Guide To Staying Fit During Pregnancy 2

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RainbowHospital01 - February 26

Exercising and staying fit during pregnancy is crucial. It is important not just for the mother’s health, but also helps to avoid complications during labour and delivery. This is why doctors from the best pediatric hospitals like Rainbow Hospitals Hyderabad recommend that pregnant mothers should maintain an exercise regimen throughout their pregnancy. The Right Regimen Top gynecologists in Hyderabad advise their patients to incorporate a daily exercise program. Some of the workout options they advise are: Walking: One of the best options for starters, walking is a simple exercise that even women who have never exercised before could start with. It provides the body with exercise without straining joints. Yoga: One of the best fitness options for pregnant mothers is yoga. It not only helps a pregnant woman’s overall fitness, but also teaches her breathing techniques that can be very useful during childbirth. As an exercise, yoga does not strain joints. It also helps improves posture, while aiding flexibility. Swimming: This exercise option has many benefits. The water supports the weight, decreasing the likelihood of injuries and muscle strain. At the same time, it is a great workout for the body. The water also helps a pregnant woman to cool down, while preventing the condition of swollen feet/ankles. Cycling: It helps in working out muscles and maintaining overall fitness. However, because of a pregnant woman’s uneven balance and growing belly, there is a danger of overbalancing. Hence, doctors recommend rec_mbent or stationary cycling during pregnancy. Strength training: These specially designed exercises not only help in muscle toning, but also relieve aches and pains that pregnant women often suffer from. Aerobics: As a vigorous exercise, aerobics has many benefits. However, doctors advise pregnant women to stick to aerobics programmers especially designed for them. To avoid any injuries or overtaxing, they advise water aerobics or low-impact ones. If a woman is not used to a daily exercise before her pregnancy, she can start with a short regimen of 15 minutes, gradually increasing it to at least 30 minutes. She should wear comfortable clothing, including a well-fitting bra. She should keep herself hydrated and make sure her diet stays balanced. Although light exercises like walking can be incorporated into anyone’s schedule, it is important that pregnant women seek a good gynecologist’s advice before starting. Rainbow Hospital, the best maternity hospital, Hyderabad, has a team of top gynecologists in Hyderabad. It’s Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine is renowned for its pregnancy care program. It is also known for its birthing and postnatal care facilities.



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