Has Anyone Used UteriCalm?

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Colyflower - May 22

Hi everyone

Just a bit of background before launchig into my actual question. I'm 41 and currently on my third and last ivf cycle, on our first ivf back in 2015 we fell pregnant but unfortunately lost our twins at 7 weeks, 2nd attempt in 2016 was negative. Took a year in out in 2017 to just be 'normal' again and psych myself up for one last try. This year we have done a 3 cycle natural modified package and had 5 embyos frozen out of 8 eggs collected overall. I'm now currently awaiting a my first frozen transfer, which should be in a couple of weeks. 

I am very hopeful that we can succeed with at least one of our 5 frozen embies but I'm obviously extremely nervous having miscarried previously, it's been such hard work getting these 5 that I don't want to lose any of them!

This time I've been throwing everything I can at it, I've been taking CQ10 as well as extra vit D, Ubinquinol and pregnacare conception, also doing accupuncture and yoga for the last 6 months and drinking fertility boosting smoothies (only since this week) etc. 

Today I read about UteriCalm by a company called 'Fertilica', it contains Cramp Bark, Black Haw, Partridgeberry and Oat Flowers. It apparently helps calm the uterus, tone the muscles and relax the nervous system and 'could' help prevent miscarriage. It can also be taken during your first trimester of pregnancy. It could also help with people who have had mild endometriosis (which I had, prior to a laparoscopy last Jan to remove).

I know that if there is a chromosonal disorder no ammount of anything will stop miscarriage from happening but I want to do everything I can to help implantation and to help a potential pregnancy stick.

Has anyone here used it or been successful with it? I can't find much on the forums about it, people have enquired but there have been no replies. If anyone knows anything about it I'd be grateful to hear about it so I can make an informed decision.

Many thanks

FYI – I will be having a natural FE transfer with a trigger injection and progesterone pessaries.



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