Gauze Cloth Found Inside Vigina After 45 Days Of Delivery

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Renee924 - March 5

I live in Va, do you mind telling me which hospital? I don't know what area you're in but i'm in Hampton Roads area and I've heard a lot of stories about Riverside in Newport News. I delivered at Mary Immaculate Hospital.


Renee924 - March 5

yeah and if it were normal for gauze to be in your v____a for up to two weeks why is it not okay for a tampon to be in there for more than eight hours? Toxic shock, I'm sure you can get it from gauze as well and it could kill you.


GEORGIA - March 6

First, let me say that I am sorry that it happened to you too. I have never heard that they leave gauze cloths inside the v____a and then they are suppose to come out on their own within 2 weeks. Did she tell you before you left the hospital that "hey expect to pa__s a couple of gauzes in the next 2 weeks if not call me okay". I was told that the gauze cloths are put in there to apply pressure to minimize bleeding from the area. I had a 3rd degree episiotomy and had stiches everywhere but, not once did they tell me in hospital that they had put gauzes inside me. I have an entry from August 2006 about my story. Just to elaborate a little more... I went to a lawyer in the same town as my doctor and was told ofcourse that if there wasn't any permanent damage then there wasn't anything I could do. Well, in my case what if the permanent damage was not found until 8 years later when I start having auto immune disorders. There was absolutely nothing I can do. I could have back then only if we would have done the tests earlier for the auto immune disorders. Please - I am not trying to scare you by no means. But, I am one of these people that believes in learning from other people's mistakes and not making my own mistakes. I would definitley try to pursue it further. And by all means do not see a lawyer in the same town. GOOD LUCK!


casinodawn - August 3

This happened to me in May! I am so scared. I find it, and the sponge was removed by a local E.R. 33 days after v____al birth. So far I was treated for a UTI and Sepsis. I was wondering have you had any long term effects? What kind of advice would you offer someone going through this? Did you b___stfed, and if so was there any risk to the baby? Has there been any trouble trying to have another child? I am so scared, and there is really NO information on this situation anywhere. PLEASE HELP.


pjah17 - May 6

My name is Puja and I am a Casting Director for the hit show, Monsters Inside of Me, that airs on Animal Planet. I read about your story about guaze being left during child birth. We are casting stories for our new season. I would love to talk to you and see if they have interest sharing your story to bring upon awareness. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.





Puja Seth

Casting Director

Optomen Productions

225 Varick Street, Suite 400, New York, NY 10014

Tel: 212.208.7506

Fax: 917.591.4333


Breelyfreely - June 28

I know this is an old post but hoping for a reply. 

I had my daughter just over 3 months ago, I am currently on my second period since giving birth and it has started to smell, just wondering if it is at all possible to have had gauze left inside of me? 

I did have a Pap smear at 6 weeks postpartum so wouldn't my doctor have found something then? 

Thanks heaps :)



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