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LAMORENITA90716 - May 31



dolphina1979 - August 18

what day did i get pregnant if my due date is March 23rd 2010.??


Latasha333 - August 21

I want to know when did i get pregnant my due date is Nov. 23 2009


michey - September 10

is it possible 2 concieve on the 14th march if ur due date is december the 2nd


pregomama2 - December 8

I have been on the pill 3 yrs. I had unprotected s_x July 30th with an ex boyfriend and then I had some bleeding for a few days(don't know if it was a period because I stopped the pill like 3 or 4 days later so it could of been because of that) I had s_x with my husband a couple times through August. Now im 16 weeks 4 days pregnant. Who do u think the father is?????


Nikia18 - February 3

What Day Did I Get Pregnant If I'm Due On Aug 2,2010


Xibabygurl - February 26

My due date was on december 26, 2007 but I had my son on December 18. When did I get pregnant


chasity_barks21 - March 25

if my due date is july 20 2010 when did i get pregnant


rbriones - April 8

if im 14 weeks pregnat, what day did i get pregnat?


Grandpa Viv - April 9

Rbriones, that figures back to last period starting Dec 31st, ovulation Jan 14, and pregnancy from s_x the week Jan 9 - 16, with Jan 13 the most fertile day. Is your 14 weeks calculated from when you said your last period started, or from a first trimester ultrasound?


erin515 - September 1

what day did I get pregnant if my LMP was july 17th and I had s_x on July 23rd, Aug 7th and Aug 10th?


Grandpa Viv - September 1

If your cycle is normally 28 days, s_x after August 2nd would have been too late to catch ovulation. I vote for July 23rd!


erin515 - September 14

My MP on July 17th was 4 days late that month. I don't think my MP is exactly 28 days but I'm not sure. I really really need someone to help me to be sure if it was on the 23rd or 7th. It's awful to say but it was two different men and I want to tell the potential father asap..


Grandpa Viv - September 14

You had a period June 15th and should have had another July 13th, but it came on 17th. You had s_x July 7th and July 23rd. If the July period was a genuine one then obviously the s_x after the period is responsible. I wonder if perhaps you got pregnant from s_x at the end of June. Was that July period shorter and lighter than usual? When did you start feeling a bit different - about the time of the July period, or not until early August? A first trimester ultrasound will date the pregnancy to within a few days. Have you seen a doctor yet? GL!


erin515 - September 14

Yes, my July MP was normal. I can not remember when I started to suspect. This is my sixth pregnancy but only baby number 4. 3 babies, 1 abortion, and 1 miscarriage. On August 20th I took a HPT. Which obviously came back positive. I had severe cramping like a period so thought I was just late. The doctor did blood work and ultrasound on the 21st of August and was believed to b Ectopic. My blood levels were extremely low and the fetus was not yet in my uterus. Therefore on August 21st I was less than 4 weeks pregnant. Does that make any possibility of it being the August 7th encounter?


Grandpa Viv - September 15

Ha! I was thinking July 7th, when you had been quite specific Aug 7 and Aug 10. This is tricky, because July 23rd is a long way before probable ovulation, and August 7th is an unlikely distance after probable ovulation. If I had to bet on it, I would still say that July 23rd is the culprit - that you actually ovulated on your old schedule (July 13 + 14 = July 27), in which case sperm from July 23 could still have been viable.



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