Are YouTrying Straight After Miscarriage

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Question - July 2

Zengirl- Wow, finally a fresh start. I hope that everything is OK. The best of luck in 4 weeks!!! Hang in the Zengirl!


ferntree - July 2

I just had a d&c 4 days ago. We saw a hb at 6wks (June 12) and I started cramping and bleeding a few days later. Another u/s showed baby at 6wk and 5 days but no more heartbeat. I wanted a natural miscarriage and waited for almost 2 weeks with nothing, bleeding and cramping stopped. I then took misoprostol which caused bleeding to resume but no miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy and one thing that has really kept me floating has been that I can try again. I think I want to wait to get one period first (dr. recommended 2-3 cycles but only smiled when i asked if it was for mental or physical reasons). Hope to share with this group.


Kerry Pledger - July 3

FERNTREE... If you read some of what I have written a little bit before you, you will see that I had a miscarraige and was told to wait 3 months due to high risk of another miscarraige, but it is well known as I well know now that you are highly fertile after being pregnant, I didnt have a period at all after my miscarraige only to realise I was pregnant, I was scared at the time, but knowing what I know now, I would do exactly the same thing again. Good luck.


b__terfly021 - July 9

Zengirl, I got my first AF since m/c today (7/8). It is a little weird but I'm glad it was only a little longer of a cycle than usual. Now we can both start over fresh - good luck! It's July now which was when we originally wanted to start trying. I'm excited to try again but a little nervous it might take awhile!


rhead21 - July 11

Hi eveyone this is my first time on this forum and here is my story. B___terfly 21 and Zengirl here is my issues I also had a m/c on 05/31/07 but mine was a forced one. i went in for my first appt after finding out i was pregnant and there was no motion. i found out that nothing had formed in the sack so my dr scheduled a D and C to be done. i just got my period also this month on 07-05-07. but mine was also really weird it started off just spotting really dark brown and then after 2 days of that it turned to bright red, but at the same time it was really weird i had bad cramps but no other AF signs. my b___st didn't even hurt and they always have been really pain ful and a few days before the spotting started i was feeling so sick and nauseous so i thought that maybe i was pregnant again so, but mine has been pretty light too. maybe it is that the lining didn't build up to much


nshein - July 11

hi, I had my miscarriage on June 1st. I bled for 3 full weeks and ive been trying to concieve again ever since the bleeding stopped. My husband and I had been trying for 2 years and were ecstatic the day we found out i was pregnant. It was just 3 short days later that i miscarried. Im very anxious to try again.


four so far - May 24

Hi there. I had a miscarriage four weeks ago and found out two days ago that I am pregnant again. I have had two miscarriages this year. I hope this one takes !


sa__sy24 - June 5

I miscarried on 11/5 it was natural, i stopped bleeding on the 29/5, started getting pains on the 1/6 the doctor told me i'm ovulating. My husband and i are so ready to try again, but we don't know if we should wait till next period. I feel that i'm ready, should i go with the doctors or should i listen to myself?? good luck to everyone out there :)


Kerry Pledger - June 5

Sa__sy24.... My advise to you is to go for it as at the moment after your miscarraige your extremely fertile. I conceived against doctors orders just 13 days after my miscarraige and from that I now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and I have just had another baby, a boy, so good things can happen, go with your heart honey, if it doesnt work out, try again. You'll get there.


sa__sy24 - June 5

To Kerry, thank you so much for your advice :) I read your story, it's amazing! and in the end everything worked out, it gives women hope :) thank you will keep you updated :)


quinny92 - July 30

hey every1 i had a mmc at 6 weeks an dat was 6 weeks ago, i only started to bleed on monday an its nearly finished now. i am goin to ttc straight away as my doctor said it wud be fine to. im abit worried the same will happen again. has any1 any information dat wud be useful? x



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