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ktendler - May 1

Ohara...progesterone levels are checked once you already are pregnant. I don't believe they mean anything unless you are. I had my progesterone levels checked the day I miscarried, that is why they were meaningful. I believe they should be at 0 unless you are pregnant.


rpats - May 4

Hello All- I am new to this forum and have read through some of the recent posts. Sorry to hear of the recent losses some of you have had to face, I imagine that is unspeakably tough. My husband and I are ttc our 1st baby. I have PCOS, and have finished my second round of CLomid a few weeks back. I had an IUI last week, and am now in the 2ww period. I went in for b/w today and my doc just called to say that my progesterone level is at 9, when he would like it to be 10 or higher. He has called in prometrium for me, which i will start today (v____ally). Any tips from anyone who has done this already?


erle - May 25

I am only 5 weeks pregnant and have had 2 m/c before but 2 healthy children too. I am just about 40 so feeling a bit "old". I am on Progesterone supplement and taking 200 ml in the morning and evening. Is this too much??? Just wanted to check in with you girls. Great to read your posts, I'm not alone. Erle


mekadee - June 15

hi ladies!! i am pregnant about 5 weeks and on prometrium i been taking it since around 3 weeks i have had 21 miscarriages and 1 live birth. I am very nervous right now this is my 1st progesterone treament during preg. so far so good no cramping and no bleeding. just about everyone i no had cramping who have taken prometrium. i was just wondering if anyone who has had similar experiences please share


christy75 - June 26

Hi everyone! I am so glad I came across this forum because I am driving myself crazy worrying about my progesterone levels. I am currently 8w4d. I had an ultrasound today that showed baby is growing appropriately with a hr of 177. My concern is that my progresterone is going down not up. I did IVF so I was on v____al progesterone immediately 3x/day. At 5 weeks my level was only 8. My doctor then added prometrium 400mg daily orally. I had my level rechecked a few days later and it was up to 28. Since then it has steadily declined with the level today being 12. This past week I did start to wean my v____al suppository to 2x/day and the prometrium to 200mg/day. I am very concerned because I am to wean off the prometrium today. I still have another 10 days of the suppositories until I am off them. The nurse at the doctor office was rea__suring and told me this is normal and that at 10 weeks my placenta will take over. She gave me the option to stay on the prometrium if I wanted but I will not have another progesterone level checked. I have a two year old and no prior history of miscarriage. With my first pregnancy I don't even think they checked my progesterone levels. Any advice? Should I be worried? Thanks ladies any words of experience is much appreciated!


ktendler - June 26

Christy, first of all why are you weaning off the prometrium? That can be used for the entire first trimesster until the placenta is well "hooked in" and your levels will be regulated by that then. Why can't you keep having blood draws??? I drove my midwife crazy with them but she never refused to ease my mind. That seems crazy.


christy75 - June 27

Thanks for the reply. The reason I am weaning off the supplements is because I am "graduating" from my RE office to my regular ob/gyn. My RE says the placenta takes over progesterone production at 10 weeks therefore I will be off all supplements by 10 weeks. After reading everything on here though I decided to continue with the Prometrium. I had a refill on the original rx. It sure can't hurt! I am also doing the endometrium suppositories 2x/day for another 10 days but I also have a refill on that rx. I don't see my ob/gyn until July 8th. Do you think I should call the RE office and ask if they will consider drawing my level one more time? Thanks again!


ktendler - June 28

I totally think staying on the prometrium is worth it. I took mine for 13 weeks and didn't do any weaning off time at all and had no problems. I would also totally get another blood draw. You need to know what is going on and that is a great non invasive way of doing it. Best of luck to you!


dreamscape - July 1

I had a miscarriage in Feb. 09 due to a Blighted Ovum. I just found out I am pregnant again and am about 4 1/2 weeks right now. I have had my HCG and Progesterone checked only twice so far but am concerned. My HCG was 123 and then three days later was at 325 which is good. But my prog. started out at 38.4 and then dropped to 31.7 three days later. The nurse said not to worry because prog. levels fluctuate and that my numbers are still very good but I can't help but worry. I won't have anymore blood work for a whole week!


ktendler - July 1

Hi dreamscape, we are going to be pregnant together because I just found out I am expecting my second. I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I have also had one, sadly not a blighted ovum though. Your numbers seem great so far. I would only really start to worry if they drop below 15 and you are miles from that. Get another one on monday and hopefully they will be up. I just had my first blood draw today and am anxiously awaiting tomorrow for the results. I will also start 100 mg prometrium today and possibly go to 200 tomorrow depending on the results. Best wishes everyone!


christy75 - July 1

Dreamscape, your numbers sound excellent. My last progesterone was down to 12 and I am now 9w2d. My fertility clinic likes it above 10 and I have seen some drs. who say as long it is above 5 (which seems a bit low to me) you are fine. I am sure your doctor will monitor it closely in the early weeks and put you on supplements if it really starts to drop. Good luck!! ktendler,I decided not to pressure my doctor to get another blood draw. It almost just makes me too crazy. I get so focused on one little number. I did, however, stay on my supplements even though my doctor told me I could come off. I figure better safe than sorry. I am on 400 mg daily so that should do the trick. I go to my regular ob/gyn next week and will see what they recommend. I think I feel more comfortable staying on it until at least the 12 week mark. I am also doing the v____al suppositories 2x/day and those are going to end on Sunday. At that time I will be 10 weeks and am going to stop those as instructed since the placenta should be taking over progesterone production around that time. Best wishes to you as well!


dreamscape - July 2

Ktendler and christy75, Thanks so much for your replies. I know my prog. # is still good, it just made me nervous that it dropped and I am afraid it will continue to do so. My doctor is not concerned. He likes it to be above 20 and the nurse told me that the lab sheet says it should be above 11. With my first pregnancy, my prog. started at 15 and I was prescribed Prometrium orally before I went to bed. By my next blood draw it was up to 26. Unfortunately I had a Blighted Ovum and miscarried. I am trying not to worry but it is so hard not to. I almost wish they wouldn't even give me the numbers. I'm not even 5 weeks yet and already worrying. A lot of women who get pregnant don't even know until they are 8 weeks and can go in and see the heartbeat right away with no worries about their levels. I have to wait three weeks! This site and all of your stories have helped to ease my mind though.


ktendler - July 4

Got my results back...hcg was 14 (lol I find out way too early) and progesterone was 8.2. Started taking 100mg prometrium morning and night. Did an ultrasound on myself today and saw a cute little 3mm sac so I am so early I can't believe. I am still really nervous though. I go for my next blood draw on monday if i can sneak out of the office without anyone knowing. Wish me luck please!


dreamscape - July 7

I just had my third blood draw today. My Progesterone level is at 26.7 and they still don't seem concerned. It does concern me some seeing as how it started at 38.4, dropped to 31.7 just three days later and is now down again a week later. I don't think I am going to have another blood test either. They have already scheduled me for my first ultrasound and I will only be 6 weeks and 5 days along. I am going to be a nervous wreck until that appointment. I guess I am just going to try not to worry and say my prayers for a healthy baby and hopefully I will get to see the heartbeat next week for the first time. It'll be the best day of my life if I do get to see it!


PCOS83 - July 14

I am 6.5 weeks pregnant and after my prog dropped from 20 to 18, my doc started me on v____al suppositories. I started them 3 days ago and today I became very sick with nausea and throwing up. This is the same point I became sick with my 1st pregnancy but I'm wondering if this could be a side effect of the supplements? Anyone had bad nausea from progesterone supplements? How long were you on it before it kicked in? I'm just wondering if maybe my levels are too high and making me sick now...


dreamscape - July 20

I just wanted to post an update. I had my first ultrasound a few days ago at 6 weeks and 5 days and saw and heard the perfect heartbeat going at 138 bpm and the crl was 6.7 mm. The doctor told me everything was perfect for where I am in this pregnancy. I am going in again in two weeks to make sure everything is progressing normally. I am so happy. I am going to pray that the rest of the pregnancy goes well.



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