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katarinak1 - June 29

KB my little angel is 10 months old as well. I remember we delivered few weeks apart of each other. I am planning to try for #2 in September. I can feel that my body is ready for it again, I will go into it with fear, but at the same time looking soooooooo much forward it. Can't wait for another new life to grow. :-)


Fiyafly - July 14

Hello Everyone! I hope this post finds everyone in a good place. I found this site early this year (In Jan 2010) after a long afternoon which turned into a long night of me crying my eyes out. Early that day my husband and I went for our pre-op appointment for DV myomectomy only to find that the specialist decided to postpone the surgery until further notice. The specialist wanted me to take Lupron, get a hysteroctomy then after 3 months he would see if my iron had increased and if the fibroid had strunk. The problem with this is that he scheduled for this surgery in August of 2009. We could not understand why he would wait until two weeks before the surgery to drop the bomb that the surgery might not occur until April 2010 at least. We had already put many activities and plans on hold preparing for this event. We found out about the troublesome fibroid (about 5.4cm]but it was causing severe cramping, bleeding and between period pain because of location)the previous April 2009.This seemed to be a major set back. The specialist told me I had to take Lupron(which was explained to put me in an early menopause), there were no other options. Also I was told if I did not take out the fibroid I probably would not be able to conceive. In the event that I did the baby would not last full term.) I was devastated at that point. I did NOT want to take Lupron. I had never been pregnant. The sound of menopause before ever conceiving did not feel right to me. Anyhow I googled Lupron to find out possible side effects. Just as I supposed it was not a drug I wanted to take. I know not everyone experience the same side effects but the ones felt seemed horrible to me. In the process I found this site and the first thread about pregnancy after a myomectomy. Slowly the tears stopped as I read so many stories, especially Joker, Ms. Monet's,Goober, Pryncess103,Ru93, Julianne, Ms. Positive, MelissaK's, Moon and so many others who went through so much and were still strong. At that moment I decided to be greatful. I realized it could be worse. I also realized my att_tude and my actions would determine a better outcome. In the next few days I had a strong decision to make. Eventually I decided to leave my health system :( and the specialist and seek a hollistic practioner. (sorrry so long TBC)


Fiyafly - July 14

...continuing: After a few weeks of researching hollistic practices/pract_tioners and finding out there were very few trusted ones out there, I felt bummed. I knew I did not have enough money nor the insurance coverage to experiment. Also one of my childhood family friends and her husband miscarried after 6 months of pregnancy. She had fibroids and had tried the hollistic approach first. (Coincidentally she ended up seeing the specialist I left). Anyhow this was all overwhelming. I had been through so much (there's a back story about other health issues and a very stressful occupation that I am leaving out in order not to drown out the purpose of my posting here). So at that time I just gave up. I told my husband that I didnt want to see anymore doctors. I was going to pray and change my eating habits significantly. In that time frame (about 2 months) I was the least stressed that I had been in a few years. However, my husband nudge me one day reminding me that my fibroid could be getting bigger, I still had health complication a__sociated with the fibroid, and I hadn't really changed my eating habits all that much. lol So we started again. I met with a friend who I confided that I was struggling with this fibroid issue. What do ya know...she too struggled with this and had DV surgery as well. She said it went well and recommended me her specialist. This was in April 2010. We met with the new specialist. He was a great match. He said that he did not think the fibroid needed to the removed unless I was trying to conceive right away. At the time my husband had been laid off and I was seriously searching for a new job because of stress and dysfunctions at work. I told the specialist we had delayed our ttc plans once more. However, after he did testing he realized I was severely anemic. He wanted to move forward with the surgery due to that. I actually was excited, because I knew it was to come eventually. The good thing is I didnt have to take Lupron. YES! So as we scheduled and prepared for surgery I came back here reading more and more in the old thread. I was so worried during that time about getting the surgery. However, I realized times had changed a bit since the beginning of that thread and now. The type of surgeries/option varied abit favoring stronger outcomes. However, still there was that concern about something going wrong and not being able to coneceive. It was a nerve wrecking time especially since I made the decision to leave my job. It was suggested my work was adding to not so great health (I had be diagnosed with a skin disorder on top of everything else). Stress worry pray...trying not to stress and worry.... Finally this June 2010 I had my DV myomectomy and a hysteroctomy. It went well. However, my doctor did say the fibroid was deep. Therefore, I would have to have a c-section upon delivering . I really wish I was posting here along to share this journey with you all. I am now in the recovery stages. Spec said that we have to wait two periods before trying to conceive. I have had one already. There was a concern for us to conceive asap . However, hubby is back to work (thank God), but I am a housewife for now ( great for my health poor for our financial stability). I don't know if this is a good time, but we are people of faith. We are praying. We will try and in the mean time I will find ways to bring in income from home. Yet, I am still concerned about us getting pregnant after the myomectomy. I've never been pregnant before...what if? I try not to speak it. I am having faith, yet I need support from those who have been where I am and who are now in the same place. Also, I would like to give support to all especially those who are trying to decide whether to have the procedure. It is a tough decision. I plan to look around the site and post here often. I am trying to catch up with stories from this thread which seems to be from 2008 on. I am praying for all of you. I just read your story NinaAnn. Know that I am here and others are too. We are praying for you. We are having faith that you will pull through. Keep praying, hoping and seeking inspiration!


Fiyafly - July 14

As I catch up I can't help but become emotional by so many new stories and posters. It's amazing how strong everyone is. I also think about the original 2006 ladies that posted in thread 1 (and a few came over here). I know quite a few of them became pregnant and went on to deliver healthy babies. I wonder how they are doing now. Do they still post here(or if not in this thread elsewhere on the site?) Does Joker still post in this thread or in other threads on this site? Just curious while reading. Hope to talk to some of you soon.


angelkitty - August 1

Fiyafly - good for you for having the surgery!!!! I had mine in 2008 after having a m/c b/c of fibroids...and now I have a 7 1/2 month old little boy!! SJT23 - congrats on your baby - isn't it just awesome!! KB and Katarinak1 I too think I am ready to try it again. We are planning to see our reproductive endocrinologist in maybe Sept or Oct. NinaAnn - I am so sorry for your loss. I do not know what you have been feeling but I know what I went through losing 2 pregnancies - one at 7 weeks and the other at 16 weeks. Please do not give up - it will happen for you. It will.


schprintze - August 15

Hi All, I've new to this thread although I used to participate (although fairly pa__sively) on the ttc threatds. Took a break for a long while because both DH and I had been laid off and quite frankly were having a rough time (both because of lay offs and ttc). I'm happy to say that both of us are back working and started ttc again. We're back on the ttc journey and thought I'd look up my old friends on this forum. Glad I found this thread! I ready some of the history and you all are very inspiring. I hope that some of the originals (Joker, Ms Monet etc) and regular posters have been successful, and look forward to sharing experiences with you. Here is my story - I'll try to keep it short. We've been ttc for approximately 4 years, since we got married. We visited an RE about 10 months into trying. Went through the usual blood tests, sperm tests etc. They did see a couple fibroids but they were small and drs said not to worry. They also suspected endometriosis (although I don't have any symptoms) 5 rounds of IUI and one IVF round and then we got laid off (within 24 hours of each other). Needless to say we took a break (about a year and a half). I continued to see my accupuncturist who asked me if I had antibody tests. I couldn't remember. I started working again and we decided to go back to the clinic. My first question was "did we do the antibody test? The clinic's response was "we don't do those tests", I said I want them and they said "no". Their only recommendation was another IVF. Needless to say I found another clinic. We repeated all the original tests PLUS the antibody tests etc. All tests were normal. HSG showed my tubes were open (still). Fibroids were still there and hadn't gotten any bigger but they suspected that one of them, being at the fundus (tip) of the uterus was contorting my uterus. The new dr felt strongly that my issue was mechanical and recommended that we do a hysteroscopy proceedure and exploratory laproscopy to confirm and treat endometriosis. I had that on June 4 and it revealed that I had endometriosis on my uterus and on one of my tubes. A fibroid was contorting my other fallopian tube and the hysteroscopy showed that my uterus was mis-shapen as well. The dr cla__sified my tubes as blocked which means that I can get IVF subsidized (I live in Ontario, Canada). I had a myomectomy on August 6 and am recovering well. Dr. removed 4 fibroids (DH was too stressed to remember the sizes - I'll get the details this Friday). The good news was that they didn't have to cut into the lining. After the hysteroscopy they said I should do IVF because of my tubes. I'm going to ask again when I go back for follow-up on Friday. I'd love to conceive naturally - both for financial reasons and not wanting to go through the stress of fertility treatments again. Even not, the we'll begin treatments in October. I look forward to talking with you soon!


KB - September 26

Hello Ladies! I'm not sure how many of you are still checking this forum. It's been well over a month since the last post. I'm hoping that all of you are well. I won't rehash my story but just give a quick overview... I lost my son due to 3 fibroids 5 months into the pregnancy in March of 2008. I had a myomectomy to remove the fibroids a few months later. After having an HSG to open up my tubes I got pregnant again in November of 2008. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in August of 2009. I'm 34 (knocking on 35). My dr told me that if I planned on having any more children to do it within a year or so of giving birth to my son because if the fibroids grew back then who knows what would happen and he would not recommend another myomectomy to get pregnant. Ok so this morning (after a week of feeling fluish I took a pregnancy test and it came back POSITIVE! I'm so happy and scared at the same time. The pregnancy with my last son was so scary after loosing the first one. I was at the drs every week with scares and at the hospital a couple of times with preterm labor issues. I have no idea if the fibroids have grown back or not. I had initially said that I would not get pregnant again without making sure that the fibroids had not grown back first but I really didn't expect for it to happen so quickly. It took 3 years and 2 lost pregnancies (one I lost very early on at 6 weeks) for me to have a successful pregnancy so I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly. I'm thankful.. thanking God for a second chance. I hope to hear from you ladies. Besides my DH you guys are the only ones that I've told and the only ones that I plan on telling til at least a couple more months. Thanks ladies... I just wanted to tell someone and share the news since it's too early to share it with anyone else. Also I needed to share my fears of the issue with possible fibroids. I'm going to call my dr next week (I'm really too early for my dr to even see me) but I'm going to ask him to check for fibroids just to see what I'm up against. Thanks again for listening! KB


sjt23 - September 26

KB, You are going to do fantastic! At least now you have some idea what is normal pregnancy pain and what is serious. I think its good to go ahead and get it over with because the fibroids can come back. Ill bet you dont have any or if you do they are so small they wont cause any problems. You know, I had read somewhere that women who got pregnant shortly after the myomectomy had less chance of regrowth. I was scared my whole pregnancy as well so I know how you feel. Good Luck!!! SJ


KB - September 27

sjt23, Thanks very much for the words of encouragement. It appears that I spoke too soon... because I woke up this morning to spotting. The pregnancy test was crystal clear positive yesterday but I guess it just didn't stick? So far it's just spotting but I'm not even nauseous anymore like I had been all weekend and all last week so I'm not holding my breath. I guess I'll contact my dr just to have everything checked out just to be on the safe side to make sure that the fibroids are not back. I know people who've never had a miscarriage and get pregnant so easily so it just makes me wonder why some of us have such a difficult time. This will be my 3rd loss out of 4 pregnancies. I only knew for 1 day about this pregnancy so for the life of me I can't figure out why it makes me so sad. Anyway, well at least I know that we can get pregnant. I only had 2 periods (because i'm still nursing my 12 month old) so my cycle just started back 2 months ago so I guess it's a good sign that I got pregnant that quickly. We will just keep trying! Thanks again. :-) KB



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