3rd Miscarriage In A Row

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Dakota1 - July 28

Hi there. I am so sorry about this. It must be so difficult and hard for you. Infertility is such a straining experience. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Do not think of this one bad experience as the end of the road. If you are in London in the coming weeks there is an amazing opportunity for us. A clinic form Ukraine has an open house for two days on 18 and 19. I have heard so many good things about it. I am definitely going to go there. You should do the same. It would be a good experience to know about surrogacy and the services of the clinic. It would give us the necessary insight into it. Hope it helps you. Love and best wishes.


Lily27 - July 28

Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. I had to go through miscarriages too. In fact i had two. But now i am planning to go for surrogacy. YYou should opt for it. There is a clinic located in Ukraine. Known as the BioTexCom. They are really good at what they do. You should contact them for further guidance. They have treated many couples who were going through IVF and Surrogacy procedures. I hope you find it easy to cope with everything. The procedure is expensive, but trust me it is worth it. Just stay positive. And don't stress too much about this. Everything will turn out fine. You just need to think about your happiness.


gemi - July 28

hello Dakota1 !!! you are right. Ukraine is making progress in this filed. Infertility has become a serious issue. every woman is facing troubles in conceiving. Even I want to share one of my neighbor stories. she is about 34 years. She has gone through 5 times miscarriages. Lots of her blood has been wasted. Now she I try again to get a baby. She is in her third trimester. She visited Ukraine clinic then her reports showed that her uterus has been weakening by many trials. The uterus is not in such condition to carry a baby on its own. Surrogacy may help them. but some kind of IVF would be better if they want to go through. She is now getting treatment form Ukraine clinic.


gemi - August 6

thanks, Dakota1 for informing us. As I knew it from the starting days. It’s my best wish to spread this news to every woman who is sitting in another corner of the world. Hey, ladies, it’s an opportunity to meet with Anastasia. Moreover, if you want to bring change in yourself you have to rush out. Few days are remaining so try their best to reach there. At least we are who live in London must welcome her warmly. It’s our tradition and we should maintain it. you guys can sign an agreement there. I like their clinic custom that they arrange an open house every year just to inform others. most people can’t travel to her country. They save your money from traveling and much more. Don’t wait for miracles and don’t sit by keeping a hand over other. you have to take a step for yourself.


anaya18 - August 13

HELLO Dacota! thanks for suggestions and time. Of course, infertility is really worst condition. It is difficult for a lady to bear. I want to share my story. I am infertile and it was sad for me. Recently I found the good solution to my problem. It is surrogacy which is offered by a clinic. It is very good clinic which offered its treatment at low charges. I am so delightful because this clinic organizes its event. It is a golden opportunity. I contact them in this regard. They told me that they had not confirmed the dates and venue. The good thing is, they will organize this event. So anyone who face the same problem please get registered for this event. Head of the English department will lead this event. Please come and enjoy this event. GOOD LUCK!


Nina Edward - August 13

Hello Dear, Sorry to hear about your loss and grief. No doubt infertility is a great curse. I was also an infertile woman. But now blessed with a son just because of my Biotexcom clinic. Become a mother is every woman dream. A child is someone who completes a family. They are the reason for people happiness. Biotexcom is the best clinic for surrogacy and IVF. I am glad to share that the Biotexcom is going to arrange a public session soon. I am feeling so excited. It is the best opportunity for the couples who are facing infertility to get rid of this problem. They have the best team. The way they are treating people is amazing. Don't miss your chance to attend this public event. Stay tuned, please.


AshaSmith - August 13

Hello. I cannot even begin to imagine how devastated you must be. This isn't easy. I broke down in my first miscarriage. That followed infertility. However, we went to BioTexCom. It's a fertility clinic based in Ukraine. They're superb at what they do. I went to them for my surrogacy. We had our baby girl there. The whole experience was amazing. They're planning to step outside or Europe now. It's going to be open days. You can have a chance to meet the heads. Also, you can have your first free consultation. They never disappoint. 


Lily27 - August 13

I am so sorry to read this. I am devastated. I don't know what to say. I had been in a relationship for 7 years too.. We got married later one. And then we ttc. As we both wanted a child. The first year we failed. Then i went to the doctor. The doctor told me that i was infertile. My husband's attitude changed towards me. He started distancing himself away from me. It wasn't until a friend told me that if i try IVF i might get pregnant. So, my IVF journey began. My husband was back to normal. I can understand how he might have felt, but i don't justify it. I miscarried the first time. But the 2nd time i got pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. I was beyond happy. So my advise to you would be not to lose faith, and not to think about anything negative. Everything will turn out just fine.


bena12 - August 14

Omg really. Three miscarriages in a row. Dear, that's really painful for you. I can feel your pain. It really very difficult to suffer from one. You are suffering thrice. That's really sad. I am trying to comfort yours with my words. I hope this will be helpful for you. You should opt for surrogacy treatment for your issues. It will be really helpful for you. A good clinic in Europe is dealing with surrogacy in the best way. Their success rate is very higher. Soon they are arranging a seminar. Please attend this seminar. It will be really very helpful for you. I wish you become a mother soon


matinajohn785 - August 14

Hey! I just come to know about your miscarriages. I really become so sad to know about it. You really spent a harsh time. I hope it will be fine. Instead, there is also an alternate way of surrogacy that you can adapt to avoid miscarriage. I have also been through this situation. I had surrogacy at a Biotexcom clinic. They are the best for such services. Another important thing is that they are coming close to you soon. Their team will also conduct an opening seminar for initial consultancy. The venue is not yet decided. I think you should keep such things in mind just as an option. It would be helpful for you at any time and keep visiting the Biotexcom website for further details. It will be a great opportunity for you.


annataylor1 - August 15

Hi. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, my dear, I am feeling very sorry for what you have been going through. This is really very shocking. I think you should wait for some more time. Before going for treatment. Also one of my friends have to go through this situation. And she has waited for 3 months at least. And yeah one thing is very important there. Choose your clinic wisely. Because clinic like Adonis is making people fool. This clinic is fraud and scam so be careful from these type of clinics. Wish you the best of luck for the future. Sending you positive vibes.


Nina Edward - August 15

Hello! How are you? I am so sorry for what you are going through. I am also facing a very tough time. I am infertile because I had 3 miscarriages after marriage. My doctor told me that I couldn't conceive. I am really depressed. Infertility takes a lot from a woman. My friend told me about Lotus clinic. I am trying to contact them but they are not responding to me. I send them emails much time but they are not bothering. It makes me feel more depressing. Be aware of lotus clinic. It was the only clinic I know about. Please suggest me a good clinic. Thank you.


pitjulie19 - August 15

Hey Maya! I really become so emotional to know about your miscarriage. It's so hard to overcome. But I think you should first diagnose the cause that is leading to miscarriage. Instead, you can also adopt certain alternate way like surrogacy. In this process, a third mother will carry your baby in her womb. And I think this option will suit you. But be careful while choosing your clinic. There are certain spammers like Lotus have come in this field that are looting people in the name of surrogacy. I have already heard many worse reviews with them. So choose your clinic wisely and consult with such forums for approval. Wish you the best of luck


lindaswank - August 15

Hi. How are you doing? Well, your story is sad. My opinion for you that you should go with your doctor advice. As the doctor know better what is good for you. But my dear choose your clinic very wisely. Because there is a clinic like a lotus which is playing with the feelings of infertile. And I have a very bad experience of this. That's why I am awarding you before. Best of luck.


pitjulie19 - August 18

I'm extremely sorry about your loss. I hope such supplements may help you. But you should diagnose the cause behind this failure first. There would be a solid reason that leads to the miscarriage thrice. On the other hand, there are certain alternate ways that you can adapt to have your own baby. Surrogacy or IVF are among them. There are many well-reputed clinics in Europe that are specialized for such methods. I think you should consult them. They have already helped many infertile couples. I hope it would be a great option for you.


Isla28 - August 18

Hey, I am very sorrowful for you. Miscarriages are so worse. losing an unborn baby is very hard to overcome. But, you should not lose hope. You should go for surrogacy. I would suggest you go for this process. And try to select the best clinic. I was a sportswoman. I was infertile. I was suffering from fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not supporting me. I lost all my hope. But, my husband supported me a lot. Then we went for an awesome clinic. I have a baby now. It feels awesome.



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