Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat

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Amy - September 1

Amy hi i to have a doppler i rented and i listen to baby every day i m/c in may and i seem to be so worried about everything


Gemma - September 3

My Thoughts are with you all It seems its been a constant worry fo my self I had early spotting at 6 weeks I was scanned and and a heart beat was found.Im now 14 weeks and my scan is monday Im terrified at the thought of not finding a heart beat,This is my first child and I have no idea what Im to expect all the magazines just dont sem to answer the questions I have.I have had no bleeding or cramping but Im starting to feel fine now which is a worry also my stomache is still really soft is that normal should it be hard for 14 weeks.The wait just seems forever and its so hard to think positive.


eve - September 9

I had a by high resolution v____al sonography with aheartbeat at 6w4d but the embryo was too big at that time, 8mm! I don't know what I should expect in my next ultrasound.Did it ever happen to any of you? I had a miscarriage/blighted ovum only four months ago.


Lynn - September 10

My third pregnancy just ended with a miscarriage at 11 w 5 d after seeing a strong heatbeat at 9 w. There was no cramping or bleeding. However, my first pregnancy started out with cramping and bleeding and I went on to deliever a healthy little girl. My second pregnancy seemed to have no problems, but then I lost a girl at 38 weeks. I hate to put a damper on everyone but I've learned you just never know. Having a healthy baby is truly a miracle.


moe - September 16

I'd love to hear from a medical perspective, but I suspect that the good news of a strong heartbeat and appropriate growth doesn't signify much at all. We had evidence of a strong heartbeat at 8 weeks and the fetus dated right--that is, was exactly the right size based on the date of conception. An ultrasound at 12 weeks showed that the baby died around 11 weeks--it had obviously kept growing. Nobody has explained to me how this happens... but I can say, if I'm ever so lucky as to conceive again, I won't stop worrying and holding my breath until the baby is actually born.


km - September 16

I've just read a study that compared a number of normal women with women who had Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, An early Heart Rate predicted a successful live birth in 98% of the normal women, but only in 82% of women with recurrent pregnancy loss. If this is your first loss, it's possible that you're either one of the unlucky 2% of normal women who won't face problems again, or that you're destined to be among those women who will have 3 or more miscarraiges, in which case any future early ultrasound confirming embryonic viability before 12 weeks would have an 18% chance of being wrong, that is, the pregnancy would end in a miscarriage rather than a live birth. It does leave much to worry about! The reference, for those of you who can access medline, is in the journal Fertility and Sterility, Volume 82, Issue 5 , November 2004, Pages 1369-1373 Predictive value of the presence of an embryonic heartbeat for live birth: Comparison of women with and without recurrent pregnancy loss Jennifer S. Hyer M.B.S., Shirley Fong M.D. and William H. Kutteh M.D., Ph.D


Tara - September 20

I have heard so many different things on the internet I dont know what to believe. My last pregnancy was a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I had seen the heartbeat at 6 weeks, but dates were off and heartbeat was hard to detect. I am now 9 weeks 1 day pregnant with new pregnancy and had ultrasound at 7 weeks 1 day baby measured correct and heartbeat was 130bpm. I had another ultrasound at 8 weeks 4 days and heartbeat was approx 160 and measured correct for its dates. Does that mean the chances of having a miscarriage are lessened? I have read other womens responses that it only decreases after 12 weeks . What did your doctors say? I havent seen my yet, I had ultrasound done at a radiology clinic by a technician and they arent aloud to tell you a whole lot. any info would be wonderful.


M - September 21

Tara, More miscarriages do occur before 12 weeks, but a few caveats must be added. One, it's possible to have what is called a missed miscarriage. The baby dies, but your uterus does not expell it, and the placenta often keeps growing, giving you all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It can take weeks and weeks to detect that anything is wrong. When this happens, women might actually miscarry or have a D&C as late as 18-20 weeks, but their baby might have died around 12 weeks. Push for ultrasounds at 12 and 18 weeks, because the earlier you know something is wrong, the better. Some babies do miscarry in the 12-24 week period for other reasons--genetic, hormonal, or anatomical (say somethng is wrong with your cervix or the positon of the placenta). This also can't really be predicted.


Erin - September 22

Hi all - Despite seeing a heartbeat at 7 1/2 weeks and taking crinone for an initially low (12), though ever increasing progesterone level, the ultrasound today at 9 1/2 weeks showed a correct for age gestational sac (explaining the awful nausea I've still been experiencing) but no more baby - just a pile of debris on the floor of the sac. It was a huge shock. This was my third miscarriage this year - the other two all had cramping, spotting, and never saw anything in the sac. I also had a miscarriage 10 years ago (just before I got pregnant with my now 8 year old daughter) - another blighted ovum. I've also had an endometrial polyp removed this year, and an ectopic. Hard to say if any of this is related, but I'm 37 and don't have much time left, but don't have much energy for this anymore either. My doctor is testing the fetus for chromomal abnormalities this time, and talk of sending me for extensive specialist testing. I think I'm ready to just give up, though. This has been too hard.


Kim - September 23

Erin, I'm sorry about your losses and understand your worries about time running out. Make sure your doctor also tests your male partner since male factor infertility is strongly correlated to miscarriage rates.


moe - September 23

Here is a fairly useful piece on miscarriage rates: http://www.infertilitytutorials.com/miscarriage_members/incidence.cfm


Tara - September 23

Erin, I am so sorry for your loss. Dont give up your dream to have a baby again. I would get the testing done and try and find a cause. I know its really hard, but Ill be praying for you! Moe, I read the info on the site you gave and it was interesting, but I still dont know where I fit in. I have had two successful pregnancies(first two) and my third was a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I am currently pregnant again 9 weeks 4 days today and had two ultrasounds one at 7 weeks 1 day and detected strong hb and anouther at 8 weeks 4 days and detected and heard hb. I was curious to find out if my chances are lessened because I detected and heard hb. I guess only god really knows if this baby will make it. Its still interesting to find out percentages and when are you actually in the decreased percentage for miscarriage. I have to wait 2.5 more weeks for 12 week checkup to see my obgyn and I find this is the most stressed Ive ever been. Im praying for healthy future babies for everyone on here!!!


Moe - September 23

Tara, All our fingers are crossed for you. If you've had 2 live births and one miscarriage, the chances are really high that the two good ultrasounds are strong indicators all is well with your baby.


Erin - September 24

Tara - my doctor told me that chances of miscarriage go down to 3% iuf a strong heartbeat is seen at 9 weeks plus. You should be fine. My baby had a decent heartbead at 7 1/2 and was disintigrating two weeks later, so much have died shortly after that sonogram.


Michelle - September 26

I'm 8 weeks pregnant since conception and 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I went to the doctor today and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. I'm so worried and I'm wondering if it's normal not to hear the heart at 8 weeks?


lisa - September 26

Amy, my doctor told only 3% chance of miscarriage, when you hear the heartbeat. So you should be fine. I did have miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat two times but had a bacterial infection called chorioamnionitis this causes the membranes to ruptures, This only happens in 1 to 2% of all pregnancy.



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