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AshaSmith - July 24

Hello everyone. I pray that everyone is in their best of health. This is to create awareness. About a clinic named Lotus. A while ago. My sister-in-law contacted them. She wanted to go for surrogacy. She found out quite some time ago. That she is infertile. Left a lot of emails. They didn't respond to a single one of them. Even called a lot. They would hang up on her. This is so infuriating. This is not expected from a fertility clinic. 


lella12 - July 27

Hello dear! I hope you are doing well. Seriously, your post is heart touching. I cannot control my emotions after reading your post. This is an extreme worst experience that an infertile lady can face. I can understand the circumstances you are experiencing. Btw, it is part of life. My dear friend had also the bad experience with the lotus clinic. Really she is close to death because the staff of lotus clinic is so unprofessional. They tortured him badly. I also had the bad experience with such kind of clinics that you have just gone experienced. I got pregnant after 1 miscarriages. I went to Lotus for my treatment. I have paid for high-level medical treatment but the treatment I got was 3rd class. So at that time, I understood that they are doing business in the name of treatment. After that, I changed my clinic that is located in Europe. Now I am satisfied. Best of luck to you.


samanthabill25 - July 27

Hey there! Hope you are doing great. I must share my experience with you. I was infertile and I contacted a clinic named Lotus. They really suck. No facilities.No experienced staff. I must suggest you be aware of this regard. There are many clinics out there which are offering surrogacy and IVF. But the clinic in Ukraine, BioTexCom. They are the best. I contacted them after the lotus experience. Now I am a mother of twins. Thanks to BioTexCom. Sending you best wishes. Good luck.


Augustina - August 2

Hey girlies! I am really sorry for all of you! I know the pain of this behavior! I had also been the victim of this L***s! I have been looting by this clinic for lat 2 months! They just spoil their patients! They have removed my utreus! They said that we have to do your surgery after that you will be able to conceive! I am shattered! I have no option left now! My in laws are blaming for all this! My husband is very upset! It affects our relationship! I don't know what to do with them! I am just out of my mind! Words are not enough to describe how worst they are! Please people beaware of such scammers!


Janebrad1 - August 5

Hey there. I'm really sorry for the experience you've had. How are you doing now? I hope everything is great at your hand. You need to be strong. We should be careful about such scams. I mustmention that one of the best clinics in world Biotexcom in Ukraine is coming to London for two days. Thwir visit is on 18 and 19 August. You must go there. They have highest success rate. Their doctors are well qualified. And the staff is cooperative too. All the best.


AshaSmith - August 7

Oh, dear. So many people have been a victim of Lotus. I had no idea about it. I feel very sorry for all of you. This shouldn't have had happened. Lotus are doing a horrible thing to us. My sister-in-law hasn't even recovered from the trauma yet. She doesn't even want to contact any clinic now. She is so heartbroken. This is what they did to her. She has completely lost hope for herself. I am very anxious for her. She desperately wanted a baby. But she is scared of contacting any clinic now. Making them feel worthless is the worst thing you can do to an infertile person.


Nina Edward - August 7

hello there! I am so sorry for your loss and grief. I felt really bad for you. I also hear bad reviews about such a clinic. I want to mention the clinic adonis. A similar disappointment faced by me. I have a very worst experience with the clinic. I am infertile and I want to contact them. I send them many emails but they didn't reply. This is the only clinic I knew I felt broke. The Adonis clinic has been playing with everyone's feeling. They are dealing with the people in the worst way. Even they don't have the proper technology in the clinic. contacting adonis was totally a waste of time.


Esther65 - August 8

Hey there! How are you doing? I hope you and your sister in law are doing fine. I feel so bad for her experience with a clinic. But she doesn't need to be a worry anymore. Biotexcom in Ukraine is world best clinic giving great services for surrogacy and IVF treatment. I personally had great experienced with them. I had blessed with twins through surrogacy. Now happy to share with you that biotexcom team is going to Uk on 18-19 August for an open session. You will have a great chance to have initial consultation right there. Also get necessary information about the treatment in the clinic. You may sign a contract also there. Seats are limited, so inform your sister in law to register herself for meeting as soon as possible. Best wishes. God bless you.


sidneywhite - August 17

Hello Asha, how are you? I feel sorry for your sister in law. She was already suffering from infertility and the clinic's response add oil to it. I can feel her pain. But don't worry. She will find a good clinic soon. I am also an infertile. I can't conceive because of my heart disease. Doctor recommend surrogacy to us. My husband love me a lot. He agreed to get opted surrogacy. We contacted a good clinic from Ukraine for treatment. The satff was friendly and trained. They aslo replied to all our queries. We made our decision and started the procedure. We were blessed with a baby last year. it is all thanks to the clinic and the surrogate. I recommend you to contact them for best treatment. Good luck


nicky jam - August 18

You are a strong, caring, capable woman. You are a wonderful human being worthy of love and respect. You are in a tough place. Trust yourself, you know what makes the most sense for you and your family. If you want to find a good solution to this problem, you should talk a clinic of ukriane. You should stay positive and hopeful at this stage and you should hope that everything will be fine with time. I hope that your journey will continue smoothly and you will have your dream in your lap soon.


Isla28 - August 18

Indeed they are worse. I am really sorry for her. She should visit B******* clinic. This is the best clinic. I have also a baby through surrogacy. And I visited this clinic for this. Now I am really glad and enjoying motherhood.


flora12 - August 20

Hey, Asha. I'm sorry to read about your sister-in-law's negative experience. Maybe she didn't research the clinic much. I haven't read anything good about this clinic. Always contact a clinic which has high success rates and good reviews. I hope she finds a good clinic soon. Good luck! 


Brenda12 - August 23

Hello, Asha. How are you? I hope you're alright. I can totally understand! It must have been so awful. I know, I can relate. I went through exactly this. It was a nightmare. I did not know what would happen. It was the same awful clinic. They treated me in such a pathetic manner. I was so lost and disappointed. I'm honestly just glad it's over. Please, people, listen to us! Avoid these horrible clinics. They are only going to harm you!


Brenda12 - August 23

Hello, Asha. How are you? I hope you're doing okay. This has become a joke. I know, how it's like. I had a similar experience. It was with a clinic in Ukraine. I opted for them because of their prices. They deceived me. It was the worst time of my life. They are scammers! It was honestly the worst thing that ever happened to me. Please avoid them at all costs. You don't want to have the experience that I did. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 


anab - August 25

No, Don't go toward these scammers. I have not any personal experience with Adonis. I listened to many bad reviews from many peoples. I am starting my own plans to help the infertile couples. So for this, I tried to know about people and their problems. They complain about Adonis in many interviews also. So all people should must aware of them.


Nina Edward - August 27

Hello! Hope you will be fine soon. I feel so sorry for your experience. This is an extreme worst experience that an infertile lady can face. I can understand what you are going through. I had a similar experience with Adonis clinic. I got pregnant after 1 miscarriages. I went to Lotus for my treatment. It is the worst clinic. Because of there irresponsibilities, I had a miscarriage again. I paid a high amount for my treatment but their treatment was useless. All the doctors were very rude. Their behavior makes me more depressed. So I decided to leave the clinic. And I never contact them again. Be aware of Adonis type of clinics.


enawatson - August 27

Hi, I am so sorry. I know she must be so hurt. She was already going through a lot. Now, this is a big disaster. I am so upset and confused that why these clinics are cheating people. They should be sensible enough and stop cheating people. Now they are crossing the limit. It is actually our responsibility to go to the best clinic by doing a research first.



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