When Did I Conceive

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texasgirl2011 - April 13

Okay I started my period March 7, 2012 My boyfriend and I had a huge fight April 1st so I went out ran into my ex-boyfriend ended up at his house and the condom busted. On April 9th I took a HPT and it was positive. Who is the father?? Please no rude comments Ive already beaten myself up about it enough.


Grandpa Viv - April 14

I think I answered this someplace else. On a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated March 21st. Your huge fight was in part prompted by hte hormone rush and emotional upset of early pregnancy. S_x in the week your period is due is outside the fertile window. GL!


msotero29 - July 24

Im new to this forum. My last period was may 26 and a 36 day cycle. I recently went on vacation for two weeks and found out during.. july 12th that I was pregnant! I knew my period was late before I left july 6th but I really thought it was bc i was stressin bout the trip and workin so much so I didnt think none of it til I got sick during the road trip. Im trying to figure out how far an wen did i actually concieve til i get to the doctors. We've been trying an now its finally happened an im freakin out...lol I think I might be 7 weeks..


Grandpa Viv - July 25

The way I figure it you missed a period due July 1st from s_x June 16th weekend. That would give you a due date March 9th. Congratulations!


msotero29 - July 25

Thks for your response grandpa viv!:) I went to a clinic today to book an appt and get on some type of insurance. My first appt is august 13..they say by their pregnancy wheel Im 8 weeks I guess. Wont know for sure until ultra sound..cant wait..lol


ShineLikeMine - July 28

I started my period on june 12.......when could have my conception date have been? My cycle is 28 days and my period lasts 5 days. I'm 6dpo.


Grandpa Viv - July 30

Shine, your most likely ovulation date was June 26th, and sperm from s_x the previous weekend could have been waiting for their chance. You probably got the first early signs at the beginning of July.


ShineLikeMine - July 31

Well Grandpa Viv I had a slight miss calculation....My last period was on July 12th. My sister says i have pregnancy memory already. LOL. i hope so.


Grandpa Viv - July 31

Shine, ovulation was likely Jul 26th. How do you figure 6 dpo on the 28th? S_x any time from 21st-27th is suspect. You could perhaps begin to feel different about now - weird cramps maybe. Test when late or light. GL!


ShineLikeMine - July 31

I know. I miss calculated. I had talked to a friend who said I was only 5DPO is that right?


Grandpa Viv - August 2

Shine, the most likely ovulation day for a woman on a 28 day cycle is CD14. Sperm can last in you 5 days, and the egg is good for only one day. That CDD14 can vary a couple days either way - learn your signs of ovulation - wet mucus, high libido, ovulation cramp.


ShineLikeMine - August 2

Definitely cramps, mucus, and mood swings along with backaches and an increase in appet_te....body is goin bananas. LOL


ShineLikeMine - August 3

Grandpa Viv: This morning I woke up and checked my cervix and it was high and hard. Is this an early indication of pregnancy or does cervical position hold no validity to pregnancy



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