Slow Heart Rate At 6 7 Weeks

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Linda - March 1

I am scheduled for 2nd internal u/s Monday afternoon. Had progesterone checked this a.m. Hope to have results from that tomorrow. I just can't decide what to think. OB said I would miscarry. She was pretty confident. But then I see the notes on this site, from others in same boat, and things turned out great. Can I be 8-9 weeks and measure 5-6 wks? Can babys heartbeat be 102, and still be viable pregnancy? I am SOOO tired, and sooo confused. Crying and crying...


Ellen - March 1

Well gang... the news is here, and it's not good. I went in for my 2nd u/s today (at a different facility-nicer folks), and the tech there didn't see a pregnancy anymore. She saw a gestational sac, but no fetus, no heartbeat, just some tissue. She said it had probably stopped developing earlier on. Which really didn't surprise me, after all the reading & research I've done. She agreed with me, that a hr of only 52 is definitely not right, and that she would have had me come back for another u/s sooner (if I'd only gone to her before!). She said she'd contact my OB, give them her report, and they'd let me know about scheduling a D&C. I haven't had any spotting or bleeding, not since last Saturday (when I spotted a bit), and no major cramping or anything (just a dull ache on one side). I had a sneaking suspicion that there was something wrong with this pregnancy... things just didn't feel "right". I had tender b___sts, but off and on, the nipple area didn't get darker and lumpier, as they did last time, I had no morning sickness at all, and I didn't have any cravings. Well, like I said before, I am still blessed to have my little girl, she's a doll (except when she doesn't want to nap!), and I am very thankful for her. I expect we'll try again, after I've recovered from the D&C. So thanks so much for everyone's concerned replies... you all, even though you're strangers, have truly made me feel comforted through all this. Thank you. I wish the best of luck to others who also go through this unpleasant state of limbo. Back to the drawing board... Oh, and on a positive note, at least now I can drink caffeine or alcohol, and eat what I want!! (I've been restricting my diet, since I had GD last pregnancy) Don't worry, I'm not that much of a drinker! And I'll continue with my prenatal vitamins in preparation for another try later on. See ya'll later!


Sherry - March 2

Ellen, I am so sorry to hear that. You sound like you are being strong about it. I really wish the best for your next try. I am going from my ultrasound this afternoon. At my ultrasound last week, at 7 week along, the baby mesured at 6w 5d, so that is ok, but they told me the heart rate was "a little bit slow". I am hoping that the heart beat is stronger today....but I am very nervous about it.


Cris - March 2

I have been serching the net trying to find out about EHR. I had my first appt 02/17 they did a sono to determine my due date and apparently at that time they found a slow rate but didnt tell me, they told me I needed another to determine the due date. I had my second one yesterday 03/01, at that time they put me at 7 weeks exact and the heart rate is 77-79. This time when the Dr went over it with me, she told me it was low last time. I was bothered that no one told me. This time I asked her to read to me the report as she has it, well she also added that my amniotic sac is smaller than it should be this time. But the baby is still growing on target. They said I have to have another sono next Thurs to determine viability. She said that most likely I will miscarry and from what I have read that is true. The waiting is driving me crazy, every little twitch or ache I feel is like oh god is it starting now?. If I go back next week and the heart rate is lower but still there then she said that I need to decide if I want to take medicine to "expell it" or just wait until nature takes it coarse. I have read all of your postings and Sherry I hope and pray that u are the small % that makes it past your first trimester. Ellen I am very sorry to hear that your outcome was not so great, I only hope to have your strength, because right now I cant seem to find any. If I could offer any advice to anyone going through this one would be to discuss it like this - my husband is being very supportive but he still can not relate as well as he thinks he can, and most important request to read your report from the sono tech or have them read it out to you while you are there. If you dont ask they wont tell anymore then THEY feel is necessary. Thanks for letting me have this moment to get this out. I hope to read how Sherry's appt went.


Sherry - March 3

Sorry to tell you this, Cris, but I do not have good news. I went for my ultrasound yesterday and there was no fetal heart beat. It turns out that the heart rate last week was only 64. This is far from the "little bit low" rating that they gave me over the phone. I know that for 7 weeks, the heart rate should have been around 140. When I saw it on the ultrasound it looks different too, a little smaller. I have not started spotting yet, and the doctor has given me the decision to have a D & C or to pa__s it naturally. I have thought about this hard since last night, between my crying. I just call the doc's office to make an appointment for a D & C, I don't think I can wait for 2 or 3 weeks or how ever long it takes to miscarriage naturally. It would add to my pain and grief. I am sorry to say this Cris, but you may be in the same boat as me, I truly hope I am wrong, and your little one's heart rate will increase, but the odds are against that. It's so hard,,,,I know your pain. My husband is having a hard time with this too. I know we will try again when I can. Best wishes to you.


mlb - March 14

i had an u/s today at what should have been 7w3d, but the baby only measured 5w5d and the hr was only 89bpm. i have to wait for a f/u u/s in 9 days. i know it doesn't look good and i am hoping i will miscarry naturally before my next appt.


laura - March 19

Hi, I've been reading all your responses. I had an ultrasound last Thursday when I was 7w6days and the OB told me the heart rate was a little slow at 100bpm. Also the fetus is measuring 6 weeks. I am pretty sure of my dates though the doctor says my pregnancy could be younger than I think. I am going back next week for a followup. Does anyone have an opinion?


Tim - March 20

Hi All -- My wife and I are in a similar situation as many of you. Here is the clearest info I’ve been able to locate on the web: The Living Embryo and threatened abortion: The presence of an embryonic heartbeat is highly rea__suring. When visualized by Low Resolution Abdominal sonography, more than 90% of pregnancies continue. Visualization by high resolution v____al sonography is a__sociated with a 70% continuance rate. The apparent discrepancy is because the heartbeat is a stronger positive sign in the larger more advanced embryos seen by transabdominal scanning. The rate of pregnancy loss with positive heartbeat varies with gestational age and the presence of v____al bleeding: -Heartbeat at < 6 week., With bleeding 33% are lost, 16% are lost if no bleeding present -Heartbeat at 7-9 week., With bleeding 10% are lost, 5 % are lost without bleeding present -Heartbeat at 9-11 week., With bleeding 4 % are lost, 1-2% are lost without bleeding present. The prognosis for the living embryo improves as gestation proceeds. from:


EMD - March 23

Hi- I am so lucky to have found this information- I am sorry to hear that some of you have had miss's. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I am pregnant at thought I was 6w4d, I went for u/s today I measured 5w?d. The heart rate is 88, I am going in 1 week for another- anyone have thoughts or ideas? Is 88 too low for this stage? My OB said it could go either way- Please help- thanks


Nikki - March 28

Hi- I went through the same problems back in November. Needless to say, I miscarried. I just found out a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant again. I had may first ultrasound last week, I thought I was 7weeks, but the OB said I was 6w2d. Should this be cause for alarm? They told me that it was normal to be a few days off and that my ultrasound looked great. Baby was 5mm and a hr of 114. What do you guys think. I'm just still so weary, I don't want to go through the same pain and heartache as last time. Thanks!


Stacey - March 28

Ellen and others who missed m.c. I am so sorry- I completely understand your pain b/c I had one in Jan. It is so upsetting to have conceived, and then for it to be taken away! Then, after if you decide to try again,you must wait for your cycle to get back to normal. I'm sorry, I'm currently trying again and amso frustrated!


Summer - April 2

Wow! I was looking for some information about this and was glad to find this posting. I too am having some problems. I had some bleeding and was concerned that I lost my baby so I went into have an u/syesterday. Turns out I was having triplets (no fertility drugs) and lost one of the babies. One of the 2 that are left has a heart beat about 70% of what it should be and the doctor is concerned that I may loose that one too. I go in next week, April 8th, to check on it and see if it is improving. I know I should be happy with the one being healthy but I am quite scared and sad about loosing one already. This is my first pregancy and I am hoping for the best. Keep me in your prayers as I will all of you.


Janet - April 3

Glad to hear I am not the only one in this scary boat! Had an u/s last Tuesday when I was 7w 5 days, measured 6w 5 days with a HR of 73. Going in on this Tuesday again with some dim expectations. I suspect this will be my third m/c. At 39, I cannot take it anymore - but I don't mean to sound dramatic. We have a beautiful nearly 4 year old son, and I feel like I can no longer expend emotional energy, and the ensuing sisappointment, on trying for a baby. It's not fiar to my son. Thanks all for sharing your stories - it is unbeliveably sad that we are all brought together through similar tragedies.


Summer - April 5

So did it go today? I hope really well. Hang in there!


Janet - April 5

Not good - fetus now has a hr of 64, and is measuring 7w 1 day, when I should be 8 w 5 days. Doctor will repeat scan in 10 days . . . aaarrrggghhh . . . he did say he's not overly optomistic, that all this could signal a chromosomal abnormality. No one's sure - just have to sit tight - easy for him to say! He did a__sure me that if the fetus dies that he'll do a D & C so I do not have to go through miscarrying at home. Thanks for asking, though . . .


Elma - April 6

Hi Ladies I am on my 6th week and I just found out today that my babys hart rate is 90bpm. I did not know if this is normal or not I waited a long time for this I dealt with infertility for a year and. I am soo scared I have a u/s next week dont think I can wait that long. Please Help!!!!



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