Anyone Pregnant Within 1 Month After D Amp C

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Danielle - August 28

just wondering if anyone had gotten pregnant within the 1st month after D and C, what symptoms, how did you know any info would be great, had d and c on 8-2 and no period yet had unportected s_x 6 times so far


Nicole - August 30

I had a D&C on July 15 and was pregnant 2 weeks later. I had my first u/s on Friday and we saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but nothing else yet. They say I am 6 weeks which means we got pregnant the first time we were together. I thought I was ready to be pregnant again but now I am nervous that I didn't give my body enough time to heal. How are you handling it? The hard part is you never have a period after I had the D&C so they don't have anything to calculate how far along I am. Also you don't know when to test because you don't know when you are going to get your period. I would love to hear your outcome please keep in touch.


Danielle - August 30

thanks for your input, i am a little nevorous because yesterday i statred to spot it was really light pink and and brownish when i wiped it lasted only for like an hour and then came back today at the same time and did the same thing, im thinking it might be implatation bleeding that what it looks like. i also can see the weins really good on my chest and b___st which was the first thing i noticed with last preg, did you expirence any of this, how soon after your d and c did you get a positive preg test?,hope to hear from ya soon


Nicole - August 31

As I said I had my D&C on the 15th of July they think I got pregnant on the 29th...which I think I didn't ovulate until the 2nd but I could be wrong....I got a positive test on the 18th of Aug. I would just treat it as the first day of your period was the day you had the D&C. So you should beable to test in the next day or two and get a positive if that is the case. Did you get pregnant easy the first time? I can get pregnant really easy I am just having a hard time carrying them. The last time I got pregnant we got pregnant the first time we had s_x also. I was 6 weeks when I miscarried...How about you? I also go in for another u/s on Friday and if we don't see the heartbeat I will have to have another D&C...very scary. I am not having the same symptoms I had last time. My b___bs just started hurting and I am not as tired but I do feel a little more sick. I decided to test because I knew we had unprotected s_x and we were going to dinner with friends that night. I didn't want to go and have a few drinks if I was pregnant. It does sound like you might have implantation bleeding. Good luck I would love to hear what happens and I will let you know how Friday goes. I don't think I have ever been more nervous in my life but to see a little heartbeat.


Nazlie - August 31

Hi, I don't have an answer for you but a question for you or anyone else who can maybe shed some light on this, had a d&c on the 27 July and i only bled for 3days and had unprotected s_x for most of the month i then started to bleed on the 26 August but i only bled for 1 day, do you guys think that i could be pregnant or could something else be wrong? Please help, i too afraid of doing a test.


Jennifer - August 31

you should be ok but you NEED to contact your doc and tell them. people are usually just fine and have normal deliveries but in some cases others aren't that fortunate b/c when you have a d&c they sc___pe your uterus and so that lining is thin and your body needs to heal. don't worry b/c that will get you far, just check with your doc.


Sandra - August 31

Hi Danielle, I had a D&C on Feb 14th and fell pg straight away again. I only conceived 4 weeks after the D&C though. I didn't really have any symptoms until ~6 weeks, at which point the main complaint was bloatedness. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Your body will only fall pg again when it's ready to. If the uterine lining didn't build up enough the egg won't attach and you will get what will be just like a normal period. Nicole, 6 weeks might just be a bit early to see more than what you did. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to see that little heartbeat pumping away on Friday. Because they don't have your last af to use for dating, they will use the dates calculated by the very first few scans you have. My first scan showed EDD of 14th Dec, and it's always only been 1 or 2 days off from that. Baby dust.


KRISTEN - September 13



Nila - September 13

Hi Sandra, I had d&c on august 5th for missed abortion. It was really painful time for me and for my husband. Still i didn't get my periods. I did HPT on last week came negative. I am scared to get pregnant again...,hope to hear soon from u...


Jessica - September 13

Kristen-I dont have an answer to your question but just want you to know that I am in the same boat as you. I had a d&c on 8/12 and I tested positive with an Opk on 9/1-9/4, I'm between 10-13dpo and I'm still so afraid to test and get a BFN, please keep me posted on your outcome and I'll keep you posted on mine....My dr told me to wait to test towards the end of the month but the suspense might kill me first....


vicki - September 13

hi. had d&c 4/6, lmp 5/6, and another d&c 8/5. both were missed m/c. babies stopped growth between 8 1/2 to 10 wks. i have HSG scheduled next month... so afraid to ttc again. perhaps next year. Take care all!


Nicole - September 14

Danielle, Have you tested yet? I wanted to see how your were doing.


Danielle - September 14

yea i tested a couple days ago neg. i still have not seen AF so i ve been using an OPK to see if i maybe have not ovulated yet i will keep yall posted. hows everyone else doing?


Val - September 15

Hi Danielle - I had a d&c on 8/3 and no period yet either. I have been charting temps and they have gone up since 9/6 - I think I may have ovulated then, so it is a few days too early to test. Maybe that's your case also? I also spotted from 8/27-29, but it must not have been implantation because my temps were still low and the pg test I took a few days ago was negative. (Last time I got a positive 11dpo.) I'll think positive thoughts for you...


Elsie - September 15

Hi there, I didnt have a d&c, but I had a missed miscarriage, whatever that means, and it was basically a natural miscarriage because I miscarred right at the beginning. I started ttc right away, and my af is due in another week, and I am having preg. symptoms already. My bbs and that area is really sore, so it is giving me lots of hope. I also felt nauseous during the last few mornings. Wish me luck


Val - September 15

Elsie... lots of luck to you! Your symptoms definitely sound promising...


Lesha - September 16

i just had a D&C after being 8 weeks (miscarriage) and i had unprotected s_x twice about 4 weeks later and it looks to see that i am pregnant again.



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