Anyone Pregnant Within 1 Month After D Amp C

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Akin - October 21

I had a miscarriage on Sept. 23 but no d&c. I am now pregnant again


Sharon H - October 22

This is a question for anyone who found out they were pregnant one month after their D&C. Which would put them at conception a week or two after their D&C. Anyways the question is if they knew when they were ovulating and was it very painful and for how long? Any info would be helpful. Also to all the other ladies, good luck in your future baby planning and god bless.


Sharon H - October 22

Julia - Sorrry for your loss. There are two different opinions both are medically. 1. you ovulate two weeks (14days) after your D&C and that is when you are most fertile to get pregnant. But 1/2 Drs say wait until at the very least 1 cycle before trying again but 3 cylces to be very safe. The other 1/2 of Drs say to try right away if there are no other medical conditions holding you back. They say that others say wait for better conception date and other say you have a higher chance of another mc if you try to soon because your uterus lining may not be ready yet. BUT then you have my opinion and that is listen to yourself and your body and let mother nature take its course. If you feel up to it try as soon as your ready and if it was meant to be your body will carry you full term but your a woman and we are blessed with that internal intuition that tells us what is best for ourselves and our body. Good luck to you. I had a D&C on 10/5 and tried right away. I know when i ovulated and tried right away. Now I am doing the waiting game.


julia - October 24

Sharon, that is the hardest part...waiting! I feel up to it, and i also believe that it's all up to mother nature. If i am ment to carry this baby to full term i'm sure i will. This was my first miscarriage, it was a missed miscarriage and happened after we had seen the heart beat which makes it even harder to fully understand. This child would be our first so we are pretty keen to try again asap. Thanks for the info, i will be waiting to ovulate...again waiting. Fingers crossed that this time will be OUR time hey? Goodluck and let me know how it all goes.


Sharon - October 27

Julia- Okay so yesterday was 1 month since ovulation and i tested with First Response Early HPT and it was negative and then I did two test of the Target brand one step pregnancy test and both came out positive. Weird huh, so i will wait another week and see what happens. Keep me posted on how your doing.


Leah - October 27

I had a D&C on August 30, and just found out I am pregnant this past wkend. I just thought my cycle was taking longer to get back to normal, so I was not concerned about no AF. Have my first doctors apt. Nov. 2nd but I am guessing I am 8 weeks. - I am having different symptoms this time, naseau etc., so hopefully that is a good sign.


julia - October 27

Sharon..hopefully the target one is right. I did a few home ones last time and they were all different...even the urine sample at the doctors came back negative (blood test confirmed it). Wait another week and tehn re test and keep me up to date. Goodluck! Leah, your symptoms sound promising, they say if you get morning sickness or any sickness it's a good sign. I never had that with mine, so best of luck also.


Sharon - October 28

Julia - I think I was just wishful thinking, although of course I do hope but I think my hormones are just almost at zero. Once they are which should be in just a couple of days I should ovulate and do a lot of baby dancing and then retest. On 11/9 I should be 5 weeks post m/c and that week I should ovulate. Let's see 10/21 was you m/c so you should ovulate anywhere between 11/25 or maybe a little before. Good luck and please keep me posted. Keeps me hopeful. Baby dust to all!


julia - October 28

Sharon-i thought that ovulation happened about 2 weeks after a miscarriage or d&c? I know that about 4-6 weeks after, you are due for af. Well fingers crossed, i'm still spotting a brownish discarge. Did you get that, how long for? It's very light but i'm aware it's there.


Sharon - October 30

Julia - i spotted that brownish dischargefor about 5-6 days after my D&C and then never again. I thought I ovulated about 11 days after my D&C but I think it might have just been clear discharge which was very deceiving. I guess the medical diagnosis is that if you are still testing positive in prego tests and you still have the hcg hormone in your body you will not ovulate. Since the hcg hormone is what triggers your pituitary gland to not ovulate due to pregnancy. So until the hcg hormone is 0 or at least under 5 you won't ovualte. I'm so anxious and I think still kinda in shock that i miscarried that my mind is seeing and feeling things that may be just my body recovering. I think as of yesterday my levels are now at 0 so I should ovulate or get my AF in about two weeks. I just have to practice patience like my 6 year old son. lol. I'll keep you posted. When was your m/c? Leah & Akin , i wish you luck in your pregnancies and let me know if your levels rise or if it is left over hormones.


Sharon - November 1

AF arrived this morning so i'm just trucking along until next O.


julia - November 1

Sharon...i'm sorry that Af came...d__n it! i am still waiting to ovulate, i had some clear discharge but it's probably just like what you had. I will also have to practice patients, although i have adapted the idea of, if it happens it happens...that way i don't get too devestated again. keep you posted, good luck and chat soon.


Sharon - November 3

Julia - Today is exactly two weeks since your D&C and if you wanted to do the baby dance with DH then I would, it couldn't hurt to try and then maybe two weeks later you will be prego or get AF. Just a thought. I think when my AF came she brought my uncle too because I am steadily heavy. Sorry, probably more info then you wanted to know. chat soon.


Leah - November 3

Good news! Went to the dr yesterday, since i had a d&c and no af since they did an us and I am 7 weeks and 6 days! Got to hear the hearbeat and all looks well! Hooray!! Good luck to all.


Julia - November 3

Okay where did that come from? Congratulations long after D&C did you get preggos? Sharon, i will give it ago tonight with DH. True...what have i got to lose? I will keep you posted...fingers crossed!


Erin - November 7

Nine years ago, I got pregnant with my darling daughter just 2 1/2 weeks after a D&C for a blighted ovum. I started trying for a second baby this year (quite a few years later...) and I have had 3 miscarriages since March. After the first mc, I got pregnant right away, only to have it be ectopic. Did not lose my tubes, no scarrring, thank God. Got pregnant two months after that and mc'd at 10 weeks. I am waiting for my blood test results (and my husband's), but it could just be my age (37).



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