Sharp Pains

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natalie - July 28

hi i would if you can tell me i am 36 weeks and when i walk i get a lot of pain down below so i would if you can teel me what it is thanks natalie


Pops - July 29

Afternoon all, Me and my wife have just found out we are pg, she has been getting sharp pains at night and some in the day, I have read the post from yourselves and the midwife has advised us that these are normal, am i worrying to much, I want to enjoy our pg but am scared. thanks


Monique - July 29

POPS....its ok its just her inside streaching makin room for baby ..enjoy you and your wife's pregnancy..


claire - October 2

im getting pains in my belly at the min and my ribs feels bruised. i think im pregnant but im not sure. do u think this could be a sign? (help)


Monique - October 2

go to the doctors and they'll give u a pregnancy test...good luck


Lora - October 3

Your pains are from over exertion.Try not to walk too fast,you are pregnant,so relax and calm down!That happens to me when I walk fast too!


donna - October 31

what does it mean when your bleeding and having sharp pains at the same time??


Amanda J - November 10

i am 3 months and i kep getting sharp pains in my lower stomach if i get up after sitting for awhile i get a really bad apin is this normal?


naomi - November 18

hi everyone, just wanted to say this but remember is not to scare you all cuz we have different types of bodies. even doc's cant explain a lot of the cramping and bleeding sometimes. however if you do feel you have sharp pain on ur right and runs to your leg with v____a spotting or any bleeding pls go see a doc fast. when i had this it was b-cuz i was having an etopic preg.. so pls be safe .. to everyone good luck!!


Monique - November 18

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I still get the occasional aches and pains and for some reason I'm always going to the doctors even when They say I'm fine ..Its probably because this is my first pregnancy and I'm really nervous ..Good luck to everyone...


to Donna - November 19

I honestly think u should go to the doctors and find out why u are bleeding it could be nothing but u should go and see first dont diagnose yourself ...good luck


Janel - November 20

well, if your walking, gravity takes it's place and causes the baby to weigh down more on the lower part of your tummy so, it can mean a few things... it can mean, depending on how far along you are and how big the baby is, that the baby can be kicking or punching or just plain putting pressure on your cervix and all around it, which has caused me to bend over holding my stomach in public! it can happen when your sitting down also, but what i would tell you to keep your eye on is if your having them and they get worse and more painful and happens just as much as when your standing. another cause can be, if your experiencing these pains on the right or left side of your abdomen, and usually in the same spot or reigon, that i can be the baby putting pressure on your ovaries, punching or kicking or whatever, it hurts really bad sometimes, so keep track of where your pains are taking place, another factor could be braxton-hicks contractions, which im pretty sure you've heard of, the only thing which would sound odd for a "B-H" contraction, is that your having "sharp" pains, make sure your not bleeding along with your pains and you dont have a fever you may have complications if you feel those symptoms. but good luck and i hope i helped a little bit, i tried!!!


hazel - November 20

hi ladies, please advice me, is being a week that i have being having cramps like my period is coming but it should be until 25th however i also notice sharp pain along with cramps i dont know what to do but i dont even know if is bcuz im preg. also im not bleeding or spotting at all. has anyone had this before..? pls help


Monique - November 20

Hazel I really dont know what to tell u but I think u should go to the doctors and ask why u are feeling this way...good luck


jane - November 30

i have been having this sharp pain on the right and left side of my belly b___ton and also at the right side if my back what is wrong


1ontheway - December 14

hi i am 36 weeks pregnant and i have been in and out of the hospital i was in nov 22nd to 25th..... i was having contractions and they had to stop them with iv meds call breathine- doctor told me he was trying to hold me off till i hit 36 weeks now i am having worse stomach pain (contractions) and really bad adominal pain i have doc apointment today and am going to see if he can help me out here i cant even get out of bed it urts so bad.... anyone going through the same?



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