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Willow88 - May 20

Hi all I’m new to threads, I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on March 15th but my baby died at 6 weeks, I had a natural miscarriage and went back for a scan a week later and she said it’s all done, they told me to do a pregnancy test in 2 weeks which I did and it came back negative, then we had intercours for the first time and I had a big blead which had clots in just that once, then now after intercours I have a little bleed, I still havnt had my period, any help would be great 


Anisa28 - May 30

Miscarriages are extremely upsetting. Same was the case with me. I did not know that before but later I find out that I was infertile. I was not capable of becoming the mother. I made my mind to give up on the baby. I was extremely saddened. At Last, I started looking for something beneficial that could work out for me. I decided to go for surrogacy. I was sure that this would be something really helpful. I made my mind and told my husband that we should go for it. He was agreed as he wanted babies too. We went for it to a clinic where I have told them about medical complication on email. I was later blessed with a baby with their support.


FloraRustin88 - June 1

Very sorry for your loss. It's time to stay strong right now! Anyway! I'm also just a TTC like you. So, yeah! Well, yes! Those are the symptoms, what you're referring to. Have you been to your obs? I mean yes! He will prescribe you some meds and precautions. Stay calm and grieve with comfort. Take rest until you're back normal. You can still be a mother. I also had 3 MCs...Wasted my 6 years. Now, I'm trying via an IVF at a center in Kiev. So, yeah! You have a lot of options. Don't panic! Try again naturally!  :)


sidneywhite - June 5

Hi, I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Moscarriage are really upsetting. I also had 3 miscarriages. After that i came to know i am infertile. I was in deep depression after hearing it. But i never lose hope. I started to look for other options. I chose surrogacy over adoption or IVF. Now i am living happily with my surrogate child and family. As you said Your periods routine changed, i think it happens because of miscarriage. It is normal in many cases. Try to consult a good doctor if you feel uneasy. He will prescibe you some medicines. Soon you will be fine. I wish you good luck.


HarlyJames - June 5

Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your MC. I know it must be hard. I have been through this too. Things are never easy. I hope you stay strong. Be positive. Sorry, not an expert here. But I think you should ask this to your doctor. I do agree with some comments up. Keep trying. Good luck. Hoping to hear good soon. Take care. Love and support.


monikadavid - June 5

Hey, I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. MC is one of the most heartbreaking things to cope with. However, don't give up! After an MC doctors usually advice to wait for at least 6 months after which the female is the most fertile. Since you had a natural MC I would say there is nothing to worry about just be patient. If you think the blood coming out is something to worry about then visit your doctor. It is good to keep him/her informed so that they know. Sending baby dust your way.


maria_75 - June 7

Hey there! I hope so you are fine. I can completely understand your situation. There is always a solution to every problem. You must opt surrogacy. My friend visited a clinic in Europe. It was successful. She is having kids now. So if you feel ok then go for it. Don’t waste your time. Make your life happy. Kids are rainbow in the life of parents. Best of luck


Rachel966 - June 7

Don't be confuse. It is not a solution. Make up your mind where you have to go for all this. I'm from Japan.We moved to Europe to find our heaven.
Surrogacy is ban in Japan.And i'm infertile due to some cancer reasons. So we moved to Europe to find surrogacy related clinics. We consulted many clinics in Europe. Than we came to know about clinics in Ukraine and we moved to Ukraine.
In ukraine we found a very good clinic. 
Now we are having twins with the help of this clinic.The clinic gave us a very good surrogate mom.With the help of that mom we are having our two twin daughters.
We are so excited and happy.
Feedback and suggestions much admired.


Esther65 - June 7

It is really a hard thing you are going through. It is really tough time to face. But you should not lose courage. Hope for the best. I faced 3 MCs. I was too fed up with my life. My husband was about to leave me. There was nothing for me except hope. I decided to defeat my problem. I was determined to complete my family. So I went for the surrogacy. I was really hard to decide. But I stood by my decision. I am now happy to announce that I got a baby son. I was like blessing whole journey. All thing got right after this. I would suggest you think about this. Best of luck.


Esther65 - June 7

Hi Maria! how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. It is really a hard time you are facing. But you do not lose hope, Because when you lose hope, You lose hope everything. As my story, I wanna share here. I faced 3 MCs. MCs takes a lot from a woman. I was tired of my life. But with help of forums like this, I heard about the surrogacy. This was totally new for me. It was really hard to decide. But at the end of this journey, I completed my family. I got a surrogate son. I proved like a blessing for me. Now I am happy with my family. Do not worry about this. Conceiving naturally is a wish of every woman. But Sometimes we have to do compromise with fate.


AmandaK - June 8

Miscarriages don't affect your ability to concce9ve. But at times body takes time to come back to normal. You may face some irregular or late periods after a miscarriage. I advise you to see a doctor and evaluate your chances of conceiving or of any irregularities.


LeeOsteen - June 14

It is really confusing. I think you need to consult a doctor. Discuss your problem with him. He may run some test on you. he may be able to tell you what exactly is going on inside your body. I am sorry to know about your loss. M/Cs are hard to accept. It is nerve wrecking to lose your baby. I know it must be hard for you. But don't lose hope, my friend. You are gonna be fine. You will be a mum soon. Just hang in there. Stay strong and positive. Lots of baby dust on your way. Best wishes.


erin_wales - June 14

Hey there! Wishing that you are enjoying good health. I can comprehend your situation. Ups and downs are the parts of the life. But you'd have enough courage to face such consequences. My friend also had surrogacy treatment from Eastern Europe. I must say that you'd go for it. I'm this time, your dream will come true!


annataylor1 - June 14

Hey there. How are you doing now? Miscarriages are really upsetting. Life is like a rollercoaster it has ups and down. Dear don't lose hope and stay positive. Maybe it's just the time which is not in your favour. Try again and I am sure this time it will be successful. Wish you best of luck.


Samiah - June 14

Life is the name of tests. Ups and downs are part of this life. One should be brave enough to face these hard times. I would suggest you to go for alternative methods. Good luck for your journey.


pitjulie19 - June 14

Hey Dear! I hope you will be fine. I just read your post and I really felt sorry to know your miscarriage. But don't worry it is the part of life. Now, I think there are many cases that could be expected. Maybe, you got pregnant again. I think you should consult with your doctor regarding this. Assumptions could be wrong


Gloriamulk - June 15

Hello there! How are you all? Hope you guys are doing great. Miscarriages are the worst. I remember mine. It was w years ago. But it left me incomplete. Although i have a baby girl now. But that miscarriage is still a gloomy past memory. I often try to shred the thought. But it comes crawling back. How wonderful would it have been to deliver a baby. Tobgive birth to my own child. He would have been 1 and a haldmf years old by now. He would play with his little sister. Be alk big brothery for her. I would have loved it. We had our daughter via surrogacy. We can't afgord another procedure. So that's it for us.



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