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MaternityMission - March 2

Congrats sjt23 on reaching 2 weeks and the move. lots of big changes for you very soon. New place and new baby in a few months. you must be so happy. and don't even give that little fibroid a second thought. if there's just one and its small there shouldn't be a concern. do have twinges or pains often. do your doctor's have you on a good pain management plan if needed. you mention you get monitored weekly which is fantastic. I ask only because I will be trying again later this month to get pregnant without having the surgery. i had my sonohysterogram and one fibroid is completely gone or too small to see and the other two have shrunk. I have seen 3 specialist who all think I should try again with a new plan in place i.e. lots of monitoring and pain management. The two are on the outside at the top, one in front, one in back. As happy as I am not to have surgery at the moment I am so scared to get pregnant and feel the degeneration pain if it happens again. but we have plan and I will be admitted everytime. That;s why i can understand your nerrves at the twinges and stuff. it sucks so much but I think you are doing great. btw, my new dic says that when i get pregnant again i will have a cerclage and be on bedrest for the remaining time. just imagine your baby using all the things from the shower, that will keep you going the remaining 15-17 weeks. visual imagery is poweerful stuff. well good to hear from you. i wasn't sure anyone was still posting. just know that i'm always here. Good luck with the move. by the time you settle in, your baby will soon follow.


tmelton2 - March 2

Congrats sjt23!!!! You are almost there, and I agree with MaternityMission-- allow yourself to dream, even just a little bit, about your baby boy. Glad to hear that your fibroid isn't givng you too much trouble. Our update: I made the change of OBs. I will meet with the new OB at the end of this month. She comes highly recommended, and I'm just looking forward to getting out of my previous OBs office (too many baby memories). We are also going to see an RE at the end of the month. So, I feel like we are making some moves in the right direction. If I plan to go ahead with the myo, we won't be able to get pregnant till the end of the year, I would imagine. If we don't go ahead with it, and get some good news from the OB and RE, I think I want to start trying again in late summer. I'm taking the next few months to focus on cleaning up my eating and picking up my exercise- hopefully making as healthy a body as possible for any future babies. So I will keep an eye out for good news from you sjt and MaternityMission! Praying that all goes well for the both of you...


jasp - March 25

Hi I found this forum very helpful to me about 2 1/2 years ago when I had a mc because of fibroids and ended up having a myomectomey .My whole story is on the 1st forum. My reason for writing this is just to let you ladies know that there is hope. Keep the faith.Never give up I had 3 myomectomy and we never gaveup I refused to let the fibroids rule and ruin my life so we kept trying and now I have my baby after all that we went thru. We did not do fetility drugs although that was our next step. they found more fibroids when I was pregnant but thank God they never gave me any problems. So ladies keep the faith I will keep everyboby in my prayers and remember if God brings you to it God will see you through it.Remain positive.


Hopeful73 - April 7

Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. I have read part 1 and part 2. Here is my story, I have many fibroids, and apparently my uterus is the size of a 4 month pregnancy. I am scheduled for a myomectomy at the end of the month. I was nervous until I started reading the forum. I am hopeful that pregnancy is a possibility after surgery. I forgot to add that I am in my late 30's. I plan to start trying as soon as I can. MaternityMission, I have a question, you mentioned that your fibroids are shrinking, are you taking medication? I saw a naturopath for a year followed the diet and started taking herbs and my fibroids did not budge. Than I saw an herbalist and apparently I have many degenerative fibroids, but they are still there. Currently, I am taking Chinese herbs and getting acupuncture while waiting for surgery. For all of you guys who are ttc good luck. What happened to Joker? Hope that you are doing well.


angelkitty - April 8

Hopeful73...I am in my late 30's. Just had my son in December. Had a m/c in 2007 b/c of degenerative fibroids and had the myo in 2008. I am 37. I would stay away from caffeine as well. A cup of coffee won't hurt but I used to drink the whole pot!!!!!! Just limit caffeine as much as possible. Your surgery will be a little tough but not bad at all - take gas x with you to the hospital and take gowns - not pj's!! I check this thread periodically - so hopefully I will check back soon and your surgery will have been a success and you will soon be preggers.


MaternityMission - April 8

Hi Hopeful73...I've made a lot of lifestyle changes that I believe have contributed to my fibroids shrinking. I don't advocate these for anyone but its working for me. I drasticaly changed the way I used to eat. I'm very slim but could always eat whatever I wanted and did! I ate horribly and I beleive it toxified my body. But upon doing some research and working with alternative pract_tioners I have cut out red meat (I eat chicken on occasion), all dairy, sugars and caffeine. Those foods cause a lot of toxins and build up in the body and for women we carry a lot of that in our pelvis area (along with stress and unhappiness). I meditate now, go to acupuncture and take a regime of chinese medicines given by my pract_tioner. I even did a complete mind and body detox for two weeks. Like I said, this is what is working for me. I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs and after a few months of these changes each ultrasound and a sonohysterogram showed they are smaller and smaller and one of them has gone completely (or too small to be detected), so my doctors (and I sought 4 opinions from the best in my city) have said that they would not recommend surgery which was fine by me. I think the surgery is helpful for those who need it. I made all these changes in the last 4 months and I feel great and am looking forward to my next pregnancy. At the end of the day we have to do what is best for each of us and I have no doubt that we will all reach our goals of having families one way or another. I'm in my early thirties and feel healthier than I have in a long time. So I still have two small fibroids (I originally had 3) and yes they may grow again when I get pregnant. My acupuncturist will work on controlling any growths with treatment and chinese medicines. She has had great success in the past and all I can do is be hopeful. We just started trying again this month so I'm hoping to share some good news in the cooming months.


AJ2009+ - April 30

It's been sometime since I last posted, but I thought I'd give an update. After having had an abdominal myomectomy last June, my husband and I conceived two months later. Thanks to God, our second little baby girl, was born last week, but this time she is alive and healthy (we lost one at 20+ weeks a couple years back). They induced labour 3+ weeks early, but for reasons unrelated to the myomectomy. I was also able to deliver v____ally. sjt23, how are things coming along for you? Thanking you all for your prayers & wishing you all the best in your surgeries & for future successful pregnancies, AJ2009+


sjt23 - May 2

AJ2009, Yea! Another success. I am 31 weeks along now. I am seeing these great specialists where I moved. They dont have me on any type of bedrest. I guess they feel that if I had IC it would have reared its head by now. Which leads most to believe that I lost my daughter due to the fibroids. They want to do a c-section in my 37th week. I guess because I had 10 fibroids and they cut into the muscle of my uterus I dont have a choice. I am fine with it. I just want this little boy to make here healthy. I will let everyone know what the end result is.


NinaAnn - June 14

Hello everyone. Reading your stories of success is so inspiring. I had a myomectomy feb 2009. I was told to wait six month before ttc because the doctor had to reconstruct my entire uterus. We didn't ttc until April of this year with no luck. We tried again in May. It seems this time was successful as it's been about 5 wks since my last cycle. The test came back positive so I made an appointment with my doctor. He can't see me until the end of June. ugggh. I'm scared. I pray all works out for us. AJ2009. Your story makes me smile.


sjt23 - June 15

Hi everyone, I go in tomorrow to get my c-section. I have a little boy who is already 8lbs at 37 1/2 weeks! I will let you know how it all turns out but it is looking like a success story!


tmelton2 - June 18

Hi ladies... an update on me. My husband and I have been going through test with the RE over the past couple of months. In April, I went through a whole month of tests, they weren't finding anything wrong, outside of the firbroid (which has shrunk in size and has been confirmed to be on the outside of my uterine wall). I was actually starting to get discouraged... I actually wanted to hear that something was wrong, something I could at least "fix", outside of surgery. Well, I finally got my wish. The nurse called to say my uterine lining was not where it should be during the luteal phase. I also had a infection of the cervix that may cause reoccurent miscarriage. I took progesterone supplements during the luteal phase of my next cycle, and we repeated the biopsy. This time the uterine lining was right on track. I'm still taking my antibiotics (as is my husband), and have one more week of those. Hopefully the infection is cleared up after this. We will meet with our RE next month to go over all of the tests, and make a decision about the myomectomy. My RE says I will have to have an open surgery, which is not only something I'm not crazy about, but is potentially life-threating for me in particular, as I don't accept blood transfusions. I am in my heart leaning towards no surgery, and if that is so, we will start trying again this fall. sjt23- Can't wait to hear from you soon... praying that all went well with the c-section!


NinaAnn - June 19

Hello Everyone- Update on me Today it was confirmed that I had a m/c. They also told me that several fibroids and a cyst grew back as well. I was told that they are small and I have a god chance to conceive again but I'm not sure if I'm up to this again. Going through the m/c this week was horrific as I'm sure some of you are aware of . When I read some of your post I'm amazed at how you bounced back . You all are very strong women. Tmelton2- Like you, I did not want a blood transfusion during my myomectomy. I lost alot os blood but my doctor had the ability to for lack of the correct term.. (recycle my blood) thus I wast technically transfused with my own blood. Maybe this is an option for you. I'm praying for you as well as everyone. Blessing to all.


sjt23 - June 29

Hi everyone, Just wanted everyone to know I have a healthy little boy! I had a c-section at 37 1/2 weeks so that I wouldn't go into labor. Despite being very tired we are so blessed and happy to have him in our lives. He will most likely be the only little one we have, but I am not complaining. Hang in there ladies its a tough road but it is doable. Good Luck-SJ


KB - June 29

CONGRATS sjt23!!! I'm so happy for you! :-) My little one is 10 months old already. Time flies when you're having fun! I'm wondering if any other moms have tried for baby #2? I really, REALLY want to ttc again in the next few months and that will probably be it for me if I could stretch my luck just a little and have one more blessing! ;-) I'm just nervous to find out if the fibroids have grown back and what my options may be if they have. Congrats again on your little one sjt23! You did a GREAT JOB! KB


KB - June 29

NinaAnn, I just wanted to give you some positive vibes. I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I believe that the majority of us on this forum have been where you are or have similar stories. For me I lost 2 pregnancies... at least one due to fibroids. The first was very early on 6 weeks and the second at 21 weeks. I never bounced back from either one. I actually had given up on the idea of having children of my own and was looking into adoption but I was severely depressed because I wanted to have a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthly living child. When I got pregnant this last time every waking moment of the 38 weeks of my pregnancy was filled with fear and anxiety! I have no idea how I made it through. I was afraid that I was going to mc. I was afraid that I didn't feel the baby moving. Then when the baby started moving I was afraid when I hadn't felt him move for a few hours. I was at the hospital at least once a week just to ease my mind. For me, it was all worth it. Now that I'm thinking of trying again I'm scared. I have the exact same fears and wonder if I really am up for going through that again. If my fibroids have grown back do I want to ttc with the fibroids or put myself through another surgery to be able to successfully carry to term? I'm afraid of trying again and losing another baby. It's all very scary. You are a very strong woman. I pray that you are doing well and that you're able to conceive again and carry to term if that is what you chose to do. I would bet that most moms on this forum who have finally beat the odds and carried to term would all say the same thing... the fear of trying and the fear through the pregnancy was worth it to have that little one in your life. There are still nights that I lay awake and stare at my son and cry and thank God for my baby. He is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me! Good Luck to you and all the other women ttc'ing. KB


katarinak1 - June 29

KB my little angel is 10 months old as well. I remember we delivered few weeks apart of each other. I am planning to try for #2 in September. I can feel that my body is ready for it again, I will go into it with fear, but at the same time looking soooooooo much forward it. Can't wait for another new life to grow. :-)



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