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Grandpa Viv - September 15

Ha! I was thinking July 7th, when you had been quite specific Aug 7 and Aug 10. This is tricky, because July 23rd is a long way before probable ovulation, and August 7th is an unlikely distance after probable ovulation. If I had to bet on it, I would still say that July 23rd is the culprit - that you actually ovulated on your old schedule (July 13 + 14 = July 27), in which case sperm from July 23 could still have been viable.


erin515 - September 16

Hi again. G.V. First let me say I appreciate you answering my questions. I want so badly for it to have been from my august 7th encounter so I am trying to point out anything that can make that more of a reality. I am not sure exactly when my period was due in August but my friend who is possible father number one says my period this month is due on the 19th. September. Did I mention the man on the 23rd of July used the pull out method?? Not a guarantee but not a full ejaculation in me either. Please continue to help me before I make the decision on who to tell if not both.


Grandpa Viv - September 16

hCG levels vary so enormously from one pregnancy to another, that it is not possible to use them to infer conception date. Why don't you explain the situation to your doctor, and ask for an early ultrasound, which will date the pregnancy more accurately.


erin515 - September 18

ok so as if my luck couldn't get any worse, I called the dr and they were rude and hesitant and never called me back for an appointment for an ultrasound! Ive only been going there for 12 years! And I spoke to the man from the 7th, the 1 I want to be the father and he was like 50 50. Kind of upset but kind of happy.... I go to the drs on "ct 5th, hopefully they will be able to help me some more. I am going insane not knowing for sure.


Grandpa Viv - September 18

Sympathy! The doctor may have been unsympathetic about a request for an ultrasound because normally it is not done until later on. Probably on the 5th they will give you a check-up and confirm the pregnancy, and that will be your chance to explain to the doctor in person why you are so anxious to date the pregnancy with an ultrasound. I hope that will elicit a more tolerant response. GL!


erin515 - September 18

thank you.. I had already been to the drs this month for confirmation, and they are giving me a due date of 4/23/2011 based on my LMP. I think he's hesitatnt because he had done an ultrasound when thought it was ectopic. Still at that point thje baby was not even in my uterus and numbers were to low. They believed was a possible cyst in my tubes. Not necessarily a pregnancy. That was when my period was a week late.


Grandpa Viv - September 19

Understood. I expect the doctor is worried the insurance company will think he is ordering too many ultrasounds. You are wanting a due date based on something more than your LMP. I'm pretty sure the doctor is planning to do another ultrasound in the first trimester (Google [first trimester ultrasound]). Ask for the best possible dating of the pregnancy based on it. Be sure to ask if they are giving you the "gestational age" (since conception) or "weeks pregnant" which dates back to the LMP two weeks before you actually ovulated. Do you think it might be best to level with both the guys? The man you really like may be broad minded enough to stick with you even if the child is not his. If the other guy is in fact the father, he may get to pay child support and enjoy some visitation. If neither is going to stick with you, now is the time to find out. GL!


LauraB1987 - April 2

My last period started on the 9th of February. I had s_x on the 18th the 19th and the 23rd of February. Which day did i concieve?


Grandpa Viv - April 2

If you have a regular 28 day cycle you most likely ovulated Feb 23rd. Sperm from 19th might still have been viable. Only a paternity test could be sure, but the chances are higher that the fresh sperm would have won. Did you use no birth control on any occasion - that would change the odds. If you regularly have 31 day cycles, the 23rd is much more likely responsible. Hope this helps.


LauraB1987 - April 3

Thankyou :) I didnt use any birth control on any occasion.


ams0099 - April 8

I really need my question answered. Please someone help. I'm being questioned if I'm sure my boyfriend is the father of my child. I can't help but worry that this is even being brought up. I believe my LMP was Feb 19, 2010. It may have been a few days before or maybe the day after, but no more than that. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x from Feb 27-March 9. Sometimes multiple times a day. We broke up. While hanging out with friends late night March 13/early March 14 we were drinking. I got VERY sick after only a few hours and started throwing up, showered, and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later and everyone was leaving my house. I was told I had s_x with this guy I had just met, but because he had been drinking he was never able to get off. I don't know what really happened! I took my BCP and was careful to notice if I had any c_m in me. I noticed no sign of that at all! I started getting sick a few days later. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, but it took me a long time to get better. March 21-22 is when I started having sore b___st/cramping and noticed my period hadn't come. It would have been due around March 19th. Give or take a day. I took a test on March 26 and got an instant positive test. My LMP put my EDD at Nov 26. My first US on April 12 said Nov 30. A few days later (16th) I had another US and it said Nov 28. My obgyn kept my EDD Nov 26. I had another US at 12 weeks and then many more after that and all of those went along with EDD Nov 26. There was never anything brought up about me not being that far along or changing my EDD. I had my child at 38 weeks. Nov 14. Healthy baby with healthy weight. No question that baby was early. Now that I'm being questioned I'm curious if it is even possible I got pregnant on the 14. Based on the dates and that I started having symptoms a few days later and within 12 days received an instant positive pregnancy test. I really hadn't thought about it at all and was for certain based on all the dates that I was pregnant on the 14 and just didn't know yet. I'm wanting to know the chances of me getting pregnant after probable ovulation if maybe only prec_m was released. If it helps my period in January 10 started around the 21st and my period in December 09 started around the 24th. Usually lasting 4-5 days.


Shacobygreen@yahoo.com - April 27

If im due november27,2011 what month did I get pregnant


Grandpa Viv - April 30

Shacoby, you got pregnant from s_x the first week of March, following your last menstrual period starting February 20th.


dikabelomopipi@gmail.com - June 18

what day did i get pregnant,my due date is November 17 2011


Grandpa Viv - June 21

Dika, you got pregnant from s_x in the February 17th thru 24th time frame, following menstruation which started Feb 10th.


lenishac18 - July 14




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