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Jessica - May 18

My due date is sept 6, when did I conceive?


lashabia - May 19

my last period was 02-28-2005 the dr says in 2 i/2 month along but when i went for and ultra sound they say 5 t0 6 weeks?????


Karla Bowen - May 23

I found out that i was pregant May 21, so when did i actually get pregnant.


diamond - May 24

i had my last period on april 13, 2005 and i had s_x on may 5, and may 10 and i havent had my period yet. my period is wishy washy and it normally comes between 28 to 32 days or so but i havent gotten it yet. could i be pregnant, is there a chance?


lee - June 2

it is hard to tell because you don't know when your last period was, with the ultrasound they did is the closes way to find out


leeann - June 2

my last period was on Jan 2, i had s_x on the 7th thru the 18th when did i concieve


Shannon - June 7

When did I conceive? My due date is December 9, 2005


YoungLady - June 7

Hi Ladies this is the best site to go to in order to find out when you might have your baby is http://www.americanbaby.com/ just enter your due date and sign up. It's a Pregnancy Calculator You also will have your very own Pregnancy Calendar. I receive updates every week... I love it :)


YoungLady - June 7

Hi Diamond! Yes you could be pregnant. If you didn't see your period all this time. I entered the day you said you concieved the site i gave above.. First Day of Your Last Period: Apr 13, 2005.. Results Your baby's delivery is expected to be on or around Jan 18, 2006. You are 8 weeks pregnant! YAY! Now If you wanna find out the day you conceived the easy way, just count 3 months ahead of your due date! Trust me it works.


Jennifer - June 12

I have a due date of December 27, 2005, when did I conceive?


Teuila - June 12

My EDD is 23-10-05 but my scan showed that due to the size of the baby's head, length etc.. the scan said it was due 19-10-05 or 20-10-05, so when exactly did I conceive??


Teuila - June 12

My EDD is 23-10-05 although when I went for my scan @ 20 weeks & 5 days, the scan showed that the baby was 21 weeks & 1 day because of the size of the head, length etc.. Can you tell me the EXACT date that I concieved??


danielle - June 13

i am due aug 8th when did i conceive


kisha - June 21

when did i concieve my due date is 2-21-06


LATOYA - June 27



LT - July 25

My due date is set for November 10 or 11. When did I conceive? Is it true you can get pregnant at any time throughout the month?



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