How Long Does It Take To Get Back To Pre Pregnancy Weight

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2short4u - January 30

I heard it takes about a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. Do I really have to wait this long to get back to my original size if I am exercising? I gained about 50 lbs. which was mostly fluids that I retained due to having high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy and out of that 50 lbs. I have already lost 20lbs. and I only delivered 3 weeks ago. So how long did it take for everyone else to get back into their pants?


Justine - January 30

I gave birth mid October and am pretty much back to my pre pregnancy weight and flat stomach without exercising. I was told in the first 6 weeks you loose weight naturally and after that its fat you put on but I just kept losing it. I have got PPD though - I think its the only good thing about it.


caroline - January 30

it depends on what pregnancy your on as well, with my first it was about 6 weeks naturally with the second 12 weeks 5 of which i went on walks or ran before i was back to skinny but drinking a ton of water and getting some cardio is a sure way to speed up the process! hope this helped a little.


Silvie - January 30

It is surely individual..but I they say that if you dont lose desired amount of pounds by 6 months then you are very likely to carry those extra pounds for good. Hope it is not hundred percent true...I still have to lose about 5-6 pounds and have only two months to go! I am exercising a lot, but to be honest I eat a lot too b/c my appet_te is quite huge due to b___stfeeding.


jg - January 31

In answer to your question, in my case, TOO LONG!! LOL. I figure 9 months to put weight on, 9 months off. My bub is 7 1/2 months, so i"ve got 1 1/2 months to lose another 4 kgs. I am on track with losing 1kg per week so hopefully I can maintain that.


JL - February 6

I did not lose all of my weight until I stopped b___stfeeding. Then it took me a couple of months after that, with a lot of exercise and diet. I gained about 50 lbs during the pregnancy, lost 30 very easily, and then could not lose those last 20 until I stopped b___stfeeding and worked really really hard to lose it. I b___stfed for a full year, so I was chunky for awhile!


2short4u - February 7

I'm having that problem right now...i lost 20lbs. just like that, and now im just kinda stuck at 150 and the rest of the 30lbs., but then again it's only been 4 wks. and I've started to exercise again. So, hopefully I'll be able to fit in my pants again b/c I don't wanna go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!


2short4u - February 7

I'm not b___stfeeding either, and I heard that makes you lose the weight.


Rochelle2006 - February 7

I gained 30 lbs with twins, they were each 5 lbs. So there was 10 gone right of the bat! Depends on if you were overweight to begin with. I b___st fed...two babies for 4 months that helped get off all the extra pounds. Took about 5 months to be in shape. for me.


2short4u - February 8

No...I wasn't overweight to begin with. My pre-pregnancy weight was around 115 and I got up to 174 and then towards the end of the pregnancy I started losing weight. So, when I delivered I was 169, and now I'm down to bout 148.


jess - February 9

i had a baby 3 weeks ago and 7 days after i lost 17 pounds my pre prego weight was 115 i got up to 158 its been three weeks and im at 137 i want to at least get down to 120 when will that happen im pumping and formula feeding. please help.


nicksmommie - February 13

well im not as lucky as some of you on here...but when i was pregnant with my son (i was 16 when i had him...young yes i know)....i was 125 pre-pregnancy then full term preg. i was like 155 or 160....but after i had my son i b___stfed so i kept putting on the pounds....i still weigh 165..and my son is 15 months old!! trying to get least 135/145 somewhere around there....but right now im doing something about trying to eat better and im exercising a lot so hopefully i'll loose i guess it all depends on how you eat and how you exercise...and all that stuff :) oh and does anyone have good exercise tips to loose the tummy?? thanks:)


january06babyboy - February 18

I immediately lost 15 lbs after I gave birth. And then I lost 10 more lbs the following week. It's now 4weeks PP for me and I have only 15 lbs to go. I started at 125 and now I'm at 135. I stopped b___stfeeding for many reasons but I found that b___stfeeding makes you gain or not lose the weight. A lot of people think b___stfeeding helps you to lose weight but that is false! Also, I recommend running. It'll get rid of the weight quicker and give you a flat tummy. I have my flat tummy back and my six pack abs!


Louise - February 23

I do not think there is set answer. That one about if you do not lose it in six months you'll keep it on for good. What a load of bollocks. Everyday life offers you a new opportunity to accomplish a challenge...even if you lose excess weight 10 years later. My baby is almost six months old and I am the same weight, (30 pounds higher), than I was two weeks after the birth. It is very upsetting to me, but I have had a hard time starting exercise again. My diet was flawless for the last month and I did not lose one pound. If I would have eaten that way before the baby I would have been a beanpole. Obviously, my body has gone through a major change and I am going to have to figure it out as I go. Point being I am doing the best I can at the moment and all these emails that is comes of so fast I do not think is true for all women. The worst part of it all is others expections of what they think is right. I do not want to be compared with someone who took all the weight off in one month and says that it was easy. It's so personal for each person.


ssmith - May 14

I think thay except for a bit of loose skin around mt belly b___ton...I am actually thinner than before I got pregnant. Even my hubby commented that my thighs & bum are smaller now. I am b___stfeeding--that must be what's done it. It actually scared me a little to look in the baby is only 2 .5 weeks. Thats a heck of a lot of weight to drop in 2 weeks! I gained about 35 lbs...almost all tummy. I guess it depends on the mom said she was the same way....skinnier than before--I didn't believe her!!


Jilloh - May 17

You'll get tired of this answer: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!" I only gained 9-11 pounds while pregnant........i gave birth to an 8 pound + boy and 6 weeks post partum I had lost 12 pounds from the first doctors visit at 8 weeks!


lexa - May 19

They say (as someone else also mentioned) 9 months to put on the weight and 9 months to take it off. It really depends on the woman and how her lifestyle is. If you were active and not real overweight or didn't gain a tremendous amount of weight, it will come off quicker and easier. If you gained a lot of weight and are pretty much sedentary, it will take a lot longer. With my first pg, I only gained 20 pounds and left the hospital almost at my pre-pg weight. However, stomach was bloated and no pants fit for almost a month:-( I did b___stfeed which may have helped a little along the way. When you b___stfeed, your body does burn a lot of extra calories (which is why they say you lose a lot of weight quicker). However what they fail to mention is that you are more hungry from that and consume more calories. They say when b___stfeeding also, it contracts the uterus which helps the stomach muscles tighten back up quicker.Anyway, Its only been 3 weeks. Don't get discouraged at all. If you are exercising, it will be gone before you know it! (sorry for the long entry)



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