Post Caeser Complications

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LilyB - June 26

Dear All, I had a caeser (at 35 weeks) in December 2011 at age 35 (giving birth to b/g twins). Prior to pregnancy, i was as fit as a fiddle. Had no need to ever visit my GP, and i was within my healthy weight range. After a difficult pregnancy (constant nausea, early labour at 27 weeks) i was booked in for a caeser (as daughter a breech baby). The hospital made an error, and it wasnt until i had my spinal and a catheter put in, that they told me there were no beds for me or bubs'. So i ended up having 2 spinals within 2 days (and as far as im aware, the anaesthetist put the needle in the second time in the same place as the first spinal), Since the births, my body just hasnt been the same. At approx 8 weeks i had night sweats for about 2-3 weeks straight, and i just put it down to my body ridding itself of the excess fluid. However, for the past month, the night sweats have returned. I wake in pain every morning, especially in my wrists, ankles, knees and hips. I havent been able to get back to exercise bc of the pain - i tried the treadmill for 15 mins yesterday, and i couldnt walk by the evening. I constantly have a runny nose, and have had swollen glands for the past month also. I've had blood tests and a chest xray to rule out lymphoma. All came back fine. Ive started reading up on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and early menopause. It could be any of these conditions. This isnt in my head, as the pain im in is very much real. The pain has actually been very debilitating. Could it have been the anaesthetic, or do you guys think it might be one of the above conditions. Im at my wits end, as the GP is not taking me seriously. I know i need to lose weight (about 20kg), as it wouldnt be helping my joints, but its hard to just move, let alone exercise vigorously to lose weight. My diet is very healthy (mainly fruit, vegies and white meat). I feel like ive got a very serious case of arthritis, which i always thought of as an older persons condition. It does run in the family. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of symptoms? or a deterioration in health after a caeser. I feel that my OB/GYN did not prepare me in the slightest for possible reactions to caeser. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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