girls who are TTC. IT WILL HAPPENED and we all will be the happiest mommys in the world. We will have our "M world" threat helping each other with everyday baby issue. I PROMISE.


Kat123 - February 18

I found it, Joker, has your doctor mention trying the GnRh agonist stimulation w/ clomid ovarian reserve test yet? The GnRh test is for a__sessing reproductive potential in women. The clomid reserve is to determine if your ovaries are able to produce quality eggs for fertilization. I just went through it and it was really easy. After I finish it - I went in - they did an ultra sound and they were able to see the activity showing they are active. I was told if they were not active than that means I probable wouldn't be able to conceive. So far so good, so we are actively trying this month. Because I got pregnant once, originally they did not test my husband, but if we don't get pregnant this month they are going to test him. Sasha, sorry to hear that your fibroids are coming back. Are you going to try fertility drugs to get pregnant faster?


sasha777 - February 18

Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind words. Has anyone heard of "The Fertility Diet?" It's a study that was put out by Harvard researchers and the Nurses Health Study which speaks to fertility and diet. I read the article in Newsweek magazine which was put out months ago and picked up the book yesterday. It has some pretty interesting things in it which speak to why some women don't get pregnant due to their diet. i.e. It says women can boost their fertility by drinking whole milk rather than skim milk as well as dropping some weight if needed. Well, I was thinking back to when I got pregnant and truth be told, I was in much better shape than I am now. I was 28 pounds lighter and we got pregnant immediately! You know I gained close to 40 pounds with the pregnancy and fibroid growth of 46 fibroids and surgery. So far, I've lost about ten pounds. Well, I was thinking and speaking to my dh and thought that perhaps we whould up the anty with our exercise program so that we both can shed some of this extra weight as well as change my diet - short term only. The book says that exercise is needed to keep the waistband from expanding and that once you're pregnant, to go back to a lighter eating plan. So, today I started eating more whole milk products - which is totally crazy to me because I'm so used to non fat, low fat, etc. products. I am also back to using a fertility monitor which I said I wouldn't use. (I promise not to stress out too much about it). My issue now though is, am I doing damage to the two fibroids I have - though small they are right now - and potential future ones, by suddenly reintroducing dairy into my diet - short term to boost ovulation and fertility? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Also, Kat123, you asked about fertility drugs...well our plan - in agreement with my ob-gyn was to try for six months. Well, this is now the beginning of month 3. My sister when hearing of my fibroids said I should perhaps go straight on to fertility treatment now rather than waiting four more months. I am so doctor said that she hopes the fibroids don't complicate a pregancy and to let her know if I have any questions. I'm seriously thinking of calling her and asking her if she thinks we should continue waiting to see if it happens naturally - three more tries after this is not that big of a deal I know - or should we move on ahead to fertility treatment? Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated girls! ;) P.S. I've been working out like crazy in the last two days! I already feel so much better! :) Sasha


Josie7 - February 18

Hi Joker, thank you so much for starting this thread, I started reading this weekend and just caught up to the end and am so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of real women. Congrats to those that have had the blessing of a baby and congrats to those who keep strong and keep on trying despite... I m/c in August 07 and had my myo on Dec 20th. Was told to wait three I am doing that. It's tough especially with your two closest friends being preg right now. I am happy yet sad and I finally feel I can talk and actually relate to someone else out there. You guys have given me so much determination over these few days. Has anyone had any problems with irregular AF after myo. Since the surgery on 12/20 I thought AF had began on 1/4 but it was only spotting then she showed up on the 1/30. I started spotting again on 2/15 and still spotting today 2/18. I am on BC and am not sure what my cycle is anymore since surgery. Is it too soon to be confused? Just wondering? I was told to stay on the BC straight for 2 months and then TTC. Just a little nervouse because not sure what my body is doing right now. BTW, I had 12 monsters removed.


katarinak - February 18

Josie7-we are on same trail, so far. I had my baby born in August at 23 weeks nad 4 days and he didn't make it and I had surgery Janury 24th. I had 2 fibroids removed and have to wait 6 month. I had my regular period already since surgery and it was normal 4 days with regular flow. Didn't have any spotting between, so I think it might be birth control pills you are taking. I am not taking any. So I believe it might make the diference.


Kat123 - February 18

Sasha, this is my decision on the matter. If I don't get pregnant by the end of March, I'm going to start the aggressive fertility treatments. I was told they would give me a strong dosage of clomid. My girlfriend had fertility issues and she got pregnant from the clomid right away. I don't want to wait too long because of the stories I'm hearing of women getting fibroids right after the surgery and I don't want to worry about that. If we don't get pregnant from taking the clomid, we decided to quit and adopt. But for now, I am not going to worry about it because it is what it is and it also doesn't do us any good to get frustrated anymore. It only hurts our body more. And Sasha, 3 more months is a long time. I know what you are going through. Thats why we said if it doesn't happen at the end of March, we are going for the treatment. We start trying this month, so we are waiting to see what happens. I will start treatment in April if nothing. I haven't heard of any diets to get pregnant. I agree its important to be healthy. Congrats on your weight loss. I'm still trying to lose my stomach. Josie7, I didn't have a period for a month after the surgery. I spotted a little and it went away. The next month, it came light, than month 3, it came back a little heavy, but nothing like prior to the surgery. It could be the birth controls.


Josie7 - February 19

Thanks so much Katarinka & Kat123 your information was very helpful to me and definitely puts my mind at ease. By the way since I am new to the Thread I am 29 and was 20 weeks when my little angel pa__sed. Have a blessed day!


Bumblebee - February 20

Josie - So sorry to hear of your loss at 20! Can I ask you all - how large were the fibroids before you / ob decided to do the myomectomy? Mine is 3cm I think and total of 3 , and ob says it is not needed. But had 1 mc and going thru 2nd mc now... and just not sure if fibroids could have been problem? Please let me know at what size is it advised to remove... Thanks


jasp - February 20

Bumblebee with my first m/c mine was about 4-5cm and my ob told me it wasn't a problem when I hd my 2 m/c I was 8wks but my uterus was as if I was 26wks. When Ihad the myo cause I refused to go on lupron causeof all the S/E it she removed 7 the bigest being the size of a melon



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