Progesterone Dropping

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scaredmom2 - February 17

This is so late, bt hopefully someone googing will read this answer. I am 8 weeks pregnant, and my levels last week went from 11.4 the week before, to 8.2. I was so scared. I took progesterone (100mg a day v____ally) and one week later am at 22! A heartbeat was seen today and I'm SO optimistic. I appreciate everyone who posted supportive comments to all of us with questions, this was a lifesaver for me.


Morrison1 - February 18

I am 36 and just had my first m/c at 5 1/2 weeks. I went in for progesterone and hcg tests on Wednesday, and they put me on oral supplements Thursday evening, but by 2AM Thursday morning, the intense cramping and bleeding woke me up and continued through the next day. I still went in for the follow up blood tests and will talk to my Dr. again on Monday. I think, however, that there are a number of signs to look for. I found out on 2/10 that I was pregnant, but by 2/12 I had started spotting. By 2/13, I starting having dull cramping that lasted through the week. It seems like having EITHER spotting OR cramping is fairly normal during the first trimester, but if you have both, and then top it off with low progesterone counts (mine was 7 on 2/16), then you can pretty well guess what is in store. While we are both sad, I felt like I saw it coming (sixth sense?), we are anxious to start trying as soon as possible. My question is whether low progesterone is going to be an ongoing issue because of my age or is it that the progesterone was low because the baby was threatened from the start. I don't know if there are answers - there is just the lingering question and the waiting.


Roos Girl - February 22

Morrison 1 I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have been away due to bleeding. We had an appt yesterday b/c I too had cramping and bleeding so I was petrified. But all of my fears were put to rest when I saw it's little heart beating away. I have a FIBROID TUMOR that is growing right on top of the baby. The Dr says that there's not a risk to the baby that it will be just like carrying a twin b/c it will grow with the baby. Scary but not uncommon is what he said...he's a high risk Dr and has been right on the money so far so I think he's gained my trust. I hope everyone else is doing good I am on half days for two weeks until I go back to see him. He said everything else looked great. Signing off for now - Alecia


sharon - February 24

Daniella - hello this is Sharon. I got another ultrasound done and they found the sac. I also saw a tiny little heart beat. the Dr took me off the supplements, but now he wants me to have an amniocentisis. He said this could cause a possible misscarriage. He said i should be concerned about the child having down syndrome because of my age. I never felt so much relief when i saw that tiny little heartbeat.


Dani - February 26

Hey Daniella, how are you doing? I had the baby 1/28 (my dad's bday), she is doing well. Are you still in Japan?


Alisa - March 13

I just went through the same thing- 2nd miscarriage and now they are checking my progesterone. It can be very frustrating. I am hoping for the best the third time around. It is great to hear so many women have gone throught the same thing


Daniela Maria - March 13

Hello to all - Well I havent been around much lately - just trying to get back into the routine of life after the 3rd m/c which was on 3rd Feb... So a question for you -and Daniella you will probably know the answer to this... but .... I still havent come on since the 3rd Feb and this is strange I think... After the 1st and 2nd D & C's it was bang on 4 weeks after the date that I came on.... now its nearly six weeks... and I have this pain in the lower left hand side of my stomach... Im trying not to think its anything sinister or even related but you never know so thought Id put this to you in case you've heard of something like this before....


anonymous99 - March 29

to dr. Perloe post: The women here are living proof that progesterone supplementation works or is that just too simple for you. Doctors look for complicated things so patients can spend a fortune.


Suse - June 7

Hi, I hope Daniella had her Baby! I had a m/c in March2006. At 11 weeks the Baby was only about 7 weeks and no heartbeat. I had the D&C on March 20 and then got pregnant again around May 17, the first time I ovulated. I always suspected some progesterone problem since I had very irregular cycles ever since I went off the pill in February of 2005. I think I only ovulated once or twice in 2005. Anyway, because of that I insisted that they check my progesterone and it came back 3.6 at about 16 days after ovulation, so that means I'll have my second misscarriage. They checked the HCG today and again in 48 hours, just to be sure, but I never heard of such a low progesterone level. I'm so tired, I just can't get through that any more. I don't want another D&C but I don't want to wait forever to get done with it.


niamh - January 12

hi everyone, i also have to have progestrone suppositories while pregnant, three beautiful children to show for it, youngest aged 3 and having problem for 2 years trying to concieve number 4, getting pregnant was never the issue up till now, any advise?


lissamarie - August 15

Hello everyone. I have no Ideal how far along I am. I think I have a very weird story I have had 3 miscarriages. I am on my forth pregnancy. But this one has been very odd. I am on 50mg progesterone suppositories twice daily. But here is where it is weird. On July 20 2011 I went for a check up with my obgyn. And had a lightly positive pregnancy test. And bc of my previous miscarriages the sent me for quant_tatives for hCG levels. I had my first one on July 21 that result was 18 then another on the 23rd and that was 45. Then my last on the 25th which was 60. So then Friday, July 29th i started cramping and bleeding. It was pretty heavy on that saturday. So that Tuesday on August 2 they gave me another blood test. And it went all the way down to 8.5. So MISCARRIAGE right? That is what i was thinking. So August 6 I went to the E.R for something non related and my levels were back up to 19 in four days. My obgyn says he cant explain it. So on August 10 the sent me for another blood test and my hCG levels were at 64. My doctor has never talked to me about progesterone levels but he put me on it about 3 day ago. But here is where i am lost. Every since I started taking them my symptoms went away. except I am hungry about every two hours and I feel the round ligament stretching. Is that normal on the suppository's? Because I have read that they make you symptoms go crazy. I go for more blood test tomorrow I will update on here. I am just so confused about this pregnancy.


jwandlee - October 3

Lissamarie, I am having the same things going on and Doc can't explain... Did you ever figure any of the craziness out?


BusyMamaOfFour - January 12

I am 4 or 5 weeks (not sure because I don't have a regular cycle to go by). First pregnancy after a very recent miscarriage. My numbers came in good last week, and still in a good range this week but ever so slighly LOWER than last week. My doctor is not concerned since I am still in the good range, but is it normal for numbers to go down at all a week later?


amyoc - January 3

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, using my LMP I should have been measuring 7w5d but ultrasound showed me meauring at 6w1d with a very low heartbeat. My progesterone came back at 11.4 and my doctor put me on 100mg Prometrium 2x daily to be take vaginally. I go back on Monday to see if there are any improvements. My first pregnancy was ectopic, then had a healthy boy; really hoping we don't lose this one too. Anyone have something similar happen and have a positive outcome?



MissMafatau - January 7

Colette- when your progesterone dropped in the 9th week did you lose nausea and sore boobs and on them everything was still ok?



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