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Linda - February 26

I also had a separated stomach muscles from my second pregnancy which didn't go back. Though the separated stomach muscles didn't cause any problems for me on my third pregnancy you might find that you pop out earlier.(I was rather big and carried 9lb baby) You might want to look for a good quality materinity belt that you can wear below your belly to help support your lower stomach muscles especially toward the third trimester. Even though I didn't wear mine all the time I found it helped alot especially if I was out playing with my kids,walking or at the end of the day when I was exhausted. I don't know how easy it will be to get the muscles back together after your pregancy as I still have problems after 1year and even though my gap is narrower than after the pregancy I still have a gap between the muscles and was wondering if any one had some good suggestion out there how to get them back together.


MiaBelle - April 17

I heard that it always separates on the second pregnancy. I don't know if that's true or not for sure. I heard you can have a flat stomach again after one child but not two because the muscle separates. After my first my stomach became flat again but now I'm wondering if this pregnancy will separate it.


Joanna - April 19

My stomach muscles separated on my first pregnancy from my daughter riding very high, in which she had to be physically pushed down by the nurse aiding in the delivery room. With my son two years later, I had no problems. 12 years later my lower abs are in decent shape as am I, though, unfortunately I can't get the upper muscles to tone or come back together with extensive exercise and dieting. I am looking to have surgery in order to tighten them or at least get them back where they should be. Sorry for the bad news in that area, but as far as effecting my other pregnancy - no problems. If anyone can suggest anything other than surgery to help get them back in shape, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks


Jamie - April 20

My 1st son was 9 pounds and my stomach muscles were very weak to begin with, so they split. I went to physical therapy and they instructed me to do excersises to strengthen my transverse abdominous muscles to pull them back together. Pilates excercises work well for that and my stomach became more flat than before my pregnancy. I am now 28 weeks along with my second pregnancy and don't know if they have split again. I know that if I do my pilates, I will be fine


Raghda - May 11

Hi Jamie, I had my first baby 6 weeks ago. She was 9.2 pounds. Recently I noticed a bulge between my abdominal muscels which my doctor confirmed that I have separation of my muscles. Can you please let me know what kind of pilates I should be doing to strengthen my abdominal muscles? Thanks. Raghda


Magdalen - May 16

I had my baby 9 months ago and my muscles separated too. I've always been very pet_te and I pretty much just gained in my stomach during the pregnancy which made me feel good during the pregnancy but not afterwards since my stomach got so big the muscles separated and now even though I lost all my pregnancy weight I still look pregnant. My stomach sticks out about 4 inches forward. I had a cat scan to see if it was extra fat and they said no it was my intestines falling forward because of the separation there was nothing holding them back. It makes me feel so ugly. I haven't had much luck until recently I found out about a website it talks all about this problem and I just bought the book with exercises that I hope will work and I will be going to a seminar about it in two weeks. I want to have another baby but I'm scarred if my body will be able to handle it. Good luck to all of you. I pray we will all be able to close the muscles. Oh and to Joanna - I've read if you have the surgery and get pregnant again the muscles will probably separate so its best to wait until you don't want any more kids.


jules - May 29

4 mo after my 3rd delivery (4th child, twins were in the 2nd). never problem getting back to flat stomach even with twins, but this time, regardless of how much exercize 50-100 situps per day and other ex. it is not returning. i am more concered though because my stomach is tender and i still feel protective of it as though if it were to get bumped, i would be in extreme pain. doc said i had sep muscles but very minimal .. did anyone else experience a painful belly (thats the best i can describe) ..??? thanks :)


Janine - June 2

I am so happy to hear that there are more people out there with this problem. I had my 3rd baby a year ago (he was 9lbs 6 oz) and I still look pregnant! I am so frustrated! My midwives explained to me that my stomach muscles are seperated and they sent me to physical therapy! ( PT didn't seem to help much) Soooooooo....... I have an appt. next week with a cosmetic surgeon to see if she has a suggestion. I'll let you know! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CBC - June 20

I had separated muscles after a huge first pregnancy and got them back together with PT. Pilates -- I lied on my back, pulling belly b___ton down to my spine and holding rib cage in -- putting your "core" (super kegel?) on while breathing. Then you imagine trying to zip the split, pull both sides together. First do bottom up towards the belly b___ton, then top down towards the belly b___ton. You try to zip and hold for a few seconds. Then, you try to simultaneously zip from top down and bottom up at the same time. Relax and rest between reps. Start slowly. Remember to breath and do not flair your ribs, you are holding your tummy down and towards your spine, not puffing it out anywhere -- which would cause your ribs to flair. This worked for me, I am not a Dr nor a PT specialist.


Miranda - June 25

I had twins four months ago, they were my first pregnancy and by my 4th month of pregnancy my muscles had seperated. After giving birth my muscles stayed seperated, about 3 inches down the center. They had first thought that I had a hernia, but when they went into do surgery they said it was just seperated muscles, they tried to fix it, but within 3 weeks they seperated again. I was told by 3 different doctors that the muscles would not come back together on their own so 2 weeks ago I underwent a second surgery where they sewed the muscles together in 3 different layers. The doctors say I shouldn't have any complications with another pregnancy - as long as I only have one baby next time, two would rip me back apart.


Lenore - June 27

what exactly causes the muscles to separate??? is it weak stomach muscles or a really big baby???


Alice - June 28

Will i ever get a flat stomach again after having a cesarean but without surgery?


edwina sawyer - June 29

My stomach muscles separated with my first pregnancy and came back together within six months. I have just had my second baby which was much bigger than my first. My muscles separated by 4mths,it is now 7 wks late and I look six moths pregnant. I have started doing excercises to try and bring them back together. I had no complications during my pregnancy other than looking very big very quickly!!!


Leslie - August 3

I've been experiencing tender abs for a few months now. I have lost my baby weight and don't have a protruding stomach, so not sure if it could still be separated stomach muscles? Anyone else have this problem? It's tender when you press on it fairly hard...and once in awhile it feels like a spasm...almost reminds me when I was pregnant of a kick! Weird. Have an appointment in a few weeks to finally have it checked out...Any info would be helpful!


Patty - August 9

I'm so glad I came across you guys! I am 28 wks and the dr told me yesterday that I have begun to split! yikes! that just sounds bad! Is there any exercise that I can do while pg to help for after delivery? Thanks for any info and good luck to you all!


edwina sawyer - August 21

Can someone please tell me what surgical procedure you have to undergo in order to re join the stomach muscles. Mine have badly separated after my second pregnancy. is it keyhole surgery or do they have to cut your stomach ( or re-open a caesarean scar) incidentally my son is now 4 mths old I am lighter than before he was born but my stomach looks 5 mths pregnant !!!!



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