Baby Died At 7 Weeks Im Now In The Supposid 13th Week

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angela - June 10

i found out today that my baby died at 7 weeks but i am now at the stage where i should have been 13 weeks, i am starting to bleed slowly but im worried about infection since the baby has been dead for several weeks.


kc - June 10

I'm so sorry for what you must be going through. I also lost my baby at 7 weeks but I knew right away. I'm sure there is someone on here who has gone through a similar experience that can offer you advice. I will tell you what I would do. I would place my concern with your doctor. He/she may want to do a d&c to make sure everything is expelled. As for infection, I would worry if you notice fatigue, soreness in your abdomen, unusual odor, or a high temperature. I don't think an infection from a lost baby is common. Your body usually takes care of everything. My aunt also had a missed miscarrage. She was further along around 16-18 weeks when baby pa__sed but didn't know until around week 24 or so. She never got an infection. If you are concerned I would call your doctor's office up immediately and ask questions. Thats what they are there for. I hope this helps. Lots of luck


Elyse - June 11

Hi angela, i lost mine in march i thought i was around ten weeks for scan and it only showed 5 weeks at scan date they thought i had my dates mixed i had'ent though and heres what happened.I bleed only slightly for about 2 weeks before the m/c finally happened is your bleed dark in colour and only there when you wipe at the toilet? mine was thats why they were not concerned at this point then came some period like pain at this point by my dates i was 12 wks and a lot of blood and clotts (sorry) so be prepared if you are not loosing enough each day for it to release slowly it will come in one go but you will know when its going to happen listen to your body.They say its for the amount of time you are actually open your cervix that is that you can pick up infection so i bleed for two weeks prior before my body expelled all and i did pick up an infection i advise you to take showers rather than baths to try and stop any infection if you can. They say they would rather you do it on your own to stop medical intervention d/c as there is less chance of infection with a natural m/c i don't know if i would agree but thats what they say anyway.I did not write this to scare you angela i just would have liked to know my self what to expect to happen so i could be prepared for it which i wasn't. IF you do bleed alot more than one pad a hour go a to your local hospital and get seen don't leave any thing to chance they will test your blood for infection if you are worried and they will help you if you need it. don't suffer this agony on your own. they will probably scan you to see whats going on and if you do need medical help. I hope this helps some how again please dont be scared at what i have said it is the truth of my experience. Sorry for what you are going to go through you take care.


Kathy - June 12

I went for a 12 week check and found out my baby had died at 9 weeks. I scheduled a D&C for Monday but started to bleed friday evening. I called the doctor and told them what we happening they said I could wait and see if the baby comes out naturally and if it did not then I would still have the D&C on Monday. I told them no they were going to do it Friday night I wouldn't sit and wait. If you are concerned see about the D&C. I was put out and glad that it is over with. I don't remember a thing from the surgery. Take care of your self


angela - June 12

i am bleeding alot now, and crampig and i think i may have pa__sed the baby...when I looked in the toilet I saw this little white gunky stuff attached with a stringy like thing to another peice of not sure if that was the baby...i picked it up but it was not sure what im loking for...if the baby was only like 7 weeks then im not sure how it would look..anyone knows?


toangela - June 12

Sounds fairly normal, Elyse's advice is sound, NO baths, tampons or s_x for at least 10 days/2 weeks. See a doctor if blood becomes very bright red (fresh) and flowing strongly or if you have fever/chills (infection). Generally there is no problem with m/c, it is a natural process. D&C does have risks which I think are often minimized until they get you to sign the consent form which prevents you from sueing them when things go wrong. Sorry for your loss.


toangela - June 12

ps, if the baby died at 7 weeks it would be unlikely to see a recognisable embryo.


angela - June 12

ok so last night at about 1130 i went into labour, i had severe contractions that where about 70 seconds and about 2 mins apart. It was unbearable so I called an ambulance and was rushed to the hosptial where I continued to have extreme contractions, legs back and lower abs. When i was all set up in a gown and had my iv in i had a really really bad one and a gush came out and i flooded the whole bed to my feet with blood. Then there was two more really harsh contractions and i pa__sed the placenta out and then it was over with. UGH labour is no laughing matter. its tough having gone through that and not bringing a baby home but that wasnt the purpose of that pain, that pain was healing and cleansing to prepare me for whats next. I know my precious child in in the hands of God and i will one day meet him. Today I feel blessed and glad that i didnt need any interventions and that everything went smoothly. I was just unprepaired for the contractions, i didnt know that I was going to go through labour. very harsh. Im going for an ultra sound tomorrow to make sure I pa__sed everything, but the dr said it looks good.


Adelem - October 18

Hi Angela, I know you posted this a few months ago. Today I found out that I'm in exactly the same position as you were. My baby passed at about 8 weeks and I'm supposed to be 12 but there was no heartbeat. How are you now? Any advice would be welcomed. I feel so so sad. Thanks. 



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