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shakia - October 11

i was wondering i just had a miscarriage september21 but have been have s_x with no protection can i get pregnant?


Kim - October 12

You sure can! Many women in here have with no period after their miscarriage. Lots of women ovulate 2 to 2.5 weeks after a miscarriage and are especially fertile. I hope that is the news you want to hear - if you have conceived don't worry about it being too soon. You have the same chances of having a healthy pregnancy as you would otherwise. Take good care!


Laura - October 12

Shakia, I had a miscarriage 9/3. We started trying right away. I have no sign of AF. I feel crummy! I hope for a good reason. How far along were you? I was 6 weeks along when I m/c.


lisa - October 14

I was 13.5 weeks m/c on 9/6 my doctor said I should wait 3 cycles. not what I wanted to hear, but I quess I will wait till dec. I have a little boy and he will be 4 on dec 3, So maybe that is my lucky month. Lots of baby dust sent to all of you and I will be praying for you!!!


Patti - October 14

I just had mc Sept. 26. The dr. said I should wait until I have had one normal cycle to try again. Can anyone tell me when I should get my period? It seems like I have been waiting forever. I am 34 and feel the clock ticking. I would really like to be pregnant before 35. I have heard that you are more fertile up to 3 months after a mc. Is this true?


Kim - October 14

Hi Patti: Yes, my doctor tells me that you are more fertile the first couple of months following miscarriage. So that's good news! Your period should normally arrive about 4-6 weeks after m/c...if you still don't get it after 6 weeks, see your doctor again, and they will often give you something to get you back on track. Good luck to you!


Patti - October 14

Thanks Kim. I know it hasn't been 4-6 weeks yet but it feels like it. Thanks for the info.


Kim - October 14

Patti, I know! I was in agony waiting for mine and just wanted it to hurry up so I could start trying again. Maybe yours will never come and you'll conceive this cycle. :-) Here's to hoping for that!


Patti - October 14

Thanks, Kim. It has been so wonderful "talking" to people who understand what I am going through. As much as I want to get pregnant right away, I am sure that my body needs time to heal. But it will happen when I am ready.


Erin - October 15

Dear Shakia - Almost all Doctors will tell you to at least wait until after you get your next period (no unprotected s_x after mc, until you've had one period). I have been pregnant 5 times, and I have had four miscarriages. After every mc, except one, I followed Dr's orders and waited to try again until after my period. I got pregnant easily and miscarried every time - EXCEPT for the one time I listened to my body and my heart and tries two and a half weeks after a D&C for a blighted ovum. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and I am convinced if I had not "struck while the iron was hot" I would be childless to this day. My body was very fertile immediately following the mc. I had TONS of cervical mucus - like I have never seen before of since! I just knew things were working better... If you have this experience, I say do what you feel is right for you.


sas - October 18

Does the pregnancy hormone have to be completey gone (ie negative on a pregnancy test) Before your body will ovulate? Has been two weeks since d/c. feel like i'm ovulating but pregnancy test is still reading positive. Thanx


Lafaye - October 18

My nurse pract_tioner told me that is more likely for me to conceive within a years time


kelly - October 20

I have heard from many sources that you are extra-fertile the few months following a miscarriage. I just had a D&C after a mc and was told I would ovulate again in roughly 2 weeks and it would be very likely that I could conceive - however, they said it was best to wait until after one regular period (4-6 weeks after D&C) because the surgery can leave the inside of your uterus a bit raw and irritated and you want the lining to build back up and become healthy again so that it can support the pregnancy. If you don't wait one cycle you can be pregnant but the it MAY not be able to implant itself properly in your uterus.


Ellie - October 20

Hi everyone, just wanted to Thank you all for the information i was searching for. i to had a miscarriage on 22nd September at 17 weeks, we called him Harvey, one thing i would like to know is your next period is counted from miscarriage or end of bleed.


Kim - October 20

Ellie: I am so so sorry about your precious Harvey. How devastating, especially after being so far along, I can't imagine. In response to your question: your period should resume in 4 to 6 weeks after the bleeding stops. I bled for two weeks straight, and my period came 3 weeks and 4 days after I finished. I hope that helps some. Take good care of yourself.


Lily - October 20

I just miscarried one week ago and my doctor told me to wait at least one normal cycle before trying again to give your body a chance to heal and rest. I am going to try again as soon as possible. Love and happiness to you all and good luck shakia


Ellie - October 20

Thanks Kim for your advice. Lily- i agree with you, even though i was further gone than some and only recent, i am even more determind to fall again as soon as possible with or without a period. after all i have been through people ask if i have been put of by the experience, but i would move heaven and earth to be 17 weeks again. i feel cheated but i am not a depressed person so i feel that i am ready to try again. and i think deep down you will know if you are ready. i say go with your feelings not the doctors.



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