3 MCs In Past 9 Years

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Anisa28 - June 5

So sorry for you. I know it hurts a lot because i also suffered from it. I had 3 miscarriages in my past and I know how you are feeling. I want to share my experience. I was so broken when I first heard about my infertility because after that I wasn't able to conceive. It was so hurting and devastating and in the end, I gave up on having babies. But, later I found about surrogacy. I talked to my husband and he agreed. We went to a clinic in Europe for it and now we have a baby girl. I hope things go right in your way.


riazoyer - June 6

a miscarriage is really a disheartening thing for a woman. and you had 3. When you are trying your best and don’t get success then it feels like you have not worth and useless for this world. After first pregnant, most of the woman lose their hopes and decide that they will never try again. They can’t forget that moment. Even though you have more kids but your first kid has its importance its own. So don’t lose hope. hopelessness is not a good thing. You know when we lose our most important things that matter a lot then in return we get more suitable and good things. So just forget it as considering it your bad dream and move on in life. Your age is not as if you become hopeless. Dear may you have pregnancy soon and successful journey. Thanks!!!!


AmandaK - June 8

Miliana, Sorry for your loss. I know the devastation and heartbreak it brings. And when age hinders fertility then there is a less hope of natural conception. I am of your age and my ovarian reserve has not allowed me to conceive naturally. Even though we have tried FET cycles. Failed miserably. I happened to be a poor responder. My eggs were of a low quality which didn't last few weeks. As you have thought of surrogacy. I have been recommended by my fertility specialist. And it has been my good decision so far. We are half way to the process. I am pretty hopeful this time. I advise you to get a better recommendation for yourself. You may have a chance or what may be next step towards the resolution.



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